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    LL87 New York City | LL87 NYC | Local Law 87 Experts

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    LL87 New York City - http://www.CarletonEC.com  - NYC LL87: Helping Building Managers Understand LL 87 New York City.

    CEC’s goal is to make it easier for property owners to take steps to not only reduce overall energy consumption and cost, but also improve efficiency in the city. As a building owner in New York City, here’s some important information about Local Law 87 and what is involved in compliance.

    Local Law 87 Background - In 2009, Local Law 87 was passed as a solution for the city of New York to reduce its carbon footprint and decrease energy waste. Compliance with the law is not optional, and property owners are required to undergo the appropriate auditing and reporting to prove that they have fulfilled the necessary requirements. 

    A Professional Consulting Company Can Help - On account of the law being relatively new, the government created a graduated system for businesses to avoid the system becoming overloaded with new audits. Owners must comply by a given year, although property owners are encouraged to move forward with the process to start reducing energy use and saving money now. 

    When it comes to New York City LL 87, the right consulting company makes all the difference. Carleton Energy Consulting specializes in assisting property owners and management through energy auditing services, retrofitting, benchmarking and online fuel systems management. In addition, they offer proven reduction methods for electricity usage, water usage and fuel.

    To learn more about Local Law 87 New York City, check out our Local Law 87 Helpful Hints on www.CarletonEC.com or contact Carleton Energy Consulting at 516-672-8277. 

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    Local Law 87 New York City | LL87 Specialists in NYC

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    Local Law 87 New York City - http://www.CarletonEC.com  - LL87 NYC: CEC Shares Local Law 87 Tips for the Winter. Carleton Energy Consulting Specializes in Energy Auditing, Management, Online Boiler Management and much more, 10025, 10002, 10029, 10009

    With winter approaching, and temperatures dropping quickly, building managers need to start thinking about how Local Law 87 in New York City will impact them. 

    Compliance with the law is mandatory, and reducing carbon footprint and energy waste for cost savings is a smart strategy. Here is some important information on Local Law 87:

    For many property owners, understanding Local Law 87 can be a challenge. The law is complex and even though it can be accessed online at the NYC Green Building & Energy Efficiency Website, having the text does not ensure compliance. 

    According to the law, all single structures 50,000 square feet or more and multiple buildings 100,000 square feet or more must comply. The law is a bit different concerning condominium units and the single tax lot description does not apply when there is a single board of managers. 

    Energy evaluation and assessment typically takes up to 3 or 4 weeks to complete. And retro-fitting may takes months. However, it’s a smart strategy to begin the process immediately to secure the quickest return on investment. 

    To learn more about Local Law 87 New York City, check out our Local Law 87 Helpful Hints on www.CarletonEC.com or contact Carleton Energy Consulting at 516-672-8277.

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    Live from New York City: Miguel Cotto vs. Sergio Martinez

    in Sports

    This is a special edition of Tale of the Tape on Sports Rant Radio as we will be broadcasting live from the scene of Miguel Cotto vs. Sergio Martinez in New York City. We will give you in-depth coverage of the middleweight championship of the world, live from Madison Square Garden.

    We will also talk about Floyd Mayweather's decision to leave Golden Boy Promotions and look forward to great fights that lay ahead this summer.

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    220 Producing the New York City Marathon

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    Behind the scenes of producing a marathon telecast.  Steve Mayer is the executive producer of IMG Productions which produces the New York City and Boston Marathon.  He was in New York last year with Sandy and he was in Boston when the bombs went off.  He shares his experiences and how his team is setting up for this year's ING New York City Marathon.  It's some unique ponts of view on the sport we love so much.  Joe finishes the show with a spontaneous list of the top marathons in America and provides some commentary about a list of marathon mistakes he read in a magazine.

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    Local Law 84 New York City 516-672-8277 Benchmarking NYC

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    Local Law 84 New York City - http://www.CarletonEC.com  - Local Law 84 in New York City: How Compliance Can Save You Money. Carleton Energy Consulting Specializes in Energy Auditing, Management, Online Boiler Management and much more, 10025, 10002, 10029, 10009

    Who Is Impacted by Local Law 84? 
    - Any covered structure occupying more than 50,000 gross feet must comply with the law

    - For property with more than one structure, calculate the total gross square footage of all buildings. If the total square footage of all buildings is more than 100,000 then the property is subject to Local Law 84. 

    - If a condominium complex exceeds 100,000 gross square feet, regardless of tax lots included, it is subject to Local Law 84. 

    Saving Money with Local Law 84 Compliance - Becoming compliant is a requirement for any building that falls under the law but there are ways to save money with Local Law 84.

    Auditing - Local Law 84 requires full disclosure regarding the use of all energy and water resources by the buildings on each property.

    Online Boiler Room Management - Online managers can help pinpoint problems in energy use while developing methods to correct those areas.  

    The Benefits of Hiring a Professional Consulting Company - Compliance can be time consuming and complicated. Having a management company to help can save valuable time and human resources while helping you cooperate with the law. 

    To learn more about Local Law 84 New York City, visit www.CarletonEC.com or contact Carleton Energy Consulting at 516-672-8277. Be sure to check out our Free Local Law 87 Helpful Tips!

