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    LIVE! with Cathi---NATO SUMMIT!

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    Welcome to the NATO SUMMIT!

    Notable Authors Together Optimize!

    It is my pleasure to welcome and introduce Greg Phillips, Radio personality extraordinare!.  Together we'll share with you stories of incredible entrepreneurs who survived the deep expanse of the unknown to reach the unreachable star...standing on top of the mountain holding everything they dreamed of right there in their hand!

    ViVa Reviva...From Humble beginning to Success-Stephen Strassler.  Circa 1970s.  What an exciting time in my life, I was introduced to ReViVa Skin Care Products.

    Stephen was born in South Philadelphia-1931 in the middle of the Depression.  Parents, humble immigrants who knew no luxuries but through hard work and living within their means, they set-up strong character and work ethics for their son and daughter.

    Strassler quotes, "we grew up poor but my friends and I never knew we were poor.


    One of America's first licensed MALE aestheticians...etc.

    Elected president of Honor Society in High School...etc.

    1952,  the Army called...etc.

    Moved to New York, the best move...etc.

    Innovator, Visionary...etc.

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    LIVE! with Cathi-The NATO SUMMIT!

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    Notable Authors Together Optimize!

    Circa...1984 "The Heart of the Lion" is an adventure that takes place in Kenya.

    Enjoy the relationship of the main characters and how they relate to Africa.  You'll travel through some of the most beautiful and picturesque landscapes in all of Africa.  Another fascinating compotent is that while the story is fiction, there are some segments that are true!

    A Chicago broadcast journalist is obsessed with making the pilgrimage across the Serengeti to solve the mystery behind a golden amulet given to her father during WW II.  The spirit reincarnate unites with one of God's chosen creatures.  World's apart they become one in the land of Africa.

    The HEART, adventurous, exciting, mystical, supernatural and romantic.


    What the readers are saying...etc.

    Lion and Amulet...etc.




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    LIVE! with Cathi--NATO SUMMIT!

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    Welcome to the NATO SUMMIT!

    Notable Authors Together Optimize!!

    'CHOICES' awe-inspiring CHOICES revealed by successful entrepreneurs, introduced by Cathi Watson.

    Our celebrity guest today is Michael Gunderon and attorney in Chicago.  Michael left home at age 17 for the State Of Ilinois and greener pastures at the University of Illinois.

    Michael's chapter 'THE WILL TO BE HAPPY, PUT YOURSELF FIRST" shares with you a common business adage that says clients and customers prefer to work with people they like.  That begs the question, as opposed to what, people they don't likd?  Who wouldn't want to work with someone they like.

    THE WILL TO BE HAPPY is the toughest sale you ever have to make in your life.  You have to SELL YOURSELF TO YOURSELF!


    If you can't make yourself...etc.

    People are intuitive...etc.

    We all have a CHOICE in our...etc.

    Start at the basic...etc.

    You can achieve success in your...etc.

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    Hard Starboard Radio: The End Of NATO?

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    Ebola is being tested across the nation, so why is the Obama Regime suppressing the results?; Rape, death, and police pursuits continue as illegal aliens flood Texas county; Major existential problems mean NATO may soon unravel, even before Vladimir Putin can destroy it; "The deepest truth about Obama is that there is no depth. He’s smart without being wise. He’s glib without being eloquent. He’s a celebrity without being interesting. He’s callow."; "The operating assumption of [the American Left] is that Israel must cooperate in its own demise..."

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    LIVE! with Cathi--NATO SUMMIT!

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    Welcome to the 2015 NATO SUMMIT!

    Notable Authors Together Optimize...

    "Choices" awe inspiring choices revealed by successful entrepreneurs, introduced by Cathi Watson.

    Our guest today is Chuck Brazelton, President of the Brazelton Insurance Agency located in Hoffman Estates, Illinois.

    MY LIFE'S WORK, from frostbitten toes to fingers.  The youngest of four boys all born at home in the family house near Brocton, IL.  Mom and Dad wanted a girl, but that didn't happen.

    Chuck attended a country school for the first two years.  The school was 2 miles from his house, the only way to get there was by walking.  Talk about freezing, his frostbitten toes and fingers are finally thawing.

     After grade school, graduating from High School Chuck earned his keep by helping his brother run a filling station...the price of gas....19 cents a gallon


    From plumbing to...etc.

    The "honey" bucket...etc.

    Romance was in the air...etc.

    My Life's destiny...etc.

    1968, a momentous...etc.


  • LIVE! with Cathi...NATO SUMMIT!

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    Welcome to the NATO SUMMIT...

    Notable Authors Together Optimize...

    Circa 2010...I decided it was time for me to write a book about me and my life experiences...from an immigrant upbringing to the World of Classical Ballet and Haute Couture.  After four hours of writing, I went eh-gads, how boring.  It  was then I decided to invite contributing authors to share their stories.

    Fasten your seat belts, be ready for take-off, you're about to soar with the eagles, soaring to heights of grandeur.

