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    TRUNEWS 02/02/15: Dr. Peter Hammond

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    Rick had to make an unscheduled trip to St. Kitts and Nevis to resolve an issue regarding Flowing Streams' 50,000 watts radio station in the Caribbean. Pray that Rick has favor everywhere he goes on the islands to solve all legal and technical matters so that the Gospel of the Kingdom is declared to the islands of the sea.   Tonight's guest is South African soul winner Dr. Peter Hammond.  He and Rick discuss the Western news media's double standards in reporting the Paris shootings by Islamists, but constantly ignoring the weekly massacre of Nigerian Christians by Boko Harem terrorists.  

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    Coming Apocalypse

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    Prophetic Alert: A fire has broken out at the Bethlehem Church of Nativity at the "Star of Nativity" at the place Jesus Christ was born. Also The White House accidental release of the Afghanistan CIA chief's name by mistake to 6,000 reporters. Also fighting in Ukraine has left at least 40 people dead as "The Ukraine War" has begun. Also Pope Francis invites leaders of Israel and Palestine to come to the Vatican on June 6, 2014 on the 70th Annervisity of D-Day invasion in Normany. Pope Francis calls the meeting with Palestine President Abbas and Israeli President Peres as a meeting of "Prayer and Peace". Also Nigerian defense chief claims the abducted Christian school girls have been located, but to dangerous to go in and rescure them. Also a train crash in India kills 40 people. Also a bus crash in Pakistan kills 16 people. Also Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei calls out and says: "Jihad will continue until America is no more." Also hundreds of dead fish on the shores in Texas as the "Hosea Prophecy" continues. These events and much more along with bible prophecy and the powerful Word of God. Your Host Theologian Paul Begley of Indiana.

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    A Fallen Away

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    Historic moment as Michael Sam becomes first openly-gay player EVER drafted into the NFL after getting seventh round call from St Louis Rams... and he celebrated with a kiss from his boyfriend


    Why I cut off my own : Rapper who 'used a steak knife for botched DIY vasectomy before jumping off balcony' speaks out


    Michelle Obama demands justice for Boko Haram kidnap girls in White House's weekly radio address


    First gay marriage license in the South is granted to two women in Arkansas after judge strikes down voter-approved ban on same-sex unions


    Just when you thought she couldn't get any more outrageous… Miley Cyrus performs with a giant blow-up at London’s G-A-Y



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    Atheism with Tombstone Da Deadman and Show Hosts Rachel Johnson and Han hills

    in Atheism

    Tombstone: An upcoming concert

    Ane Coulter: Why her racist views aren't funny, and how toxic the religious and racist right has become. 

    Missing girls in Nigera. Why no one seems to care about them. 

    Supreme Court Justice says only Christians are covered by free Speech. His veiws on his judicial duties, and why they arent good for anyone but christians. 

    My sex sent me to the ER...the dumbing down of America. Like we needed more of that? 

    and  More

    The Pink Atheist on Facebook

    Show hosts Rachel Johnson and Han Hills

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    Coming Apocalypse

    in Current Events

    President Obama calls Iranian President Hassan Rouhani for the first time the 2 nations have spoken by their leaders since 1979. Also a Pastor in Louisiana was shot dead preaching a revival in his church by the deacon. Also many metors were seen Friday and Saturday night over several states including a fireball hitting a house and killing 2 people in Ohio. Also 40 people killed by a car bomb in Pakistan. Also 15 people killed by an explosion in Iraq. Also 50 sturdents killed by armed Muslim Militants at a Christian School in Nigera. Also 30 tourist rescued in London, England as a boat caught fire. Also Police found a bomb in Tel Aviv, Israel. Also Senator Ted Cruz and others kneel and pray in front of the White House about the American Pastor in jail in Iran. These and many other issues along with Bible Prophecy tonight on "SNL" with your host Pastor Paul Begley of Indiana.

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    Bishop Robert, Ephraim and Peace Isaac , SE Nigera

    in Spirituality

    He is called to raise men for God. A teacher of the Word having a proven deliverance ministry. He is from Abia State South East Nigeria. Doing some great work within the Moslem community.

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    How can a people, the people that were brought to America via the trans Atlantic slave trade from the west coast of Africa be two continents? How is that possible? Have you the people that people who are labeled as an African American, the so call Negro ever raised that question? if not why haven't you? Does it matter? Even the people who are from the continent of Africa are known by the land in which they come from. If you are from Kenya, you are a Kenyian, if you are from Nigera you are a Nigerian, and so on. So how can the so call Negro who are now known as African American be two continents? How is that possible? And why is it you don't see the game that is being ran on you? We @ the Institute will tell you.

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    Special Guest Sandra Ekpenyong

    in Self Help

    J4L Special Ambassador to Nigeria. Sandra is theSandra is the General Overseer of World Harvest Intl Ministries located in Laurel MD in the US as well as branches in Nigeria and Cameroon.