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    The Wardlaw Brothers on NiACOM Platform Tonight @ 7pm CST!!!

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    The Wardlaw Brothers on NiACOM Platform Tonight @ 7pm CST!!!

    When thinking of 5 biological brothers that have made a huge impact on the world through music, two names automatically come to mind: The Jackson 5 and The Winans. Now, with a unique and extraordinary blend of vocal harmony, emerge five brothers known as THE WARDLAW BROTHERS (TWB).

    Dubbed the “Boyz II Men of Gospel”, TWB consists of four lead singers, and one dynamic bass man. The eldest brother, Carl Anthony “Tony” has the traditional, soulful voice. Martin Luther “Lute” is the lead vocalist with a voice that speaks to the spirit. He is also the primary songwriter, musician and producer. “Jamie” Cornelius is the melodious bass man that defines TWB’s distinctive sound while Carl III “Carlo” melds in the urban/hip hop flavor. Lastly,Rodney Allen “Baby Boy”, contributes the smooth, serene voice of the five. Georgia natives, TWB are the sons of Rev. and Mrs. Carl Wardlaw Jr. who taught their children early that ministry was a part of life. 

    Over the years, with the discovery and nurturing of gifts, music ministry evolved. But, whether assisting others in need or mentoring troubled youth, TWB take pride in helping others and do not compromise that which was inspired by their parents. 

    They began to revise the original songs they sang as youth and sculpt their own distinctive brand of harmony and acclimation. The brothers realized how God had blessed them and they began composing their own songs.

    Join us tonight by tuning in by clicking on the link, or by calling in at 323-693-3830 and press "1" to be a part of our interactive audience! Want to talk to "The Wardlaw Brothers" tonight? This is your chance!


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    Doc Bradford Howard Jr. is on the NiACOM Platform tonight!

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    We welcome to the NiACOM Platform, Doc Bradford Howard, Jr., tonight @ 7pm CST.

    The Award Winning Combination of Songs written by Dr Bradford Howard Jr and Sung by Dennis Grady keep Moving forward. You can find Songs written By Dr Bradford Howard Jr and Sung by Dennis Grady on iTunes, CDBABY, Rhapsody, Emusic, Medianet, Tradebait, Great Indie Music, Amazon MP3,  Xbox Music ,Last.FM, Spotify, Myspace Music, 24-7,Simfy,  Google Music Store ,iHeartradio, Rumblefish, Rdio, Bloom FM, Omniforce, Slack Radio, JB HiFi, Beyond Oblivion, Shazam, Samsung Music Hub and Yandex, Music Xray and Broadjam.

    These Songs are available as Down-loads, Streams or cd's. One of the Songs, "Striving for Perfection", features Dr Bradford Howard Jr providing the 'Spoken Word' and  on Lead Vocals.You can get more info.about Dr Howard at http://www.bradgreatgospel.net 

    Listen in now and be blessed to hear his incredible testimony of how God has used him in the Spoken Word music ministry and how he touching lives all over the world. 

    Joining us tonight also, is Terry McGee from Simply Inspiring Radio. Hear what he share about his book, movie and new TV series on AllNationsTV.com.

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    3AM is on the NiACOM Platform Tonight @ 7pm CST!!!

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    3AM is on the NiACOM Platform Tonight @ 7pm CST!!!
    3AM or Three Angels Message is a new and exciting group of musician song stylists committed to expressing the good news of God’s desire to establish an intimate relationship with all of His children.  These talented and innovative musicians are creating music that expresses their commitment to God, family and community, while sharing God’s message of love and forgiveness.
    Based in Florida, these servants of the Lord bring forth their joyous message through their unique musical style that incorporates Traditional Gospel, Acappella, R&B, Jazz, Neo-Soul and Contemporary Christian music.  They strive to exemplify Christian living in the light of the Lord and seek to share that light, through their music, with all those who cross their paths on their journey to everlasting life!
    They are humbled by their Lord’s call to minister to the world by sharing their personal journeys through life’s challenges, while staying true to their Savior’s words of love, brotherhood, fidelity and compassion.  God has infused each of them with a passion for encouraging others to accept Jesus Christ into their lives and live in the light of His eternal love!
    Join us on the NiACOM Platform tonight as we speak to this incedibly anointed and gifted group @ 7pm. Tune in or call in at 323-693-3830 and press "1" to enter host queue.

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    Pastor Dru Kelly is on the NiACOM Platform this Saturday @ 7pm CST!