    My story THROUGH THE YEARS, my sisters and brother and I grew up happy.  We didn't know we weren't rich. One thing stands out in my mind as vividly today as it was then...CHILDREN WERE TO BE SEEN NOT HEARD!  I found my voice on the FORBIDDEN RED HILL.

    Do you believe timing is everything?  I do.  While writing CHOICES, I HAD AN EPIPHANY!


    Mother, a natural nutritionist...etc.

    Father, instilled in me work ethics...etc.

    Secrets to staying the course...etc.

    Trial and tribulations...etc.


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    LIVE! with Cathi-NATO SUMMIT-In Memoriam

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    Welcome to NATO...

    Notable Authors Together Optimize!

    Bonnie Rooks, 'STEEL MILL MAMA' shows no sign of retiring.  What does a childhood of hard work, sterling work ethics , pumpkin pie and the love of old Western Novels have to do with CHOICES and the determination TO KEEP-ON-KEEPING ON!

    It is my pleasure to introduce you to BONNIE ROOKS, 'STEEL MILL MAMA'!  1926 was amazing year, on Sept 27th, Bonnie was born.  It was the year that gave birth to possibly the OLDEST WORKING STEEL WORKING WOMAN IN THE US., CANADA AND THE WORLD!

    Toughness is an attribute Bonnie, age 85 takes pride in.  It's something she's carried with her since growing up on her parent's farm in Southern Illinois during the Great Depression.


    Milking cows before going to...etc.

    Walked 2 miles to school in all kinds of...etc.

    Summer, Mules and Skin Cancer...etc.

    Happy and Sad times...etc.

    Trials and Tribulations.

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    LIVE! with Cathi---NATO SUMMIT!

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    Introducing NATO...Notable Authors Together Optimize!

    'CHOICES' awe inspiring CHOICES revealed by successful entrepreneurs...introduced by Cathi Watson.

    Notable Authors, celebrities in their own right share with you their journey to the TOP OF THE MOUNTAIN.

    A tribue to the authors in CHOICES.  You'll be immersed in the power of voice, choice and challenges.  You'll embrace their determination and purpose.  You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll rejoice in their victorius achievements.

    Contributing Authors in CHOICES, ages 30 through 80 is dedicated to the spirit that never ages and to all who want to sing and dance through life!


    What you can learn from CHOICES...etc.

    You can fulfill your dreams, it's never...etc.

    You can overcome adversity and succeed...etc.

    What they are saying about...etc.


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    BulletPoints w/Navid Nasr: Ukraine, Russia & NATO

    in Politics

    Join us tonight at 9pm EST for another episode of "Bullet Points" on Voices of the 99 Percent Radio. Our guest will be independent political analyst Dan Welch and we will be talking about the lastest developments on the Ukraine/Russia/NATO front.

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    LIVE! with Cathi-NATO SUMMIT!

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    Notable Actors/Actress Together Optimize!

    Shakespeare said, 'THE WORLD IS A STAGE' AND WE'RE ALL ACTORS!

    The first people to create plays where the Ancient Greeks in about 500 A.D.  There are two kinds of plays, COMEDY and TRAGEDY!'

    The development of Theatre is an art form consisting of works written for stage and intended to be performed by actors on a stage and consists of three main sections.  THE FIRST section deals with the first ancient theatre, includes the development of drama in Greece and Rome.  THE SECOND section deals with the rebirth of theatre brought on by the Renaissance and the Protestant Reformation.  THE THIRD section deals with further development of theatres as an art form during the 18th-19th-20th centuries.

    America had amateur companis in Boston before the Revolutionary War.


    Community Theatre...etc.

    Acting before the Revolutionary war...etc.

    "Little Theatres"...etc.

    Dramatic Arts dating back to...etc.

    Live Theatre...etc.


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    Why did NATO and the U.S. bomb Christian Serbia?

    in Politics Conservative

    Fifteen years ago on March 26, 1999, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) bombed a sovereign nation, Serbia, unilaterally intervening in a civil war without UN approval on a phony pretext of "humanitarian" intervention and also in an effort to distract American public attention from the Monica Lewinsky "frosted dress" scandal caused by the philandering US president. NATO violated its own "defensive" charter that required military recourse only when NATO-member nations were attacked which was not the case regarding Serbia. By bombing Serbia for 78 days, US President Bill Clinton violated the US's own War Powers Resolution of 1973 but despite the obvious infraction and even efforts by US Congressmen to hold him accountable, he was never punished for this obviously illegal action.


    It was all about crime, heroin, and Albanian Muslims. That’s how Kosovo became an “independent” nation, a heroin haven for world corruption, with such renowned leaders as former Finnish President Martti Ahtisaari. The media never once pointed out these underlying evils. “Ethnic Albanians” who had migrated en mass into Serbia’s Kosovo province were presented as victims! Whoever helped them was heroic, just, and to be greatly honored, regardless of reality ..

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