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    Local Law 87 New York City 516-672-8277 Energy Consulting NYC

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    Local Law 87 New York City - http://www.CarletonEC.com  -  What You Should Know by Carleton Energy Consulting

    Local Law 87: The Basics
    A Local Law 87 audit covers HVAC, lighting, pipe insulation, hot water, conveying systems, building envelope and electrical systems. In order to keep such a widespread collection of industry and commercial property owners on track, the New York City Department of Building handles Local Law 87 enforcement

    Who Does Local Law 87 Apply to? 
    Currently, Local Law 87 applies to all buildings over 50,000 square feet. If there is more than one structure on a tax lot property, then the minimum square footage is 100,000 square feet. Any two buildings in excess of that 100,000 square feet on a single ownership property and owners are required to comply.

    How Can A Professional Consulting Company Help?
    Hiring a professional consulting company may be the best option when it comes to auditing and retro-commissioning your building. Since 2012, Carleton Energy Consulting has been specializing in Local Law 87 auditing, retro-commissioning, energy auditing, consulting, solutions, procurement and online boiler management and can help make an often-confusing process easy and convenient. Remember, there is no way to short step the process. 

    Not only are energy audits required, but the Department of Buildings will conduct random audits to ensure business owners stay in compliance at all times.

    To learn more about Local Law 87 New York City, check out our Local Law 87 Helpful Hints on www.CarletonEC.com or contact Carleton Energy Consulting at 516-672-8277. 

    Local Law 87 New York City

    Energy Consulting NYC

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    One day before Paul and Julie head to New York City to hang with most of the Fever Keeps It Real crew, we will once again be doing a radio show on a Wednesday night from 6-9pm EST. We will be discussing all of the goings on in professional wrestling, have a last minute rally for Team Paul, update Paul's condition, have SURPRISE GUESTS - and talk about their trip and who they will see. Hey, Fever Keeps It Real might have an impromptu radio show on Saturday! Call in at 818-369-1406 and don't miss one of our last shows of the year! And remember, you only have until December 18th to cast your vote for the Fever Keeps It Real Year End Awards!

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    Service Animals in New York City

    in Real Estate

    A discussion with Harvey Woll, Esq. about the service animals that he has personally seen in New York City.  This show will discuss articles about pet holdovers that involve alleged service animals.

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    New York City Marathon and Staying Fit For Life

    in Fitness

    As Baba Wesley Gray traines for his 15 New York Cith Marathon in 2014, he shares with us the and exciting elements of this years auspicious race.
    "The New York City Marathon returned after a one-year absence with big crowds, heightened security and a familiar champion.  Geoffrey Mutai successfully defended his title Sunday, 11/3/13, while fellow Kenyan Priscah Jeptoo came from behind to win the women's race. Brons resident Buzunesh Deba finished runner-up for the secound straight time in her hometown event.
    Fans again packed the 26.2 mile course, undaunted by the events of the past year.  The 2012 NYC Marathon was canceled because of the devastation of Superstorm Sandy, but not before many New Yorkers were enraged by initial plans to hold the race.
    After the bombings at April's Boston Marathon, bomb-sniffing dogs roamed the course, and barricades limited access points to Central Park. A record of 50,740 runners started the race through the five boroughs.
    Mutai, pulled away around Mile 22 and beat Ethiopia's Tsegaye Kebede by 52 seconds.  On a windy morning, Mutai's time of 2 hours, 8 minutes, 24 seconds was well off his course record of 2.05:06 set in nearly perfect conditions two years ago. He is the first man to repeat in New York since Kenya's John Kagwe in 1997-98.  Kebede, the london Marathon champ, clinched the $500,000 bonus for the World Marathon Majors title. Priscah Jeptoo, the 2012 Olympic silver medalist and 2013 London Marathon Champ won in 2:25:07 to clinch the $500,000 World Marathon Majors bonus."
    Meghan Barr, Michael Casey and Vernea Dobnik contributed to this report.

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    Unacknowledged New York City Talent By The "Powers That Be"

    in Entertainment

    There is a vibrant but hidden New York City music and artistic population...Why aren't they more recognized by the powers that be? And by "powers that be" I mean venue owners, critics, reviewers, media, music managers, promoters, agents and peers that influence what is seen and heard in the New York industry. 
    I am grateful to have met some of New York's MOST talented performers...listen to a few of the dozens my absolute favorites who are not only talented but support their peers in multiple ways. For the purposes of this article will mention in no specific order David Giardina, ESTEREdiva, David Vernon, and Maria Giorgio. We are also speaking Sandy Jordan who knows the business for many years and will share her point of view.

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    Healing Black Communities Part 2 - March in Washington DC and New York City

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    The discussion continues Healing Black Communities Part 2 | We will be examining the marches for justice in our judicial system.  This weekend Saturday, December 13, 2014 in Washington DC and New York City; people marched and chanted Black Lives Matter and around the world demonstrations of colored people lives (black, brown, red or yellow) being valuable and worth keeping alive has hit homes. 

    This is a universal problem (worldwide) and we "the people" the masses, need to take heed at the whole picture and not half or the portion that only affects us. The reactive behaviors towards societal issues that keep a group of people oppressed has come to its head; we the people will no longer stand for supremacy behaviors; it’s not white, it’s not European but the selective few called the elite that needs to be stop and it doesn't matter what color or culture it stems from.

    FOR FREE TICKETS TO JOIN US @ http://www.eventbrite.com/o/real-talk-radio-100-candidad-7826183467


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