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    Join us as we introduce to the NiACOM Platform, Pastor Dru Kelly as he shares his vision of what God has laid in his heart for this great ministry. Tune in by clicking the link or call in to be a part of our NiACOM Interactive Audience at 323-693-3830 and press "1" to join us!

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    Darryl Donnell Murrill is on the NiACOM Platform Tonight @ 7pm CST

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    Darryl Donnell Murrill should be considered as a saxophonist with extraordinary ability! He truly has the wherewithal to make the saxophone sing with a unique flare rooted in Gospel and with much Jazz influence. Furthermore, Darryl’s sound can be described as a smoother, yet soulful sound, set apart by God to bring sound satisfaction.

    Darryl Donnell Murrill is on the NiACOM Platform Tonight @ 7pm CST!

    Darryl is a singer, producer, songwriter, plays more than five different instruments, and is owner of Ablaze Sound Productions; sound production studio.  Whether accompanied by a full band or musical tracks, Darryl tantalizes with his saxophone sound and melodic measures of syncopation, vibrato, and range of note selection.

    Darryl endeavors to make music that enriches listeners spiritually and to present a positive music experience to allow them to enjoy themselves as well.

    Join us as we welcome this incredible musician, singer, producer and songwriter to "The Platform".

    Tune in or call in at 323-693-3830 to be a part of our "live" interactive audience during the show!

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    NiACOM Platform welcomes Kevin W. Johnson Thursday night @ 7pm CST!!

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    With the fundamental belief that God uses ordinary people to accomplish extraordinary things, Pastor Kevin Wayne Johnson lives to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ. His passion is reflected through his national best-selling book series (Give God the Glory!), that earned 19 literary awards from 2001 to present, all published through his Christian-based publishing company – Writing for the Lord Ministries, as a former radio and television host, and in several leadership positions within the local church, the Christian publishing industry, and the National Association of the Church of God (Anderson, Indiana).  Effective January 1, 2014, Pastor Johnson serves as Senior Pastor, Accokeek First Church of God.

    Johnson lives in Clarksville, Maryland, with his wife and three teenaged sons, Kevin, Christopher, and Cameron.  

    Join us on the NiACOM Platform to hear about his book, life and minstry! Tune in by clicking link, or calling in at 323-693-3830 and press "1" to participate in our interactive audience.

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    NiACOM Platform welcomes Javer Stubbs, Jr. on Saturday 7.19.14 @ 7pm CST!

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    NiACOM Platform welcomes Javer Stubbs, Jr. on Saturday 7.19.14 @ 7pm CST!  Javer Stubbs Jr. is an end-time voice that God is raising up in this generation, to bring fame to the name of God.  He the founder of JSJ Ministries, which was given to him by God in prayer March 2010.  

    From a young age Javer knew the hand of God was on his life.  From the age of 15, Javer began as praise and worship leader, traveling extensively all over the country utilizing his gifts in music ministry and the Word of God.

    At the age of 18 he founded End Time Prophetic School of Ministry; a ministry geared for the cultivation and charging of young prophets and prophetics. Thereafter the Lord gave him the burden for young people and charged him with the ministry; KCM (Kingdom College Movement), a ministry designed to pursue young adults to pursue their own relationships with God.

    Javer is currently pursuing his bachelor degree in Religion & Philosophy at Shaw University in Raleigh, NC.  He is a Preacher, Prophet and Psalmist. May 6th 2014 he released his first single entitled “All Of Me,” which is swiftly sweeping over the music industry. In his life he seeks to change and impact the world for the glory of God. He endeavors to cause mankind to seek God at a greater level and to pursue God for themselves. His transformational, iconic and witty presentation of the comprehension of God, that challenges the human psyche and motivates individuals to leave the “church borders” and find the truth of God through the WORD! Javer is desperate to see the face of the Church and to induct the true Kingdom of God here in the earth. His call is to WORLD-CHANGERS!

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    Jekalyn Carr on the NiACOM Platform tonight @ 7pm CST!

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    The West-Memphis native has been singing gospel music since the age of five.

    "Actually my mom and dad, they heard me singing around the house and were like, it's something that God has given her," Carr said of her vocal savvy.

    From home, Carr would go on to use her God-given talent in her local church, and then around the country.

    Without any formal training, her father Allen Carr said he knew early on his daughter's gift was something special.

    "One day her and her brothers and sisters were singing and she stopped them and said, ' All are singing out of key,'" he said.

    He went on to say, "It just caught us off guard and it was so amazing to see a five-year-old (say) hey, we're out of key, let's get this thing right."

