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    The Soul of Money. Conversation with Lynne Twist.

    in Finance

    Lynne Twist is a co-founder of The Pachamama Alliance, and founder of The Soul of Money Institute. She has dedicated herself to alleviating poverty and hunger, and supporting social justice and environmental sustainability.

    Join Natalie Pace in an intimate conversation with Lynne about how each one of us can be a part of the solution to the environmental and social challenges of today.

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    A Christian/Conservative's Guide to Climate Change.

    in Finance

    Katharine Hayhoe is an atmospheric scientist who studies climate change, one of the most pressing issues facing the planet... She is also a Christian/Conservative/Republican.

    Katharine Anne Scott Hayhoe is an atmospheric scientist and associate professor of political science at Texas Tech University, where she is director of the Climate Science Center. She has worked at Texas Tech since 2005. She has authored more than 60 peer-reviewed publications, and wrote the book A Climate for Change: Global Warming Facts for Faith-Based Decisions together with her husband, Andrew Farley.

    According to Katharine, "“The choices we make today and over the next decade will have a radical impact on the path we travel in the future.”

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    5 Investor Alerts. 9 Superstar Stocks.

    in Finance

    In the good news department, I’ve featured nine different companies that have gone on to score between 20-100% gains in the last few months alone. My current track record is 81%. The 2015 Company of the Year jumped 50% in less than two months.

    On the other hand, this is the seventh year of the current #bull market. The last time a bull market went on this long (in 2000), it resulted in the Dot Com #Recession, a pullback that cost #NASDAQ investors 75 percent of their money. It took 15 years for the NASDAQ to return to the high set back in 2000.

    Whether the next recession is months or years away, it will pay (a lot) for you to get safe NOW.

    5 Investor Alerts. 9 Superstars. by Natalie Pace. Time to get safe and to get hot. http://www.nataliepace.com/np.php?fxn=article&id=20150602

    The Gratitude Game (audio edition) on Amazon

    The ABCs of Money  audio version

    Put Your Money Where Your Heart Is on Amazon (audio version)





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    Market Chaos Theory

    in Finance

    Everyone is panicking about all things market-related, from stocks and bonds to gold and oil. If you are panicked and thinking to sell low (which is what stomach acid will always advise you to do), you owe it to yourself to try wisdom and reason instead.

    Tune in for the data, stats, facts and edu you need to make sound decisions!

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    Solving Your Money Challenges

    in Finance

    Do you have money challenges? Are you using credit cards to make ends meet? Like 1/3 of Americans, are you in debt collections? Is your home still underwater?

    If you think that earning more is the answer, the sad truth is that wages have stagnated in America for the last 20 years. Clearly that is not the solution. So, where do you get answers?

    Join me to discover real solutions to your money challenges.

    Today's Mantra is Vision. This is an excerpt from my book The Gratitude Game: 21 Days to a healthier, wealthier more beautiful you.

    The Gratitude Game (audio edition) on Amazon


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    Company of the Year Pops 50% in 2 Months!

    in Finance

    The 2015 Company of the Year Popped 50% in just 2 Months! 4 featured stocks were up 30% or more within 3 months, with one stock up 25% in less than a week. Learn investing strategies that apply to a 7-year old bull market, from a No. 1 stock picker.

    Should you sell your stocks in May and go away? Short the stock market? Rebalance your 401k? Learn options? Buy long? Take short term capital gains?

    What's the best strategy for your financial future in today's world? Can this bull market finish its 7th year? Is a recession on the horizon?



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    Spring Rally 2015? Will Stocks Soar or Sink?

    in Finance

    March and April are typically two of the hottest months on Wall Street. Will 2015 be true to form? Can this 7-year bull market make it to 8?

    Will the summer scorch your returns?

    Learn which stocks to buy now, and how to better manage and plan for your financial future.

    We'll examine the Investor's Almanac for the annual forecast. Prepare yourself by checking out the articles below. 

    Investor IQ Test.

    2015 Company of the Year

    2014 Company of the Year. (This company is trading near its historic lows. Could be an excellent buying opportunity.)

    FYI: The 2013 Company of the Year tripled; more than 60% of the Company of the Year selections have doubled or more. You'll need an active subsription to access the Company of the Year articles. Call 310-430-2397 or email Heather @ NataliePace.com to renew now for up to 90% off of the regular subscription price. (Offer good now through April 15, 2015.)

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    Treasury Using Extraordinary Means to Pay Bills

    in Finance

    Investor Alert: The Debt Ceiling was hit on March 15, 2015. Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew began using ‘extraordinary means” to pay bills on March 16, 2015.

    In this teleconference, I'll discuss:

    * How long we can keep paying bills before we run out of dough,
    * Why the Debt Ceiling fight could be a big problem this year, and
    * How the markets react to the Debt Ceiling debate.

    Get more details in my mid-month Hot News update on the home page at https://www.nataliepace.com now.


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    Charles Schwab Investment Management CEO Marie Chandoha

    in Finance

    Join me as I interview Schwab CEO Marie Chandoha on all things money and where the economy and markets are headed in 2015.

    Marie A. Chandoha is president and CEO of Charles Schwab Investment Management, Inc. (CSIM), the investment advisor to Schwab Funds, Laudus Funds and Schwab ETFs™ and one of the largest money market and index fund providers in the industry. Prior to this prestigious (and powerful) role, Marie ran the global fixed-income business at Blackrock. Her degree in economics is from Harvard University.

    We'll discuss everything from what it takes to the rise to the top of the finance world and what it takes to succeed in today's over-leveraged Debt World. In Marie's view, you can use the same common sense strategies for investing that she uses on her cattle ranch...



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    2015 Company of the Year.

    in Finance

    Natalie Pace will discuss her 2015 Company of the Year.

    The 2013 Company of the Year tripled. More than 60% of the Company of the Year designations have gone on to double or more. Which company is poised to pop in 2015?

    For more information, go to the March 2015 ezine at NataliePace.com. New and loyal subscribers can receive an 85% discount on the subscription by calling 310-430-2397 or emailing Heather @ NataliePace.com.


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    Crystal Ball 2015: Top 4 Hot Investments, with 4 Investor Alerts.

    in Finance

    Wall Street keeps roaring to new highs, however, most Americans are still on the sidelines. So what gives? Buybacks. Corporate buybacks are at an all-time high, which fuels gains in the markets and increased earnings at the same time. How does this work? Howard Silverblatt, the senior index analyst at S&P Dow Jones Indices explains it best, writing, "Companies are caught in the buyback mode – reduce them and EPS growth declines."

    Apple has spent $45 billion over 12 months to support its #stock via buybacks. Information technology leads the pack on buybacks.

    What does this mean to the average investor? Where's the best place to be if buybacks abate? Will earnings deflate on a stronger dollar? What's the hottest investment for 2015? The safest? The best hedge against a downturn?

    All this and more in the show, Crystal Ball 2015!