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    The Endurance of LOVE (Day 4)

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    Today is the 4th Night/Day of the Counting of the Omer in our 49 days journey to the alignment and fulfillment of our emotional attributes with God.  During the 49 days, we will be concentrating on 7 foundational attributes and how that relate to each other.

    The 1st week is CHESED, which is Loving-Kindness and this fourth day we will be concentrating on the Endurance(Netzach) OF Loving-Kindness (Chesed).

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    The 21st Path from Netsach to Chesed - The Wheel of Fortune

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    On Thursday February 6th, 2014 the Hermetic Hour with host Poke Runyon will present a discussion on the 21st Path of the Qabalistic Tree of
    Life, leading from Netsach to Chesed. This is the Path attributed to Jupiter, the Hebrew letter "Kaph", (the Hand), and the Tarot Trump "The Wheel of Fortune." The Sphere of Chesed is also attributed to the Planet Jupiter, making this a very powerful positive combination. We have a unique interpretation of The Wheel of Fortune which also appears in our Crata Repoa initiatory system. Chesed (Jupiter) is appropriately ruled by the Phoenician Father God El (AL) and we place the Phoenician God Dagon in residence. Chesed also relates to Atlantis as the ruling realm of the mythical world. So if you want to go back in time and meet an amphibious ancient astronaut, tune in make the journey with us.

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    The Tree of Life Part 3: The Empress of Value

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    In this 3rd episode in the Tree of Life mini-series, Elias Wilkin explores the Sphere of Netzach (Victory), and the Empress of Value, who passes judgment over the boutny of life and determines what we should seek to achieve and maintain, and what we should cast asside.

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    Is BIBLE to Blame For Rape and Violence against WOMEN

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    The  identify the power of human biological reality. People seriously ill see a doctor, and even the faithful in Christ do not wait to be healed by God the get medical attention Many things are happening into our biological world, and the chemical power is people's birth-right not sin.  E.g.,  (1) Our human body is structured and arranged by groups of emotional circuits. (2)  The groups of emotions are carefully regulated by the brain through the biochemical hormones, which is called neurotransmitters or Serotonin. (3) Operation of that regulatory organization directly affects our electrical impulse as they travel through the nervous system. (4)  Research suggest neurotransmitters circuits are guided by DNA going from each person's genetic material known as [Stahk,2000]. (5) These circuits appear to occur simultaneously which affects groups of emotions labeled as mental disorders. (6) Diminished biochemical's could cause to little or too much Serotonin/neurotransmitters rendering it unable to do its job.  And so the evidence is clear people's cognition or ability to reason at some point has little or nothing to prevent acts of violence or other unbecoming behavior.  (7)   The result came out was stunning, it showed five brain areas were found to be more active during the sexually explicit film, than during the neutrally less stimulating comic film.  (8)  The human sexual center, is located at the most primitive part of our brain—called “the fourth brain circuit, Holistic Physical, Sexual circuit, or Netzach on the Tree of Life is not a “thinking circuit.” This portion of your brain responds to sexual, sensual stimulus and creates a massive chemistry change in your body and brain. This is the area which is impacted least by what is called common sense and is instead controlled more by reflexes and urges. 

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