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    Healthy You And I:Minerals in food and Minerals in Aromatherapy

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    Minerals in food and Minerals in Aromatherapy. A list of minerals in foods may not necessarily include all of the minerals needed for health and wellness. A List of Minerals in Foods Macro Minerals Calcium - Spinach may possibly be the best single source of calcium. There are at 26 documented food sources of calcium. Some of the 26 sources are green leafy vegetables, blackstrap molasses, summer squash, green beans, oranges, asparagus, and cabbage.Chloride– Sea salt, table salt, salt substitutes Magnesium – Green vegetables, legumes, nuts, seeds and whole grains Phosphorus – Milk products— especially raw milk products— red meat, seafood, sunflower seeds, peanuts and whole grains.Sodium – Pork products, clams, milk, green beans, butterSulfur – Kale, cabbage, cauliflower, horseradish, cranberries, red meats, fish, eggs, garlic and onions Trace Minerals Iron – Soybeans, lentils, spinach, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, red meat and kidney beans Zinc – Beef liver, poultry and seafood Manganese – Pineapple, brown rice, garbanzo beans, spinach, rye, soybeans, oats, cloves and spelt Copper – Beef liver, tree nuts, sesame seeds, soybeans, legumes and whole grains Molybdenum – Red meats, whole grains, legumes, sunflower seeds, and dark green leafy vegetables Iodine – Fish, seafood, sea vegetables such as kelp Chromium – Corn oil, cloves, whole grains, red meat and brewer’s yeast Selenium – Whole grains, red meat, poultry, fish

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    Spingola and Friends

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    Bring in the Clowns, Distractions and Deceptions: Deanna talks about Sandy Hook, offers a few health tips, and shares some background. About those death certificates that people are not able to find: Death Certificates are NOT Public Records; Deanna's Sandy Hook Research and Notes

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    This Week's Guests - Holistic Practitioners Marlene Ivette and Michelle Miller

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    Great show this week with Holistic Practitioners Marlene Ivette and Michelle Miller.  Marlene will discuss seasonal allergies and the effectiveness of essential oils in obtaining relief.

    Michelle will tell us about the ins and outs of  iodine, and its importance in healing and prevention.

    During the first half hour, Tony will go over additions to our website will talk about the wonders of the oleander plant in fighting cancer, HIV, Hepatitis C, and more.

    During the second half hour, Luella will continue her series on being an empath:  How do we manage environmental emotions?

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    Innovation In The Office; The Membership Economy; Food Company Help;

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    Jason Kennedy, Director of Business Marketing & Product Management for Intel’s Business client group talks about the changing office environment.

    Robbie Kellman Baxter outlines what she calls the membership economy and how it asffects business enterpises.

    Alan Casucci is the Managing Director of Thought For Food & Son which helps start-up and growing food companies succeed. He talks about the challenges and opportunities in the food sector today and how to avoid mistakes that can kill a nascent company.

    Successful small business leaders, experts, accountants, lawyers and other specialists offer advice, guidance, strategies and suggestions to help small business managers increase profits, add sales, better manage cash flow, improve employee management and streamline operations.

    Download, read the latest free issue of Small Business Digest magazine. Click Here To Download

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    Janet Levatin, M.D. Holistic Pediatrician, Homeopathic Physician~Embrace Health

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    Free yourself & Embrace a Healthier YOU!  Tenpenny Integrative Medical Center Middleburg Hts, Oh   440-239-3438 .  Dr. Levatin had a private practice in the Boston Massachusetts area for the past 25 yrs. Raised in South Bend, Indiana she is happy to be returning to the Midwest.  Dr. Levatin went to college at the University of Rochester, NY majoring in English & Psychology. She attended the George Washington Univ School of Medicine, graduating in 1982. & completing a pediatric internship & residency at the Univ of Medicine & Dentistry of New Jersey in 1986. Throughout her training Dr. Janet disagreed with much of what she observed in the conventional medical world. Due to her disappointment with the limits of conventional medicine, she began a quest to discover better ways of assisting patients with healing and health maintenance.

    After researching a variety of modalities, Dr. Levatin settled on Homeopathy as her primary treatment modality.  Her therapeutic regimens incorporate Herbs, Common-sense nutrition & a simple supplement regimen including vit D, iodine & trace minerals. She regularly makes referrals for chiropractic, craniosacral, allergy elimination & other modalities. Dr. Levatin treats adults and children.

    Dr. Janet welcomes your calls & emails   440-239-3438   www.TenpennyIMC.com


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    John Connolly's Home-visit Heroes

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    He was Boston's education City Councilor. Then when John Connolly stepped down to run for mayor, his heart and head stayed with schools. Even after he lost that race, he rebounded to a new focus, one he calls his mission.

    He founded the 1647 organization (its website has no real content yet).He has his vision, has begun staffing up, and has a pilot underway involving students, parents and teachers. He is off tweaking the schools one kid at a time.

    Connolly joins us to explain how intensive home visits by teachers find out how each student learns best and what the parents and teachers can do to foster that. 

