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    Co-creating with Andreana Dorrs and her amazing horses

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    This week Jennifer is co-creating with Andreana Dorrs where we will hear about her fabulous work with horses.  Andreana is a very skilled lady who has studied a variety of healing methods.  She uniquely works with the horses' energy fields, by using reiki and balancing their chakras. Listen to Andreana who explains it a lot better than I can!  Although, I work this way with people, I am astounded and extremely impressed that someone can do this valuable work with horses.  We talk about chakras in general and the need to keep in balance.  In addition about the healing power of horses!

    "Totem Animals was initially a vision that Andreana had over ten years ago when she got Ebony Sky, her first horse. That experience was to change her life and in turn inspire her to want to help change others lives."

    Andreana now has 5 horses which she uses in her healing work.  A large part of her work includes working with autistic children.  She has found the healing energies these horses share to be extremely calming and beneficial to so many.  I'd love to go and meet these amazing animals myself sometime!

    More about Andreana can be found:-




    Music The Enchanted Forest by Ajna




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    Co-creating with Keidi Keating about her newly released book 'The Light'

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    This week Jennifer co-creates with Keidi Keating about her life and her newly released book ''The Light'.  

    "Twenty-two luminaries unconditionally contributed chapters to the book, including bestselling authors such as Neale Donald Walsch, Don Miguel Ruiz, Marci Shimoff, and Barbara Marx Hubbard.

    The book manifested soon after I endured a life-stopping spell of depression, desperate to know what my purpose was in this lifetime. Eventually, when I realized I had reached rock bottom, I looked up and asked the Universe for a sign. Less than twenty-four hours later I received an answer, in the pages of a magazine, and this led me on a journey of intense healing. Amazing spiritual teachers began to magically show up in my life, all guiding me to step out of the darkness and shine my Light brighter."

    Keidi Keating (taken from Keidi's website).

    Together, we discuss aspects of the book, as well as talking about why Keidi decided to write it and her own personal journey.  I found this interview to be absolutely fascinating and I'm sure that you will too.  Keidi is going to have a regular slot on my show to discuss elements of the book, in the new year.  This will be an opportunity for you to call in and ask any questions that come up for you and to have some great feedback.  It is a great time to go and get a copy of this book which is life enhancing.  We can also share and talk together about the practical implications of using the wisdom held within its pages.  I love it, and I am sure you will too.

    Listen to Keidi's unique interview with me on Thursday!  




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    Co-creating with previous guests and a chance to hear some fabulous interviews.

    in Spirituality

    This week Jennifer plays some of her best of 2014 plus fantastic music by Ajna from The Enchanted Forest and a little from Mr. Gee!

    Please call in with any Christmas Messages you would like to share.



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    Xmas show cocreating with Phyllis Walsh about her book The Illusion of Mortality

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    This week Jennifer co-creates with Phyllis Walsh by hearing about her newly released book, The Illusion of Mortality.  Phyllis wrote this book after receiving a number of communications, after the tragic passing of her husband Owen, in 2006. Phyllis was left to bring up her two children who were then aged 3 and 9.  Phyllis explains to us in this interview, about her feelings of despair but also how this experience over the course of time, turned into a journey of spiritual exploration.  

    Phyllis was raised within the Catholic Church and as a child she never questioned her religion.   The book is not religious in essence but it does explore spirituality, along with Phyllis' own research into the "paranormal".  On reflection, she has found her experiences to be unusual but in someway very comforting and she wants to reach out to others with this book to help them come through their grief in the belief that our soul is eternal.

    This is a brilliant and interesting interview so please make time to listen.  It will help so many to her Phyllis' words particularly at this time of year.


    White Christmas by James Bickers

    Let Its Snow - James Bickers

    Its Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas - James Bickers


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    Jennifer talks to Esther Austin re her Personal Transformation & Empowerment Org

    in Spirituality

    (Esther comes on about 15 mins in after a few technical probs)

    This week on the Natural Co-Creators Show Jennifer talks to Esther Austin (the 60 second soul liberator)  about her Personal Transformation and Empowerment organisation which comprises of Qarma Broadcast, Qarma Therapies and Qarma Psychics.  Esther is also a Radio Show Presenter and Author.

