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    The Money Nerve with Bob Wheeler

    in Spirituality

    You Can Have a Healthy Relationship with your Money!

    Our Guest is Robert Wheeler, CPA, financial counselor and author of the book "The Money Nerve"

    His crusade for personal growth has cross-pollinated with his accounting practice to birth
    a new approach to personal finances. From his 25 years of helping clients, Bob has
    distilled a concoction of warmth, information, motivation and budgeting directive that he
    offers to anyone with financial concerns. His passion is to help others gain insights about
    how emotions trigger financial decisions. Combining finances with behaviors, Bob has
    lifted the numbers off the table and put them into the heart, where he shows they have
    been all along.

       As a man of true integrity with an infectious energy, Bob has spoken at various
    conferences on tax law changes and serves on the board of directors for several
    nonprofit and profit corporations. While strengthening his accounting practice, Bob has
    simultaneously pursued his love of satire and ventured into the realm of standup
    comedy. He is currently the chief financial officer for The Comedy Store in West
    Hollywood, California.

       Bob graduated from Rhodes College in Memphis, Tennessee. His world travels lead him
    to all points on the globe, especially those at high altitudes. He has climbed Mt.
    Kilimanjaro in Africa, arrived at the Base Camp Everest in Nepal and climbed several
    smaller mountains in between.



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    Constance Arnold with Bob Wheeler, The Money Nerve

    in Spirituality

    Bob Wheeler is a CPA for over 25 years and will be sharing how to navigate the emotions of Money. You will learn how to replace outdated belief systems related to money, how to overcome fears around money, how to have a healthy relationship with money and how to create honest budgets. You will gain a clear understanding of your words about money, how to envision your new financial future and how to mental map your financial future. http://www.themoneynerve.com

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    The Money Nerve: Navigating the Emotions of Money

    in Entrepreneur

    Feeling Financially Tapped, Emotionally Trapped?

    Bob Wheeler’s new book, The Money Nerve: Navigating the Emotions of Money, is his latest effort to influence your habits to create a healthy relationship with money. This book is at the nexus of your heart and your wallet, helping you navigate your emotional response to money.

    This dynamic approach to personal finances helps you:

    Replace outdated belief systems related to money
    Overcome fears around money
    Have a healthy relationship with money
    Create honest budgets

    With compelling personal narrative, Bob identifies the struggles within financial histories that bind us to the past and breaks open new possibilities, creating new roadmaps for the future.

    The Money Nerve sets you on a path to financial freedom.

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    Sugar Crush With Dr. Richard Jacoby

    in Health

    Dr. Richard Jacoby stops by Perfectly Healthy And Toned Radio to discuss his book, "Sugar Crush: How to Reduce Inflammation, Reverse Nerve Damage, and Reclaim Good Health."

    Dr. Richard Jacoby is one of the country's leading peripheral nerve surgeons. He practices in Scottsdale, Arizona, and specializes in the treatment of peripheral neuropathy. He is one of the cofounders of the Scottsdale Healthcare Wound Management Center and is the former president of the Arizona Podiatry Association and the Association of Extremity Nerve Surgeons. He is a diplomate of the American Board of Podiatric Sur-gery and is a member of the American Podiatry Association, the Arizona Podiatry Association, and the Association of Extremity Nerve Surgeons. He lives in Scottsdale with his wife and two children.

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    Bob Wheeler, The Money Nerve (navagating emotions around money)

    in Self Help

    Bob Wheeler is a CPA for over 25 years and will be sharing how to navigate the emotions of Money. You will learn how to replace outdated belief systems related to money, how to overcome fears around money, how to have a healthy relationship with money and how to create honest budgets. You will gain a clear understanding of your words about money, how to envision your new financial future and how to mental map your financial future.



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    The Money Nerve Navigating the Emotions of Money with Bob Wheeler

    in Finance


    The Money Nerve

    It’s time to create the new financial you. You are ready to leave the

    past behind and confront your financial fears. Great news! You’ve already

    taken the first step. You are reading this article to get new information

    and new tools to potentially make profound changes in your financial

    situation and your relationship with money.