    The nascent project gets some funding from Chris Gabrieli and his National Center on Time & Learning. For his part, Connolly is serious as ever. He has turned down offers from law first and others and he swears he won't run for any office. He’ll tell us what results he's seen, how the system works and what his aims are.


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    Health news today

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    Today's show will cover recent health news including prescription painkiller epidemic, RA and the gut, type 1 diabetes and the gut, CVD risks, Meditation, Superbug outbreak, prenatal vitamins and Iodine, EHR's, carmal color and cancer, phthalates and fertility, flame retardants and health, statins and parkinsons, multiple sclerosis, fake studies, toxicity of OTC, measles vaccines.

    Each week Dr. Epley, D.C., C.C.W.P, and Dr. Gofourth, D.C. will discuss current health news and noteworthy studies, and their impact on out health.  Our emphysis is primarily on toxicity, deficiency and stress negatively effects our health, and how eating well, moving well, and thinking well can reverse and prevent these negative effects.

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    Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, D.O. Your Walk to Wellness the Way Nature Intended!

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    Dr. Sherri J. Tenpenny, opened her integrative medical practice in Strongsville, Ohio in 1996 to provide the best of integrative medicine in Cleveland, Ohio. The original name, OsteoMed II, was changed to Tenpenny Integrative Medical Center in 2008 when the clinic was moved to Middleburg Heights.

    Who Are We> Tenpenny Integrative Medical Center, formerly OsteoMed II, is a multi-disciplinary health center located in Middleburg Heights, Ohio. We deliver personalized, holistic medical care and partner with each person to help them achieve optimal health. We are proud that many of our patients have traveled from 42 states and 12 foreign countries to get well.

    Vision Statement>To be the household name throughout Northeast Ohio and across the country, known for getting people well and  symptom free without pharmaceutical drugs.

    We'd love to hear from you> www.Tenpennyimc.com   440-239-3438   PLEASE mention MindYourBodyandSpirit radio. To contact MindYourBodyandSpirit and the Healthy Referral Newspaper ples call 216-533-2273    or info@HealthyReferral.com


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    The Owners' Manual for the Human Body--HEALTH SOLUTIONS:-Thyroidisms

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    Hipper-Hippo or “Hashimoto's’” kebang take your pick.

    As in all the other cases of failing health there is not much difference when we analyze dis-eases with thyroid gland. Hypothyroidism is a prevailing and disturbing problem today. According to experts, 10% to 40% of Americans have suboptimal thyroid function. Thyroid gland is in charge to control cellular energy production and does this through hormones it produces. So if the production of hormones is elevated our cellular metabolism goes up we burn more energy and lose weight. If thyroid gland under produces its hormones we slow metabolism, get sluggish, tired, fogy minded… As is the case with other diseases we had covered same is happening with the thyroid gland. For its proper work thyroid gland needs iodine. The food we eat is nutrient depleted and we have been told lies about the way we should eat so problems that cause cells to acidify will cause problems in the thyroid gland.
    Some additives interfere with iodine cellular bonds and even if we have iodine in the circulation it cannot do its function.

    To help you understand this health problem this Saturday we will expose what to do to normalize your thyroid function.

    GO TO Concious Consumer Network to VIEW this EPISODE, 1-3PM SATURDAYS GMT


    The Owners' Manual you never received at birth--inspired by the book of the same title--authored by panelist, Dr. Darko Velcek.

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    The Eye On Iodine With John Brookshire

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    The  Eye On Iodine With John Brookshire is a new broadcast show that will be featured on E Factor Network and features powerful information on Nascent Iodine as John knows best!  Based on science, and history, and the Bible Iodine has been around for millenia, yet has been all but ignored in modern day wisdom.  Nascent iodine has had many practical applications in health and wellness and John will share truths about this emergence and need of iodine in today's times.  This show is not a substitute for medical care, treatment and diagnosis.  This is purely an informational show that will share truths which you can share with your medical team and see if this is right for you.

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    Michael Rex Raging Bear's recorded comments were recorded a few days ago at a regional west coast Hempfest.

    ?James comments were recorded on 10/12/2014

    In this episode, James Flaming Eagle Mooney discusses the miracles associated with the DEA's miserbly failed prosecution of him in 2005, and the egregious falsehoods the DEA presented to a federal grand jury. Oklevueha branches now have prosecutors in of losing their cases against our members in Arizona, Oregon and elsewhere. 

    James explains how Oklevueha Native American Church is growing by leaps and bounds. Dozens of new branches and hundreds of new members are joining our nascent movement, and those branches and members are beginning to have as the same impact in national governments and public policy and they have heretofore had on the personal lives of our members. There is even some talk of James having audience with His Holiness Pope Francis because of is work with The Knights Hospitaller.   

    A nightmarish childhood experience moved James Warren “Flaming Eagle” Mooney to take up one of the oldest jobs in North American history. Once charged with a dozen felonies for giving peyote to ‘non-Native Americans’ in religious ceremonies, Mooney’s legal battle culminated in a landmark court ruling that protected him from prosecution in Utah courts.