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    "The Feeling of Failure"

    in Entertainment

    Have you ever desired to move forward to something you live in your dreams? Do you make plans to obtain "something or do something" that simply feels good to invision it but it fails to become your reality? Are you tired of dreaming and not living in your real life dream because your efforts conclude to what you feel is a failure?

    Often times we aim for short or long terms goals that are within our arms reach, ones that are so low and simple that we meet them every time. Those very ones be the ones that cause us to feel like our lifes work and worth is a complete failure. What, who, where and how can be change to path of this destructive mindset?

    Today I offer some extreme simplified advise! I invite you to listen or participate by calling 646.200.0995! Be a part of the LIVE studio audience! Don't miss the show!


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    Fear of Failure

    in Religion

    Are you affraid to fail? We all fear failure but, my failures have taught me more about life than my successes. So why do we fear? Join me today as I discuss fear of failure. We can overcome challenges and fear!

    Host, Dawna Hetzler shares her fears. We all fear something. What is that you fear? Dawna will discuss three things to help you combat fear. Do you want to be the warrior God created you to be? Do you want to be your more authentic self? Break through the barriers, and conquer your fears. Empower yourself. Live life to the fullest and quit living in fear. Fear robs you of the joys of today. You can do it. You are not alone in your fears. You are stonger than you think you are. You are a warrior, ready to fight any fear that comes your way.



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    "The Diary of a Failure"

    in Entertainment

    Are you're still stewing over your last failure? This show is for you.  Guest Eric McNeal, was sentenced to serve 13 months in federal prison for a computer invasion charge and understands firsthand what it means to overcome failure.  McNeal shares his journey and how he's transformed his failures into a successs.  

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    Thoughts on Failure

    in Family

    We've all had failures big and small and they often change how we view ourselves and the world. Whether the failure is business related or personal, it has the potential to build us up or tear us down.  It's all in how you think about it.  Today we are talking about failure as a stepping stone to success.  We'll talk about bravery versus courage and about ways to move on and move up from failure.  Join us live or check out the archive at your convenience.  

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    Failure is NOT an OPTION with Bishop Elect - Dr. James Thompson

    in Christianity

    Diane Grimble Ministries & Friends is proud to present "Failure is not an option" Hosted by Dr. James Thompson.

    Failure is not an Option combines the lessons taught to a young man by War, life and God. Its focus is on the separation and fragmentation in the church today that’s caused by the leaders of the church.  Other areas discussed include, the weight of ministry, the value of training, traits of a good leader that were taught in the military. A brief discourse on the Anti-Christ mindset, the spirits of Jezebel, Witchcraft and Lucifer, Leadership styles and types, operating under the spirit of excellence from the door to the pulpit.  A brief discourse on certain church protocols for the leader, Deliverance, an example of a Code of conduct for men and women of God and a small summary of the authors thoughts on the church, the home and God’s prototype for a leader. Also God’s prototype for Christ Jesus our  high priest.

    The Mystery man Melchizedek.  Church we are at war 24/7 and the correct mindset is essential and Failure is not an option

    2 Co 10:4  (For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds;)

    Pastor James Thompson was born in 1951. At the age of 17, he joined the marines. He spent 12 months in Viet Nam as a young 18 year old infantry marine.  He speaks of this time as his visit to hell, and he became addicted to speed, heroin, acid and various other drugs.  God delivered him from his drug use in 1974. Pastor Thompson also did 20 years in the Army and served in the Saudi Arabian war, Desert Shield/Storm.    He was ordained by pastor W.C. banks in 1998, and served as pastor after pastor banks died,   Pastor Thompson received his PhD in ministry in November, 2010


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    Law of Attraction -STOP Being Afraid of Failure.

    in Spirituality

    The is  powerful podcast that shares with you the dangers of being afraid of failure.  Robert Zink is your Miracle Mentor and Alchemy Life Coach.  In this podcast he shares the secrets of failure and how to use it for your advantage.  You will win.  You will have the life you want, the love you need, the money you deserve.  You can have it all, but first you must give up your fear of failure.  Fear of failure is one of the most dangerous mind viruses around and it could easily destroy your success and your dreams.  


    Listen to this podcast and subscribe.  Change your life now.





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    Overcoming fear of failure

    in Lifestyle

    Do you think you may never succeed? Are you struggling with fear of failure? The fear of failure can be immobilizing, as it can cause you to do nothing, and therefore resist moving forward. When you allow fear to stop your forward progress in life, you're likely to miss some great opportunities. Either you are a speaker, teacher, musician, manager, professional, you can conquer your fear.

    Learn from this episode the practical principles to overcome any fear you have.

    Listen at WOLB 1010 AM station, 347-989-1700. 5pm ET

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    No Failure Should Define You

    in Marketing

    We've all heard stories of multimillionaires who've lost it all and gained it back in a short time. Good for them, right? At one point in our lives, we've all experienced some level of failure. It's a fact of life. How you handle the repercussions of that failure is the key to your success or continued demise.

    Dominick Domasky is no stranger to failure. After quitting his job to pursue his dream, he found himself half a million dollars in debt, jobless and wanted by the law for reasons pertaining to business. To top it off, his wife was pregnant with their first child. His journey to failure and back again has taught him some very valuable lessons.

    Join Adam and Dominick and learn the steps to take to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and rise above failure.

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    Starting Fresh After Failure

    in Lifestyle

    You've been knocked-down, but are you really out? Failure can disappoint and frustrate, but it doesn't have to stop you. Take the opportunity to wipe the slate clean - a great way to start your next project!

    The show to know when you want better! Join Terri & Vince Hase and build a better you! www.BetterYouRadio.net

    A part of the Better YOU Project - www.BetterYouProject.org

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