    Esther works with clients both holistically and spiritually at a root level, healing on a psychological, spiritual and physical level to bring about balance, harmony and wellbeing.  She runs lunch time sessions within organisations to give employees 'me time'  using a combination of indian head massage and seated massage.

    Esther's radio network Qarma Broadcast has uplifting programs which are designed to empower, inspire, heal and transform lives.  Esther personally runs the Inspire Me Show which is dedicated to spirituality consciousness and personal development. as well as live intuitive readings.  Esther also presents Pillow Talk which covers, love, sexuality, tantra and more.

    Esther has recently co-authored 'The Giant Within Us' which had a virtual book launch on 6th June this year.  The book was co-authored with 19 other women and it looks like a fascinating book.  We will be discussing the book and how it came about on the show.  Link to this great book:-


    More about Esther and her amazing work:-


    I'm really looking forward to interviewing Esther, please join us if you have any questions for her either on LIVE CHAT, or phone into the show via skype or telephone

    DISCLAIMER readings are by law, for entertainment purposes only.








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    Jennifer talks with Demian Allan about his amazing work as an Astrologer

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    Jennifer talks with Demian Allan about his work as an Astrologer.  Demain  is  both an Astrologer and  Teacher.  He is also president of the Astrological Society.   He regulary appears on television. and he has rececently been nominated tor the Charles Harvey Award for exceptional service to astrology. He is also a Consultant at the College of Psychic Studies, and Sports Astrologer for Radio 1.  As if that isn't enough, Demian very kindly gave up his time for this interview! 

    We talk about what winning this award would bring to him, as well as discussing astrology in general.  Demain talks a little about the months of October and November and then we branch out into education!  All fascinating stuff! 

    Demian shares his passion for astrology with us and how he became interested in it.  Astrology is Demian's love, he calls himself an Astrology Geek, dedication, which has set him apart from others!.  He also combines tarot with his work and he sees astrology as being something creative, rather than scientific (divination).

    I loved this interview, as a double cancerian,astrology is something that has always interested me and Demian may well find me attending one of his courses soon!!  He gives readings at Watkins Bookshop in London which is the oldest bookshop in the world.

    We also talk about Demian's book 'Astrological Dynamics of The Universe' which I found absolutely fascinating and definitely sounds like it is worth ordering a copy.

    Demian will be attending Chris Cozens', Mind Body Soul Event at Marks Tey this weekend, pop along and book a reading with Demian.  I will also be working there! 





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    Jennifer talks to Chris Cozens from Life Arts and writer & artist Detta Darnell.

    in Spirituality

    This week Jennifer talks firstly to Chris Cozens, who has been running very successful events in Suffolk and more recently Essex, for nearly 17 years.  Chris talks about his work running exhibitions and what he feels makes them successful.  He also gives information about his upcoming course starting this month.  His forthcoming Mind Body Spirit Festival is being held on Sunday 16th November,  THIS SUNDAY!  at Woodbridge so come along!  Chris explains how it is essential to have feedback from the general public about what they liked, or what could be changed at the events. 

    More details can be found via Chris' website 


    My second guest Detta Darnell.  Detta has been an amazing guest before on the show, so some of you may be familiar with her. Detta has recenently written a little book about her pre-earthquake house in Greece, called the Old Kafenion.  She explains a little about why she wrote this amazing love story.  This really is a little gem!  It has literally been kept in a time capsule for many years until the time was right, now see it explode! I love this story great story. More about Detta's workshops can be found below.  I really enjoyed spending time with her last year and attending a couple of her workshops.  During my stay, I managed to complete my own little book.  Kefalonia is such an amazing place for writers. I am sure you will love Detta's little book which is available on amazon as a kindle book.  Detta will also be at the Life Arts Woodbridge Event.



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    Jennifer talks to Daisy Turner from CLIC Sargent (children with cancer).

    in Marketing

    Jennifer talks to Daisy Turner Fund Raising Manager for CLIC Sargent, who help children and young people with cancer.  September is a special month for this charity because it's Childhood Cancer Awareness month and it needs people out there, collecting in the Suffolk area, for their Big Bucket Collection.

