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    Failure Is Not An Option

    in Christianity

    This is a refeshing show, that deal with the esoteric concepts on christian development, real world conversation on the truth and the spirituality of life

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    Fear of Failure

    in Religion

    Are you affraid to fail? We all fear failure but, my failures have taught me more about life than my successes. So why do we fear? Join me today as I discuss fear of failure. We can overcome challenges and fear!

    Host, Dawna Hetzler shares her fears. We all fear something. What is that you fear? Dawna will discuss three things to help you combat fear. Do you want to be the warrior God created you to be? Do you want to be your more authentic self? Break through the barriers, and conquer your fears. Empower yourself. Live life to the fullest and quit living in fear. Fear robs you of the joys of today. You can do it. You are not alone in your fears. You are stonger than you think you are. You are a warrior, ready to fight any fear that comes your way.



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    "The Feeling of Failure"

    in Entertainment

    Have you ever desired to move forward to something you live in your dreams? Do you make plans to obtain "something or do something" that simply feels good to invision it but it fails to become your reality? Are you tired of dreaming and not living in your real life dream because your efforts conclude to what you feel is a failure?

    Often times we aim for short or long terms goals that are within our arms reach, ones that are so low and simple that we meet them every time. Those very ones be the ones that cause us to feel like our lifes work and worth is a complete failure. What, who, where and how can be change to path of this destructive mindset?

    Today I offer some extreme simplified advise! I invite you to listen or participate by calling 646.200.0995! Be a part of the LIVE studio audience! Don't miss the show!


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    "The Diary of a Failure"

    in Entertainment

    Are you're still stewing over your last failure? This show is for you.  Guest Eric McNeal, was sentenced to serve 13 months in federal prison for a computer invasion charge and understands firsthand what it means to overcome failure.  McNeal shares his journey and how he's transformed his failures into a successs.  

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    Thoughts on Failure

    in Family

    We've all had failures big and small and they often change how we view ourselves and the world. Whether the failure is business related or personal, it has the potential to build us up or tear us down.  It's all in how you think about it.  Today we are talking about failure as a stepping stone to success.  We'll talk about bravery versus courage and about ways to move on and move up from failure.  Join us live or check out the archive at your convenience.  

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    Premature Ovarian Failure: Causes, Prevention, Treatment

    in Health

    What causes premature menopause or ovarian failure? What are the symptoms?  What can you do to prevent and treat it? Host Dawn Davenport, Exec. Director of Creating a Family, the national infertility & adoption education and support organization, will interview Dr. Mark Perloe, Medical Director of Georgia Reproductive Specialists in Atlanta. He received trained at Penn State University and the University of Wisconsin before completing an Reproductive Endocrinology fellowship at the University of Minnesota. Dr. Benjamin Leader is Director of Clinical Research at ReproSource, a clinical fertility testing and research laboratory dedicated to improving reproductive health. Dr. Leader is a Harvard and MIT-trained physician scientist.

    Blog summary of the show and highlights can be found here:
    Blog summary of the show
    More Creating a Family resources on premature ovarian failure can be found here.

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    Have Your Parents Programmed You For Failure? Learn How To Reprogram Yourself!

    in Women

    Our lives are manifestation of what we believe about ourselves. It starts with who our parents told us we were. Were you told you were poor? Disadvantaged?  Lower class? Dumb? Lazy? Too fat? Not working hard enough? Not attractive enough? Your parents may have unknowingly instilled a victim complex in you from childhood, to compensate for their own feelings of failure.  Most of us have been attacked by our parents for being inadequate, their way of using fear to motivate us to try harder. Unknowingly, they often caused quite the opposite, instilling in us the belief that we really are inadequate. We fail at something then defensively blame others, rather than learn from our mistakes and have the confidence to try again. This affects everything from education, to jobs, to marriages, to raising our own children. Sometimes the pressure from our parent's attacks can cause us turn to alcohol or drugs for a temporary escape. Then we actually do become the failures they warned us we would be. Unless we consciously undo their negative programming, our lives become manifestations of their fear based parenting. We have to stop the cycle of fear and take control of our lives. Honestly look at your life today.What negative thoughts about yourself are you holding on to? How do you replace them with positive thoughts in order to manifest the life you really want?

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    Obamacare and the failure

    in Politics

                                 Obamacare and the failure

    Okay everyone should know and understand that Obamacare is no more that a tax, plus away for the liberals and Democrats bring the United States of America into a communist nation.

    I read an artical that spells this out very clearly, and it was right to the point, for this artical came from AP Washington D. C. What I read was this in a nut shell.

    Those who don't sign up for obamacare will have to pay a fine, and i am very fine with that one, for I am willing to take my fine to court and fight it in court. I also read that even if you have signed up for obama care that you would have to pay a fine as  well, but a much bigger fine than I would have to be forced to pay. this is no joke, for if you had to use a subsidy from the governmen tyou must pay that back as well as a fine.the joke is on those that have signed up for obamacare and thinking everything is okay, and this fine is for the middlecall and the poor.

    What all this means is that obamacare and empire Obama is a scam and a scam phony, and scammer. meaning a lie or a liar that he is.

    You liberals and democrats voted for this scammer and wanted this scam to come about, and that make you one of the greatest fools in the whole wide world.

    Now you know why all liberals and democrats are the biggest morons in the world. 

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