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    Spain 16:00 Netherlands

    in Sports

    Host: Coach D

    Co-Host: Cisco

    Join your FIFA World Cup radio show experts as they break down the opening game in the 2014 world cup between Brazil and Croatia. They will also be looking at the groups and giving their predictions on who will make it out of the group stage.  Also you never know what superstar join the Hosts on the show will so be sure you have your tuning dials on the show.  Another area the expert hosts will review is the overall approach by both teams tactically in the game.   Did the coaches make good adjustments to allow there team an advantage to gain a positive result?  Was one team more defensive than offensive?  Did either of the teams park the buses on defense? Did Brazil play with no fear or with reservation? Did the Stars of Brazil deliver on the world stage?  Did Croatia have a good showing? Did Modric command the Midfield? What formations did both teams employ?

    All these questions your expert hosts will explore during this highly entertaining show. 

    Also on the show your expert hosts will preview day 2 and the upcoming games between:

    Estadio das DunasNatal (BRA) 13 Jun 2014 - 13:00 Local time
    Group stage - Group A
    Mexico 13:00 Cameroon

    Arena Fonte NovaSalvador (BRA) 13 Jun 2014 - 16:00 Local time
    Group stage - Group B
    Spain 16:00 Netherlands

    Arena PantanalCuiaba (BRA) 13 Jun 2014 - 18:00 Local time
    Group stage - Group B
    Chile 18:00 Australia

    Be sure to tune in for this great show, full of entertainment and expert opinions!

    Sometimes something's got to happen before something is going to happen.

    Johan Cruijff

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    Wild Horse & Burro Radio: Simone Netherlands & Marjorie Farabee

    in Current Events

    Hosted by Debbie Coffey, V.P. & Dir. of Wild Horse Affairs, Wild Horse Freedom Federation

    Simone Netherlands, founder of respect 4 horses

    Our guests tonight are Marjorie Farabee, Director of Wild Burro Affairs for Wild Horse Freedom Federation. Marjorie is also the Equine Mgr. of Todd Mission Ranch (home of TMR Rescue) and founder of Wild Burro Protection League, and Simone Netherlands, Natural Horsemanship Trainer, founder of respect 4 horses Organization, and director & producer of the documentary "America's Wild Horses," who both went to a recent BLM meeting in Arizona and are concerned with the BLM's plans to remove (dangerously near extinction) wild burros from the Black Mountain HMA in Arizona.  Learn all about their investigations tonight.

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    America, the Fourth Reich: Ted Cruz Birth Controversy

    in Politics

    The Founding Fathers included the naturalization clause in the Constitution because they were all too well familiar  within European History in that folks who became heads of states whose interest were really with another state...for instance in the History of Spain, King Phillip IVhad his brother the Cardinal-Infante Ferdinand, take over the  Spanish Netherlands....He became a ruler, and the goal was to  subordinated the Netherlands to Spain...however, this was thwarted by the machinations of Cardinal Richelieu of France, among other things....this eventually, i think, led to the 30 years war, and the 80 years war and which culminated in the 1648 Westphalia Treaty which amongst other things allowed for the freedom of people within states to practice religion as they saw fit, and also it established and created the foundation for the modern understanding of the Sovereign State. the Netherlands was recognized as a sovereign states...and its land claims were also honoured.


    The Naturalization clause was to elimintate the  threat that a ruler with foreign loyalties would violate the sovereignty of nation-states....


    Having a dual citizenship....and running for president...re-introduces a leader with divided loyalties.



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    World Cup Daily: The Netherlands Defeats Spain & More

    in Soccer

    Day 2 of the 2014 FIFA World Cup featured three matches, including a repeat of the 2010 final.

    Mexico beat Cameroon in the first match. Spain took the lead in the middle game—before Netherlands roared back to shock them with a blowout win.

    In Friday's finale, Chile fought off Australia, completing the first round of games in Groups A and B. Here are all the biggest winners and losers from Day 2 of the World Cup.