    Daisy explains to us about the difficulties that families face when a child, or young person has cancer and why fundraising is so important to enable CLIC Sargent can carry on helping families during this difficult time.

    This will be a very informative interview. 

    More about CLIC Sargent can be found at:-










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    Jennifer talks to Alicia Mary Smith about her journeys including her recovery

    in Spirituality

    Jennifer talks to Alicia Mary Smith about her 'Journeys to Inspire' and how her own journey changed dramatically after she had a stroke which was brought about by Limes Disease.  Alicia now experiences a very different way of living, which gives her more freedom and more 'presence'.  The change happened after doing a mass healing - shifting of the energies in Washington DC which resulted in her becoming very ill.  Alicia now refers to this as a 'stroke of luck' being able to look at her journey which enabled her to immediately shift into a new reality.  Prior to her stroke, she has been teaching workshops about Staying in the Now moment.

    This will be a fascinating interview, not only to hear about Alicia's illness and how she embraced the changes but also to hear from Alicia about the work she is doing now:-

    Information from Alicia's website


    Quantum Light Field Activations

    Powerfully Deep Energy and Healing Transmissions, to Release and Clear All that no longer serves your Accelerated Evolution, the Opening of your Heart to Divine Love and your Personal Growth to Live in Absolute Truth. Crystalline Frequencies that raise Your Ability to Step into Your True, Free, Joyful Self!

    Full MOON Transmission
    C l e a r i n g   C l u t t e r (inside and out!)
    11th - 13th of JULY
    General Intent: Clear, Strengthen, Balance, Activate
    More Information nearer the time and upon Registration

    Live phone in after 8.30 if you would like to talk to Alicia.

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    Jennifer talks to Karl Harvey, Dolphin Energy Healer & Animal Communicator.

    in Spirituality

    This Thursday, Jennifer talks to Karl Harvey, a Dolphin Energy Healer and Animal Communicator. Together, Karl and the Dolphins give Healing to people and animals around the world. They also act as a middleman between people and their pets, so that they can have a direct communication with each other and resolve and heal any issues in their relationship.

    So, if you or your pet would like to experience receiving Healing from the Dolphins, or you'd like to have a chat with your pet, then tune in!   It will be a very interesting show and a chance to experience,and learn more about, this unique type of Healing and about communicating with your pets and other animals.

    The phone lines will be open in the second half of the show, so you'll be able to speak to Karl and ask him any questions.  Karl will also help you communicate with your pet and give you a new perspective on anything that you've been experiencing.

    To find out more about Karl and his work, you can visit his website at 


    Disclaimer - If in doubt about your health, always consult a medical professional such as a Doctor or other health professional. 

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    Jennifer talks with Melanie-Sara Barugh from Vital Holistics about birthing.

    in Spirituality

    Jennifer talks to Melanie-Sara Barugh DipHbA, MNHMA, Member of Doula UK.  Melanie is trained in many holistic therapies and she works helping women to give birth as naturally as possible.  Her work involves helping  people with birthing and she has a passionate interest
    effect of birth including the psychological imprint that birth has upon them.  Part of her work involves hypno birthing which enables women to give birth feeling relaxed which is better for both the mother and the baby. 

    From Melanie's website:-

    "Over time, I have continued to increase my knowledge and as a result qualify in many therapies and areas of specialist and transformational massage approaches. Mainly in the profoundly powerful, ‘NO HANDS® massage’ . I have become an Advanced therapist under the instruction of Gerry Pyves and currently undertaking mastery in this exiting work. Whether you are tired and simply need some calm soothing work or a restorative energetic sports approach, I can offer so much from this diverse, “transformational bodywork”

    How do you want to feel by the end of your session? Its your choice and the outcome will be exactly what you ask for, every time.My first and foremost passions are to introduce and inspire newcomers to the exciting world of  ‘holistic health’"

    Join us later this evening and if you would like to call in and ask Melanie any questions about her work, I am sure she will be happy to answer.

    For more about Melanie please go to her website:-




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