    Before you start any journey, you need to know where you want to go

    (your goal), what you have to work with (your beliefs), and what new

    things you will bring (your new perspective). It’s important to

    bring your story to consciousness so that you begin to take responsibility

    for where you are. This, in turn, helps you make clearer choices that

    will take you where you want to go—and allow you to realize your own



    Embrace your story; own your story. Be willing to accept that you might

    be partially responsible for your current state of affairs. Be willing to

    make necessary adjustments to get you where you really want to be.



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    in Politics Conservative

    Over the weekend I wrote a post about my "relationship" with Glenn Beck that has hit a nerve. 

    And Roger Stone with an insider look at the campaigns.

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    Connecting The Dots-With Jason Gould

    in Entrepreneur


    BSc (Hons), MChiro, (DC Doctor of Chiropractic)

    Dr Jason Gould started his career with a degree in Pharmacology and soon realised that it was not the medications themselves that inspired him, but the reward of helping people and seeing them get better. As such, Jason chose to pursue Chiropractic as his career. He went on to graduate from the world-leading chiropractic college, AECC (Anglo European College of Chiropractic).


    After working in a number of different clinics, Jason decided to set up an award-winning practice with his wife Tara in 2007 and they love to support the local community. He is an expert in looking after sports injuries and finds real pleasure in keeping players of golf, rugby, tennis, football, martial arts and many more sports in top form. After working in these areas, he has also looked after the England karate squad and is a member of the British Chiropractic Sports Council (BCSC).


     Other than working with professional athletes, Jason’s clinic consists of patients of all ages from four days to 98 years old and also teaches at chiropractic colleges as a guest lecturer as well as teaching groups of professional chiropractors.


     “If there’s one thing that I love most about the body is that we all have an incredible capacity for healing and repair and that by restoring movement and removing nerve interference through chiropractic, lifestyle advice and specific exercises, in many cases we can provide substantial relief from a number of painful conditions without risking the various side effects associated with taking medications or more invasive procedures.”


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    in Entertainment

    Any and All Thing Music, Review, Mixtapes, Music 101, Releases & News, Unsigned Artist Review, Give-A-Ways, SPECIAL GUEST: DJ JOHNNY O!





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    DEVILS & DINOSAURS: Is There A Connection?...

    in History

    Long Time No Show! I'm still here, but with various health issues that are now slowing me down. My upper Hernia before 2000; then my High Blood Pressure meds started in 2012; to my Diabetes problems in 2015; to my Nerve Pains in both legs and my partial blindness in one of my eyes in 2016... The list goes on and on and just keeps getting bigger. Since stroke has now made it on the list with my eye problem in 2016, my radio days may now be numbered. I'm trying to change my diet and do more walking, but it may be too little, a little too late? But dont worry folks, I've been ready to meet my maker for over 30 years and this earthbound vacation from my real home in Heaven might be about over... Be it the Rapture or the Resurrection, I'm looking forward to going home! Till then, I'm gonna do what I can to keep the show goin' and todays SPECIAL EPISODE IS ALL ABOUT DEVILS & DINOSAURS.. A TIME WHEN THE WHOLE EARTH WAS ONE BIG JURASSIC WORLD!... Lets talk about this BLAST FROM THE PAST on UNDERSTANDING THESE FINAL ENDTIMES THAT WE ARE NOW LIVING IN with your Prophetic Mouth of the Applachian South, Steve Si, The Bible Guy, your Singing Bible Scribe, here in the Heart of East Tenn Fishin' Country on world famous Cherokee Lake!!.. ENJOY THE SHOW...

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    Myeloma Crowd Radio: Melanie House, DPT, NCS, University of Iowa

    in Health

    Melanie House, DPT, NCS of the University of Iowa recently presented at Pat's Myeloma Survival School on physical issues that myeloma patients face before, during and after their treatment. As part of the Muscles for Myeloma series, she will give practical, real-world advice to make life more manageable for patients:

    How to rebuild strength during and after treatment and how dex and bedrest waste muscles
    How to prevent falls and improve balance
    How to manage peripheral neuropathy
    How to increase endurance
    How to overcome that "so tired" feeling of fatigue post-treatment
    What to do about shortness of breath
    How to decrease back pain, muscles spasms and nerve pain

    Thanks to our episode sponsor, Takeda Oncology

    Thanks also to our Muscles for Myeloma sponsors: Sanofi Genzyme, Takeda Oncology and Celgene Corporation