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    the story of Ruth Lipschits-de-Leeuwe WW2 & holocaust survivor

    in Spirituality

    I was born in Haifa, Palestine, in November 1936. Palestine then was a British Mandate. In 1933 my parents got married and immediately emigrated to Palestine. They both were Jewish and very idealistic and part of a Zionistic movement. My father has been a busdriver and musician in the Palestine Philharmonic Orchestra. In 1939 my parents decided to travel – by boat – to the Netherlands to show me to the family. I was 2 ½ years old and I don’t have any memories of Palestine. We have been 8 weeks on a boat. In February 1940 my brother Ruben has been born in Rotterdam; we were living near to our family. The next very dramatic happening in my life was the German bombardment of the city of Rotterdam. For the whole of the Netherlands the real beginning of the Second World War. This I can remember very well. I was completely hysterical. We had to leave Rotterdam and found a short shelter with friends in the center of the country. I remember almost permanently sitting under the table, refusing to eat, being terribly frightened. Then the organization of the Resistance found us a house in Bennekom near the rest of our family in a village were a lot of Jews were accepted to live temporarily. One of my last nice memories before hiding was the visit of my grandmother, arriving in a coach with horses, celebrating our half a year birthday. (I have been born on the birthday of my grandmother). That was the last time I ever saw her and I deeply loved her. After the war my parents found out that she was gassed in concentration camp Auschwitz (15 oktober 1942, 61 years old). About two months later my mother told me that my brother and I were going to stay with a very nice aunt for a while – no, and I didn’t know her. No, we could not take any toys with us.



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    Writestream Tuesday: Looking @ Life with PollyEsther

    in Books

    At Writestream. we're rejoicing in the flow of creativity! On Tuesday, February 9 at 1 p.m. Eastern, join Writestream co-founder Daria Anne when she welcomes PollyEsther, author of Looking @ Life: 

    Esther, publicly known as PollyEsther was born in the Netherlands in 1966. After immigrating to Australia in 1995 she went through a stressful year of adjusting to a new lifestyle, health problems and financial setbacks which was the beginning of her road to self development, health and happiness. Along the way she discovered that health and happiness are not caused by circumstances, something or someone, but can be found inside ourselves. She is now on a quest to help others find theirs by sharing her personal stories and wisdom gathered in 20 years of self study. 


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    First Contact Radio 1/25/16 - Cosmic Weather, UFOs, Hypostasis of the Archons

    in News

    First Contact Radio 1/25/16 Show #1435 hosted by Joshua Poet

    Moon Cat Astrology

    Planet Watcher

    Moon phases for Los Angeles

    Jewish Calendar



    This Week’s Sky at a Glance, January 22 – 30

    UFO News
    Glowing Orb Over Netherlands Changes Speed And Direction, Jan 2016

    Ancient Spire 3.5 Miles Tall On Moons Surface In Google Map! Jan 2016

    A Doctor Claims To Have Proved Aliens Exist

    What Do The Experts Say About When We Will Have Contact With Intelligent Aliens

    Daily Stories
    The Nag Hammadi Library

    The Hypostasis of the Archons

    The Angels January-23-2016

    FREE Meditation Music "Reflections"


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    SALON des Refuses a Creative Conversation with Renee Baker-

    in Visual Arts

    Renee Baker is a composer, conductor, ensemble leader, violinist, and violist, Renée Baker composes and performs across cultural boundaries. A member of the Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians, she has founded or led 13 contemporary music projects, including the Chicago Modern Orchestra Project, FAQtet, Mantra Blue Free Orchestra, and Red Chai. 

    Currently honing her compositions skills developing her painted score exploratriorum pieces for ensembles of 100 plus, Ms. Baker is in demand as a lecturer and expert in nontraditional composition techniques as well as large ensemble comprovisation/improvisation development.

    She exhibits in Cologne, Berlin, Netherlands, London as well as Chicago.We are asking Renee to express her social imagination and how she shares these visions with the world, and her participatory art projects, social activism, black- experimentalism.

