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    Crystal Ball 2015: Top 4 Hot Investments, with 4 Investor Alerts.

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    Wall Street keeps roaring to new highs, however, most Americans are still on the sidelines. So what gives? Buybacks. Corporate buybacks are at an all-time high, which fuels gains in the markets and increased earnings at the same time. How does this work? Howard Silverblatt, the senior index analyst at S&P Dow Jones Indices explains it best, writing, "Companies are caught in the buyback mode – reduce them and EPS growth declines."

    Apple has spent $45 billion over 12 months to support its #stock via buybacks. Information technology leads the pack on buybacks.

    What does this mean to the average investor? Where's the best place to be if buybacks abate? Will earnings deflate on a stronger dollar? What's the hottest investment for 2015? The safest? The best hedge against a downturn?

    All this and more in the show, Crystal Ball 2015!





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    Foreclosures and Short Sales: The Best Deals for Real Estate

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    Join me as I interview RealtyTrac CEO Jamie Moyle and VP Daren Blomquist to discuss how foreclosures and short sales offer the best deals for home buyers and how you can get in on the action.


    * Just how much inventory is out there (almost 10 million)

    * The areas with the most foreclosures waiting to drop (this is going to surprise you)

    * Secrets for Buying Foreclosures

    * How you can afford to buy even when your credit is shot, your income is too low and prices are through the roof


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    Recession 2015?

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    As we head into 2015, and the 6th year of this bull market, will the U.S. experience a recession?

    Gold and oil prices are down. Wall Street is up. Will this hold?

    GDP is strong, but can it continue?

    The Feds are printing money and hold more debt than at any other time in American history, by far (including the Great Depression). Republicans have both Houses. Can they fix things? Or is the U.S. in serious trouble?

    So, what happens in the near term? Will there be a Santa Rally 2014? A recession in 2015? 

    Bestselling author Natalie Pace reveal the results of her most recent data crunch on recessions, pre-election years, gold and more.

    The Gratitude Game on Amazon


    The ABCs of Money on Amazon (print edition)


    Put Your Money Where Your Heart Is on Amazon







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    Congressional Shutdown Over the $18 Trillion Debt?

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    Republicans are now in charge of both Houses. Senator Mitch McConnell vows that Congress will pay bills and that there is no need to shut the government down.


    So, how will America deal with the $18 trillion in debt? Will the Mainstream Media continue to tout a robust economy and ignore the challenges of today's Debt World? How should that affect your investing? How will it affect the Santa Rally and the economy in 2015?


    Can this bull market make it to year six, when recessions occur on average every 5 years?

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    Interview with Taser CEO Rick Smith

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    Cops Are Buying Cameras. Should You Buy the Camera Company? 

    On Monday, December 1, 2014, President Obama vowed to build more trust between communities and police. According to WhiteHouse.gov, “Part of the proposal is a new Body Worn Camera As Partnership Program, which would provide a 50 percent match to states and localities that purchase body worn cameras and requisite storage. In fact, the proposed $75 million, three-year investment could help purchase 50,000 body worn cameras.” 

    This is great news for underserved communities. But it is also great news for Taser International, a leading provider of the video-cam of choice for police officers, the Taser Axon Flex.

    Could cameras on cops prevent future Ferguson and Staten Island tragedies? 

    For additional information on my analysis of Taser, read the article, "Cops are Buying Cameras. Should You Buy the Camera Company?" at the link directly below.


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    Back to School Stock Sales?

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    Wall Street has been on a rollercoaster again this year, and "new money" isn't coming in. There is still a lot of dough on the sidelines, earning 0% interest, wondering what to do. One banking executive says it this way, "The economy is an economic mess because we print money. There are no investments to compete with stocks as there is no interest rate. The stock market goes up for the same reason a dictator gets 95pct of the vote: no alternative.”

    According to Howard Silverblatt, the senior index analyst at S&P Dow Jones Indices, the fundamentals of publicly traded companies are good, it's just the perception of the marketplace that is not so good. "Fund and money managers have stayed in the market, with the joke being that they are too scared to be out of it," Howard wrote in a note in July. 

    Meanwhile, the Middle East is still in crisis, oil prices are at all-time highs and the 1st quarter GDP growth in the U.S. was a shocking contraction of 2.1%.

    So, is this the calm before the storm or the rally? Did you know that September, when fund managers and American investors return from vacation, is historically the worst performing month of the year? Will this year be a true to form? Are you protected? Will you be able to pick up some bargains before the Santa Rally?

    Santa Monica Beach, CA Retreat Oct. 11-13, 2014


    The ABCs of Money on Amazon (print edition)


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    Ebola, Hong Kong and the Apocalpse Portfolio

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    Ebola vaccines. Should you invest?

    Alibaba. Will insider selling continue to ground the magic carpet ride?

    The Apocalypse Portfolio. Why is gold trading at lows not seen since 2009? Is it going lower? Is it time to buy more?

    All this and more in the October Natalie Pace teleconference.




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    Alisa Miller, CEO of Public Radio International

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    Alisa Miller, CEO of Public Radio International on Women's Multimedia Engagement Commitment, discussing PRI's new radio show, Across Women's Lives -- an 18-month long feature on the power of women to fuel economic development and improved medical care around the world.






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    Confessions of a Beleaguered Landlord

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    Income property, at least in some markets, is still affordable, with, in many cases, rental income that offers a far better and safer yield than bonds. However, there are risks associated with owning real estate, and with becoming a landlord. That is why I'm bringing in a landlord who started investing in income property at the age of 21 as my guest on this special show.

    Over the last 30+ years, my guest has owned real estate in many different states. She has seen tenants and buildings and partnerships come and go. She's been up -- and upside down -- to the tune of multi-millions. She's removed auction notices from her door, while waiting for financing to come in and save the day. She's been forced to eat pate and crackers when her Neiman Marcus credit card was the only available currency. In short, she's seen it all. And, anonymously, she's willing to share her wisdom with you.

    There will be a 10-minute Q&A for call-in questions toward the end of the show (at 9:50 a.m.).


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    How Much Will Iraq Cost You?

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    The crisis in Iraq has driven up oil prices, which hurts American consumers and stifles growth. So, this is already costing you a lot. However, what you might not realize is that stifled economic growth can result in a market downturn, or in the worst case scenario, a recession.

    Ignoring the situation can burn you. Getting the wrong advice can cost you.

    Tune in for the facts, the stats and the solutions you need to protect and prosper in these (continuing) volatile times.


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    Hot News On Cool Stocks

    in Finance

    Tips on when the Hot News on Cool Stocks Report is published, how to read the news updates, how this very long article is structured and why, and much more.



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