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    Talk To Me w/Baruti Muenda Meriamen

    in Self Help

    Talk To Me is a weekly internet talk show sponsored by Mastering Your Moments Life Coaching Services,  Inc.   Talk To Me is committed to programing focused on promoting Healing,  Self-Mastery, and Healthy Relationships.  The show is hosted by Life Coach and Motivational Speaker Baruti Muenda Meriamen.

    This Month's Topic:  Honoring The Divine Wombman.

    Our first show of the month is all about acknowledging, celebrating and appreciating those divinely assigned women who are or have been a vital part of determining who we are today. 

    The phone lines will be open from the beginning of the show.  Plan to call in and pay a short tribute to that Divine Woman you want to celebrate. 

    This promises to be a very uplifting and empowering conversation for all callers and listeners.

    Call into the show at  (657) 383-0488
    and share your thoughts on this que 

    You can also listen to the show via the Internet at this link: http://tobtr.com/s/8638157. #BlogTalkRadio

    See you there and tell somebody you care about to listen also.   Peace.

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    Rebekah Roth: Predictive Programing

    in Current Events

    On today's show Rebekah and Ramjet discuss how false flag events are often foreshadowed by the media and those who plan and execute them.  If you hvae eyes to see and ears to hear you will be able to prepare yourself for any events that might happen in the future.  Remember the perps can't help themselves, for whatever reason they feel compelled to show the world what they intend to do and how they plan to do it.  Be prepared and know the warning signs

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    Baseball Great Curt Schilling Speaks Out on The Hagmann & Hagmann Report

    in News

    Baseball great Curt Schilling, one of the greatest pitchers to ever play the game will be joining us tonight to talk about being fired from ESPN for a twitter post.  This was not his first conflict with ESPN, Schilling was suspended in 2015 when he compared Muslims to Nazis.  During the 2015 suspension he came on our show to talk about the incident.  This time Curt has been fired, labed a bigot all for making a factual statement.  But the statement wasnt said on air or ESPN instead a twitter post.

    Not only was Curt fired for stating a fact but now his famous bloody sock game has been erased along with any memories of Mr. Shilling from their programing.  ESPN today edited out Mr. Schillings performance from the 2004 ALCS.  Tonight he joins us to tell us his story.

    Show Website: http://www.HagmannAndHagmann.com

    News./Information: http://www.HagmannReport.com

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HagmannHagmann

    Twitter: https://twitter.com/HagmannReport

    Doug’s Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/douglas.hagmann

    GET DOUG'S NEW BOOK! More Information HERE.

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    TRUE HUMAN RADIO! Sponsored by New Day 4 al Islam Community Radio

    in Islam

    TONIGHT! Sunday,May 1, 2016 [Our 105th Episode!!!]

    Join Instructor Benjamin Bilal for: TRUE HUMAN RADIO! from - 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm (EST).

    The NUMBER ONE Team for Muslim-hosted Broadcasting!

    1. PROGRAM DIRECTOR , Abdul-Kariem Akbar "WISDOM of Imam W. Deen Mohammed"

    2. Instructor Douglas Abbas Kelly  - 'GLASS-STEAGALL, Glass Ceilings and Election Islamonomics, Part 2"

    3.Community Correspondent, Levi A. Shabazz - [On Assignment"  

    4.  Instructress Kareema Medina Bilal - [On Assignment]

    5. Instructor Benjamin Bilal - [on Assignment]

    Call in at: 213-816-0356 (press #1 for Qs & As).

    Announcer - Abdul-Kariem Akbar

    Producer - William Kareem

    Thank you for making TRUE HUMAN RADIO! one of the most listened to Muslim-hosted programs on Blog Talk Radio. Please continue to help TRUE HUMAN RADIO! put the "neighbor" back in the "hood"! Tune in, listen, learn and enjoy!

    JOIN US every Tuesday night beginning at 8:00 pm [EST] for Instructor Benjamin Bilal's QUR'AN LINGUISTIC STUDY COURSE. 

    Call: 712-432-1212, access code: 273-972-985#


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    Abuse in Prisons as Bad as You Think it is - Mental Health Professional Confirms

    in Current Events

    When person is arrested and put into prison, should all of their rights be terminated? What of people who are innocent until proven guilty?

    Walter Patrick Martin reveals to us that abuses of prisoners is bad and routine. He worked in the prison system and his first hand account should serve as a wake up call to us all and motivate us to say, WE ARE NOT GOING TO ALLOW THIS.

    We are honored to have Mr. Martin who is an author of the book Heart and Soul Toward Intimacy Couples Guide sold on FamilyCounselingSanDiego.com and Amazon or Barns and Nobel Book Stores. He is the owner of Family Counseling San Diego and he has extensive training in advanced methods of treating PTS, depression and other conditions.

    In addition to the information on prison abuse, we will be discussing advanced treatment concepts including:

     How patients feeling better within days not months nor years utilizing unique treatment protocols
     How people suffering from PTSD being helped with EMDR and CES
     How autistic children and adults being helped with Neuro-feedback and CES in San Diego
     What it like working within the county jail with inmates
     What kind of results have been revealed when treating panic and anxiety disorders without medications
     What has it been like working with couples
     What is the benefit the new parenting / co-parenting program

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    Love Liberty & Lip Gloss Welcomes Author Michelle Hastie

    in Books

    Tune in to Love Liberty & Lip Gloss with host Donna Lyons on Thursday, April 28 at 7 p.m. Eastern when she welcomes Michelle Hastie:

    Michelle Hastie is the author of “The Weight Loss Shift: Be More, Weigh Less” and a contributor to the women’s studies bestseller, “Women Will Save the World.” A weight loss coach, Michelle helps chronic dieters surrender to their body wisdom in order to lose weight permanently.

