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    Colorado Sports Junkies

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    Idale and Cody take a trip around  sports  as they land on  a variety of topics from NBA Conference FInals, Manziel in Vegas, Donovan niot making the 23 man US soccer team for World Cup play, Aaron Hernandez indictment on 2 counts of murder and gun running charges and more on Colorado Sports  Junkies!

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    REVOLUTION NOW! Talking Immigration

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    Co-founder of The Working Group, Patrice O'Neill has produced successful national series on PBS for fifteen years. The Working Group's 1995 story of how the town of Billings, Montana, responded to a rash of hate crimes, Not In Our Town set a new standard for television impact. What began as a half-hour PBS special has turned into a national movement. In collaboration with the Independent Media Institute and Benton Foundation, O'Neill led an unprecedented outreach campaign featuring screenings and town hall meetings in hundreds of communities nation-wide. The resulting grassroots campaign against hate and intolerance gained the endorsement of city councils, schools, churches, legislatures, labor unions, and civic organizations across the country and it continued with a second television special, Not In Our Town II. The Not In Our Town campaign continues in communities around the country to this day. In 2005, TWG partnered with KQED-TV to produce the first-ever regional Not In Our Town Special, Not In Our Town Northern California: When Hate Happens Here. A new national Not In Our Town special is planned for 2006.
      New Immigrants Share Their Stories: The Students of Newcomers High School | Not in Our Town

  • Get an A in Country: 120,000,000 Write-In Ballots: Curtis Clinton, President

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    What I am suggesting is probably similar to a BLACK HOLE for Politics. We haven’t been there yet - probably can’t get there yet - information about this idea of mine is limited - and my idea is held to what I say it can be on Blog Talk Radio. neat, isn’t this. CONSISTENT: I have been consistent in what I say - it isn’t stubbornness, it is thought-out, preliminary, progression and ( hold on - stand & deliver, maintain speed & heading) steps. When a chef creates or makes a dish/meal, he/she thinks of/imagines ingredients - which are condiments/spices & complements: nuts/squash/cherries/ ketchup/ cheeses. So do I. You try not to burn the meal/try to delight the quests’ palettes/experiences/try to keep your rating/quality/exquisiteness/truth to the meal & profession. What is Presidency's profession? Have we seen it in its entirety splendor & excellence. How many Presidents were excellent. I want to start a present cycle of high attainable standards. I can because of who I have become/made to become. I am ready/able for this job: 2B President in where it counts, not perception. See a different perception: someone confi-dent, taking up the best ahead of us - taking points unheard of before me. It’s a win idea. Can the postulator pull it off, niot just with 120 milion Write-Ins, with doing & succeeding in what he says. Let’s get on with it. Some of what I say sounds foreign, but we are not foreigners when we are collect ourselves. These are the balances&checks. When you see the proof in what I say, my checks&balances, my 2nd/3rd reflections, in not disappointing or going on a goose chase are on. I will c2it that we will do good with me in the White House and you along side of me, even coming into the White House to talk and fine tune what we are doing. bwell, Curt Clinton.

  • " New Years Eve with The Beauties" on I Am Me Radio

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    Its the last show of the Year with The Beauties of #IAMMEUNIVERSITY. #Ibeauty #MissSweetHeat, and #Tiff are gonna shake things up on their last show. If you are niot a fan of #IAMMERADIO... you will be! We cant wait to see where these "Beauties" are going in 2015. This show is just the beginning. So join them Wednesday"NEW YEARS EVE" as they share a list of memeories and songs from 2014. Its time to get CRUNK! Happy New Years everyone!!! Call in  at 8pm eastern, 845-241-9898 or listen at www.blogtalkradio.com/IAMMERADIO Its gonna be a night to remember! Exclusive on #IAMMERADIO