    Uplifting Music: Listening to music  that not only has a soothing melody, but an uplifting message, can be great   for developing positive self-talk. Have you ever had a song ‘stuck in your   head’ for a few hours or days, the lyrics repeating themselves in your mind?   If those lyrics were positive and inspirational, that would be a good thing.  

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    Psychic Michelle Whitedove LIVE- LIfetime TV No1 USA Psychic Medium

    in Spirituality

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    Scott Cluthe & LOVE Cafe Radio welcomes Michelle Whitedove for a Live Hour on Intuitive Insight on this Aquarian Birthday Season ! Call in Early for Michelle ! -347-308-8478.


    Celebrity Psychic Michelle Whitedove has achieved the title of America's #1 Psychic Medium, awarded by Lifetime TV. She has been tested on TV more than any other psychic. With humor and straight forward style she relays messages from the Spirit World and higher truths through media appearances, her syndicated column ASK Whitedove and her books.

    By using the media in a constructive manner she relays messages to the masses. As an expert she's been featured on the TODAY Show with Matt Lauer, the HBO documentary No One Dies in Lily Dale, ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN and PBS TV. Currently she's on The Sixth Sense on RTL TV Netherlands. Most recently she made a guest appearance on TRISHA the new daytime talk show by NBC Universal and gave a reading to Patti Stanger, STAR of BRAVO TV's Millionaire Matchmaker.

    As a sought after Expert, Michelle Whitedove shares her gifts and positive messages of love, hope, and transformation.

    Michelle Whitedove works as a:Celebrity Psychic & Spiritual Medium-TV / Media Expert-Author of Six Spiritual Development Books-Enlightenme

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    Ellen Gille | Conscious Touch

    in Self Help

    About Ellen Gille

    Ellen Gille is from the Netherlands. 55 Years young, she has 3 grown up kids. Along with her job as a management assistent she has an Access Business. She has done a lot of modalities in my life, like Tantra, Biodanza, Energetic Body Works, Reiki, ThetaHealing, Medium courses, Trance Mediumship, Trance Healing. All these modalities gave her something, but there was always something that it wasn't what I was looking for. In Access she has found the simplicity, the ease and joy for working with the tools for my life and my living. It creates more fun, more freedom in her life.

    Conscious Touch

    How long has it been since you were lovingly touched? A touch from the heart...without judgement, without expectations. We are inhibited in this society to touch or be touched. This is regrettable and it should not be so. Bodies need to be touched and we don't give us the pleasure of being touched or just touching our body. I have developed a Conscious Touch workshop where the participants learn to consciously touch other bodies and be consciously touched.

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    What If ONE Question Could Change Your Life? (Coach Spotlight: Jeanet Annoff)

    in Lifestyle

    Join Host, Kristine Burke, as she interviews Transformational Coach and Soul Art Program Master, Jeanet Annoff of the Netherlands.

    When after a mystery illnes in 2011, Jeanet Annoff realised that she could have died without warning, she vowed that from now on she would
     only do things that mattered to HER. Only, she had no idea what that was. "Born into a violent home situation, I was trained to focus on my
     environment by default. I had no idea what mattered to ME and I was determined to find out," she says.
    During her recovery she started to explore alternative medicine and quickly discovered the connection between soul, mind, body and spirit by personal experience. Sensing the potential within herself, she became certified in multiple healing modalities so she could experiment, because she wanted results. Fast.
    Within two years time she transformed her life, going from psychiatric patient to healer, coach and and Soul Artist.
    "I believe everybody is their own healer, teacher and coach and that is how I see my clients," Jeanet says. She is creating a one-woman theater show based on her life experiences. "People need to see with their own eyes, how simple it can be to change your life. Words are just words, and my theater show will help you experience it with me as I tell my story with creativity and humor."

    Jeanet will be offering a SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY PACKAGE to our listeners.