    Using a blend of science, psychology, and spirituality, Michelle helps people live incredible lives in bodies they love! She has a background in personal training, food psychology, neuro-linguistic programming, and yoga and has been featured in SHAPE magazine over a dozen times for her life changing gift of transforming lives, one body at a time.

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    Tongue Waggers: Lingwistiks frum a Xtian W/V (Ep 3)

    in Christianity

    On this episode of Tongue Waggers, Mike and George are going to throttle back some and go back to the basics. After receiving some feedback, we decided that we are going to be defining terms a lot more so that we aren't talking over the heads of our listeners. But, don’t worry, we need to talk about some very important topics. Here's the list:

    1. Back to basics - What kind of words are our there
    2. What are the different word classes
    3. Gender-neutral language has gone too far, sort of
    4. Your social identity revealed by subtle linguistic cues
    5. Stuttering, Speech Impediments, Spurgeon, and the Bible
    6. Mikey has a testimony to share
    ...and much more.

    If you have any questions, email us at g220radio@gmail.com, or you can call in the day of the show (347) 857-4028 3:30 pm EST. Tune in!

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    How to Visualize, Imagine and Create the Life You Want - Beverly Nadler

    in Self Help

    "Imagination is more important than knowledge."  Albert Einstein

    It is understandable that Einstein would make that statement, because unless we use our knowledge, nothing changes in our life.

    Join Health Guru, Beverly Nadler, as she explains how to use the knowledge she will share and the awesome power of your mind and imagination to create the life you want.


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    Release the Power with in ,with Karla and Madeline

    in Spirituality

    Life in the Universe,Life in the Hologram is just one of the many shows Madeline has hosted since joining the global world of radio in 2007. Her cosmic adventure began in the Sedona, Arizona known for its mystical and magical energy. She has over thirty years working as a student of the spiritual, metaphysical, as well as new age, and business.This expanded understanding gives her a global appeal not just too world-renowned guests but to her listeners that follow her show, Life In The Hologram as well as her social media outlets worldwide. About Karla Kupres She has a diverse background in Neuro-Linguistic Programming as a Certified Practitioner from the American Board of Neuro Linguistic Programming and the National Federation of Neuro-Linguistic Psychology. A graduate of Neuro-Associative Conditioning Systems Professional Certification Training with Robbins Research International, a Mastery University Graduate of Anthony Robbins and a student at Robbins Madanes Coach Training Inst




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    Paranormal Kool Aid - Fun and Games and Slashers!

    in Paranormal

    Tonight on Paranormal Kool Aid !

    They're Back! Listen in as Dawn and Chris talk to Johnny Davidson in the 1st hour! Johnny is a Navy Veteran that was stationed in Virginia and Texas and has moved his life a few times before settling in Texas! He has been on 2 Investigations and started featuring Investigators on Cards….. WHAAAAAA lol Why aren’t we on a card? Find out why!

    In the 2nd hour we get to talk to the SLASHER author Ronnie Angel! So if you are a fan of all the crazy slasher movies this is your show! I know I watched them cuz I was almost Garunteed to see a naked lady LOL hey I was a pre-teen ! His book is called Slashed Dreams The Ultimate Guide to Slasher Films. This book has it all covered! From Schools , Holidays and even Clowns! I wonder if he has a partner? LMAO get your selfies ready #OHYEAH

    Visit our Facebook page for updates! and show dates!


    Thank you to George Lopez for allowing this show! Listen to all the on air programing on this great station!

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    Talk To Me w/ Baruti Muenda Meriamen

    in Self Help

    Talk To Me is a weekly internet talk show sponsored by Mastering Your Moments Life Coaching Services,  Inc.   Talk To Me is committed to programing focused on promoting Healing,  Self-Mastery, and Healthy Relationships.  The show is hosted by Life Coach and Motivational Speaker Baruti Muenda Meriamen.

    Tonight's show will be the final one for the monthe on our topic: When Is Not Knowing Better Than Knowing? 

    This episode looks at the topic from the perspective of Religion.  Why is it that normally rationally thinking individuals lose or ignore that ability when it comes to discussions or questions relating to religion?   What, if any, is the psychological foundation of religious teachings and requirements?   What and how does one break free from the mind numbing affects of religion? 

    Family,  these are just a few of the questions to be discussed and considered during our show.   Our very special guest for this topic will be Dr. Ray Hagins.  Dr. Hagins is a Clinical Psychologist and also the Chief Elder at The Afrikan Village and Culture Center.   He will be sharing from his expertise and experience as both a Clinician and Spiritual Teacher on this topic.   

    This promises to be a very healthy and empowering conversation for all open minded listeners. 

    Call into the show at  (657) 383-0488 and share your thoughts on this question, share a thought, ask your own question, or just give Brother Baruti and Dr. Hagins a shout.  

    You can also listen to the show via the Internet at this link: http://tobtr.com/s/8638157. #BlogTalkRadio