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    Prophetic Intervention from " Dr. Debra Common " on RHL Ministry Radio

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    RHL Ministry Radio and Apostle Natalie Young  welcomes " Prophetic Intervention from  Dr. Debra Common " Minister Debra A. Common was bestowed the Honorary Doctorate of Divinity Degree (DD) from Elbon Solutions - College of Ministry, Apple Valley, CA, and has studied at the Institute for Christian Works Bible College. She says that we must continue to study the word of God so that we may rightly divide the word of truth to God’s people everywhere. Dr. Debra A. Common is an associate member of Gil Gal Ministries in Evergreen Park, Illinois. Dr. Common has a Prayer Ministry that embarks upon touching the very heart of God by prayer and intercession for the nation and those who have been abused, loss souls and spiritually misguided.   Dr. Common speaks the Word of God and uses her singing ministry with God's anointing to minister to children, youth, women, men, churches, Leaders, shelters, rehabilitation centers, nursing homes, hospitals, prisons and the homeless encouraging and urging individuals to accept Jesus Christ as their personal savior;  And to return to their First Love, JESUS CHRIST.  In addition, Dr. Debra Prayer Conference Line is available for Intercessory Prayer.

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    Deepertruth: A Catholic Responds To The Voice For Immunization 8:00 Central

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    Today I stumbled onto a Facebook page called "Voices For Vaccines" that caught my eye.  It was speaking against people of faith who are concerned with vacines with ingredients containing aborted fetal tissue and or birth control methods that would cause a spontaneous abortion (Miscarrage).  Tonight I invited Natalie Renee Steffens to come on Deepertruth to giver her response to the very debate I had today on the Facebeek page.  I think it is very important for people of faith to have the ability to know what is being mandated to the public for the public good.  In my evaluation, I recognize the good that vaccinations have been in preventive medical care, but the Government should seek means that are not controversial such as using aborted fetus tissue.

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    Spiritual Concepts

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    Join Your Host Spiritual Medium 
    On Psychic Choice Radio 

    Tonight's Guest is Spirit Medium Natalie Flanders

    The Spiritual Concepts of the spirit world show.
    Psychics, Mediums, Healers

    All Walks Of Life
    Two Hour Broadcasts, Bringing The Message Of Spiritual Communication
    Into A Greater Realization Of Oneness.

    Why Not Call In Tonight, and Get Your FREE TASTER
    Spiritual Reading,There Is A Message In The Words Of Spirit For Everyone.
    We Go To Live Air @ 8 PM UK, 9 PM Central Europe, 3 PM EDT.
    2 PM MST, and 12 (Noon) PST.
    Studio Call In Number : - UK 001 (818) 475 9293
    Studio Skype Call Us Using The Button On Your Show Page Player. Yes

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    " The Power of Persuasion " with Cedric Ford & Apostle Natalie Young

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    Join host Apostle Natalie Young  on RHL Ministry Radio's weekly broadcast of " The Power of   Persuasion " with " Cedric Ford " Cedric exquisite credits and shaping of his talents musically to his parents has musical influences mantled from Rance Allen, Commission, Stevie Wonder, The Clark Sisters, Donnie Hathaway, and many others.This time in his life undoubtedly prepared him for his recognized work with the Stellar Award Nominated, Shekinah Glory Ministry where Ford produced, sang and wrote, songs on two of their highly successful CDs, “Praise Is What I Do” and “Shekinah Glory Live”. Cedric firmly believes that in times of difficulty, people should turn to God and give Him the worshipthat He is due. From this birthed, the project, “Created 2 Worship” featuring the vocals of Heartof Worship ,where again Ford displays his vast musical gifts by writing and producing the majority of  the songs featured on this project including the lead radio single “Created 2 Worship” . ActsManagement@live.com

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    Converse with The Actual God

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    Lesson by Emma Curtis Hopkins, translated by Rev. Natalie Jean

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    Congressional Shutdown Over the $18 Trillion Debt?

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    Republicans are now in charge of both Houses. Senator Mitch McConnell vows that Congress will pay bills and that there is no need to shut the government down.


    So, how will America deal with the $18 trillion in debt? Will the Mainstream Media continue to tout a robust economy and ignore the challenges of today's Debt World? How should that affect your investing? How will it affect the Santa Rally and the economy in 2015?


    Can this bull market make it to year six, when recessions occur on average every 5 years?

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    Totally Driven Radio #106

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    Show #106........... 

    From Mob Wives .... Natalie Elise Guercio "Vegas"

    Friend of Andy Kaufman......  Bob Zmuda aka Tony Clifton  

    From the band Bobaflex .... Marty McCoy 

    We will be talking Hollywood News with Kristyn Burtt

    And, Bay, Nick,will be talking anything & everything.

    The phone lines are open, 718-508-9883

    Call in with a topic & win a prize !!!

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    The Future of Wool and Nov Breedboxes With Martin Dally!

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    Join Natalie Redding and Kimberly McAlindin for Namaste Farms Blogtalk.  Martin Dally is on tonight to discuss what's happening in the US wool industry.  We will also tell you the answers to the Nov. Breedbox and how you can figure out the breeds.

    Brought to you by www.darlingarts.etsy.com

    Please check out Kimberly Darling's handspinning fibers and art yarns. Kimberly is a good friend of Namaste Farms and a Blogtalk sponsor!



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    " REDEMPTION OF THE COMMONS " with Writer & Director KT Terry

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    Join host Apostle Natalie Young and KT TERRY Writer and Director of " REDEMPTION OF THE COMMONS "  KT Terry earned his Film Degree from the University of North Carolina and his entertainment production experience includes companies such as CBS, MTV, Discovery Channel and the TV Guide Channel. KT is also the founder and CEO of Windchime Pictures, which is the executive production company for Redemption of the Commons. 

    The Synopsis of the Film: Victor seems to have it all together – good looks, his own brand and marketing company, and life in L.A. But appearances can be deceiving, because in reality, he’s broke, living out of his van, $93,000 in debt and still looking for the ever-elusive purpose of his life. Pop, an elderly friend from the past, offers Victor his only choice – to come back home. Yet, home is a tattered trailer park in the Deep South, which is full of bad memories and broken relationships. Once home, Victor discovers that he must deal with his volatile past before he can move toward his promising future. Through the story’s inspiring ending of reconciled relationships and realized dreams, we are reminded that no life is “common” – and that everyone has a God-given purpose. http://redemptionofthecommons.com/

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    sister natalie davis

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    About Natalie Davis

    Natalie is a pastoral science & medicine practitioner that is professional trained in the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of health She believes that the Almighty created natural medicine and therapies to attend the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of health and gave mankind insight for good health through the inspired Word, and she believes that persons have a responsibility to follow the Word and therefore a responsibility to put scriptural insight for health first and foremost in their practice and she believes the people should be educated about the appropriate system of medicine for their particular condition or health goal and should have unimpeded access to conventional as well as pastoral based health care and she believes in these things and the mission of the Pastoral Medical Association and therefore chooses to share her calling and wisdom in scripture based health concepts with those who shall seek it, and she is a licensed medical practitioner.?

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