    Not only has Jekalyn Carr met gospel music greats, she has sung with them, including the artist she most admires.

    "It has to be Kim Burrell," she said. "She's my favorite."

    In addition to her music, Jekalyn Carr is also a motivational speaker. She receives so many requests for appearances, her parents decided it was best to home school her to accommodate her rigorous schedule.

    "My parents, they have invested a lot into me and into my ministry and you think, wow, it's just amazing to have the parents that I have."

    She has already released one CD, "Promise", and is hard at work on her next project.

    Jekalyn Carr said singing is her passion, and it is what she plans to do for a long time to come.

    "I remember telling my dad that singing was my passion. This is what I always wanted to do, and I also want to be a fashion designer and act," she admitted while laughing.

    Join us tonight. D

    Let's welcome Jekayln Carr to the NiACOM Platform!

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    DJ DMD (25 Bibles On My Dresser) on NiACOM Platform Tonight @ 7pm CST!

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    DJ DMD (25 Bibles On My Dresser) on NiACOM Platform Tonight!

    DJ DMD used to produce and release secular, "gangsta" rap music years ago. His biggest-selling record to date is a song called "25 Lighters" (which featured Houston rap icons Lil Keke and the late Fat Pat). But in 2002, he left the music business. 

    He was saved in 2003 and began the journey of learning what it meant to be a follower of Jesus. After sitting under the ministry of New Light Christian Center Church for 7 years, he believed that he'd been called to offer his gifts (of making hip hop music and communicating to young people) to the Body of Christ. In 2010, he started E5 Entertainment - the company's name is derived from his favorite chapter, Ephesians 5.

    on iTunes - https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/25biblesonmydresser-ep/id526241037

    on So South.com - http://www.sosouth.com/detaildownload.php?ID=10361#.UH7ulELoCBg


    Join us tonight @ 7pm CST! Tune in or call in at 323-693-3830 and press "1" to be a part of our interactive audience!

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    NiACOM Platform welcomes LeDessa Brown this Sat 12/7 @ 7pm CST!!

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    NiACOM Platform welcomes LeDessa Brown this Sat 12/7 @ 7pm CST!!

    LeDessa, while now pursuing a Masters in Theology, have experience such accomplishments as opening up for Patti Labelle and singing for the CIAA conference Championship Game at the Bobcats Arena.

    Ledessa currently serves as Worship leader for Pastor Percy Reeves of Charlotte, NC and Pastor Jesse C. Davenport and Monique Walker Davenport of Brooklyn, NY. She has had the pleasure of working with wonderful producers such as Grammy winner Cedric Thompson and producer Eric “E.Will” Williams.

    Brown has also sang background vocals and shared the stage with different artists such as Jason Nelson, Johnathon Nelson, Norman Hutchins, Twinkie Clark, Karen Clark Sheard, James Hall, Pastor John P. Kee, Lejeune Thompson, Joshua Rogers, Tasha Page Lockhart, Nikki Ross, Lowell Pye, Crystal Aiken, Lisa McClendon, Blanche McAllister and so many others.

    She is grateful to God every day for the incredible blessing bestowed upon her and does not take her ministry lightly. She believes in God's anointing in music ministry and singing music that makes a difference in the lives of people. Her favorite quote is “I was drawn to music that addresses the spirit, probably because my own needed to be addressed.”

    We welcome LeDessa Brown to the NiACOM Platform on Saturday, December 7, 2013 @ 7pm. Tune in or call in at 323-693-3830 and press "1" to participate in the broadcast! Be there!

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    Pastor Vet Pendgraft on the NiACOM Platform 9/5 @ 7pm!!!

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    Pastor Vet Pendgraft on the NiACOM Platform- 9/5 @ 7pm!!!
    NIACOM welcomes Pastor Vet Pendgraft to the platform! Join us as we talk about revelations in God's word that Pastor Vet has uncovered and where God is leading him. He is a pastor here in the Dallas metroplex. His church is Greater Grace Restoration and they are currently worshipping at Timberglen Recreation Center in Dallas at 3810 Timbeglen Rd. Dallas 75287
    Greater Grace Restoration Ministries www.ggrmtexas.com Greater Grace Restoration Ministries - Dallas, TX. “Restoring creation back to the Creator” New Ministry   The contact phone for the Greater Grace Restoration Ministries is 214-731-3140, where you can contact Pastors Vet & Veronica Pendgraft.  See church website for service times at the church. Don't miss this show. Pastor Vet is part of our NIACOM Promo: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-qIBwFhpuUQ
    Tune in or call in!