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    TGP Presents Miko Minaj Interview W/Bestselling Author Ny'Chel Dior

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    I am an author for True Glory Publications based in Philadelphia, PA. My writing style is urban fiction with a twist. Nothing I do will ever be ordinary, I believe in going all out especially when it comes to creativity. 

    I am currently a college student at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore and I am a double major in Sociology and Criminal Justice, with my graduation date being in December 2014. I enjoy writing, and finding new ways to express my creativity.

    Not only am I a college student, I am a young entrepreneur a Virgin Hair Distributor. 

    I enjoy different things, and by different I mean, what society would consider weird. That's what sets me apart from other people. My mom has pushed me to write since I was in middle school, she knew I was good enough to be a published author! So here I am! Ny'Chel Dior!

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    The Sparano's

    in Sports

    With two games left in the season we'll be discussing the future of the Oakland Raiders and where they stand now.

    1. With both bay area teams facing coaching vacancies which franchise has the better out look for the future and which heac coaching vacancy is the most appealing 

    2. I will tell you why  Jim Harbaugh is NOT the perfect head coaching candidate to fill the Raiders need at head coach and possible head coaches that would be better than Jim Harbaugh.

    3. I will tell you under what circumstances Reggie Mckenzie will stay that will satisfy even the Reggie nay sayers including mys elf!


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    TGP Presents Miko Minaj Interview W/Bright Beginnings Author Sonya K. Boone

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    Don't miss out on TGP Blog Talk Radio Interview with Bright Beginnings Bestselling Author Sonya K. Boone. She is known for her bestseller "Sneak Attack. It's going down this Thursday December 4th at 6:30 pm eastern standard time. Confirm your attendance today. Family and Supporters please call the show live at 646-478-3061 to show love, support, and to ask her questions. We love the love on Talk To Me Thursday's!

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    Have a Sexy Saturday Night With Naked Girls Radio

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    All kinds of hot new music in this evening's live show! Coming to you for the first time you will hear songs by American Dub Mafia, Space Z and Fembot One, and Archaic Noise. We will also have a Naked Girls Radio favorite: Mongrel with a song from other their new album.

    Here  is the starting lineup for tonight's broadcast:

    American Dub Mafia - Let's Get Naked
    Por*ophonic Inc - Organasm
    Peteie Green ft King Beyez - Sexy Woman
    Pablo Iranzo - Eye of the Storm
    Ditchwater - It's Over
    Mongrel - Over and Over
    Maxim Senin - Chains of Love
    RoGizz ft Tree - 100 Chips
    Space Z and Fembot One - I Am Your God
    The Devine Experience - Scratche Bas
    Mr Frizo - Saturday Night
    Sono Vero - End of Forever
    Jus' J - An Addiction
    Collabo - Licorice
    Mission 16 - Mind is Gone
    Maya Miko - Rock On
    Archaic Noise - Terrible Feeling
    Auditory Hallucination - No Cryin'
    Tommy Roumanas - Hard Rain
    Fearse Kreatures - Black Metal Rose
    Glen Neff - Snitches Permeating Every Object
    Caleb - Rich

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    TGP Presents Miko Minaj Interview With Snow Publishing Bestselling Author Elaine

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    Pls Join Us Thursday November 20th at 6:30 p.m. est. Snow Publishing Bestselling Author Elaine Wood will be in the building. Call in to show love and support and to ask her questions. The number to call in is 646-478-3061. You already know we love the love from our family, and most of all from our supporters! Don't Miss Out On Blog Talk Radio. Talk 2 Me Thursday's are the best!

    Author Bio:
    Elaine Wood is married with three children. She and her family live in Jacksonville, FL where she is a full time teacher, full time mother, and in her spare time she writes. Elaine was born in Jamaica, New York but moved suburban Long Island at the age of five. A transplant from Long Island, New York to Florida at the age of 27, Elaine homeschooled her three daughters and was very involved in Girl Scouts for 17 years. After her volunteer work ended Lainey found she had plenty of time on her hands. That's when the writing bug struck. She began writing poetry and short stories but soon found she needed more of a challenge, Tatiana's Chance is Elaine Wood's debut novel and the first book of the Tatiana series. She is currently working on the second book in the Tatiana series, which will be released at the end of 2014. Check out more of Lainey's work on her author page at www.facebook.com/elainewoodwrites and her blog at www.facebook.com/adropowater.

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    Happy Friday Naked Girls Radio Listeners!

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    Glad it's Friday how about you? Welcome to today's live show!

    Today's Playlist Includes:

    CRico - Hopeless
    Will B - All Night
    Peteie Green ft King Beyez - Fast Life
    Collabo - Licorice
    RoGizz ft Tree - Pink Rose
    JWill - Easy Being King
    Maya Miko - Rock On
    Babyface Monster ft RoGizz - Holla
    Kyle Young - Skin n Bones
    Glen Neff - Snitches Permeating Every Object
    Sono Vero - End of Forever
    Hi Post - Swagg
    Amerika’s Addiction - Sounds Like Sex
    Mz PG ft Cheech Marley - Back to Dis Paper
    Convulsic - Love Space
    Lead Sucker - America Doesn’t Give a Fuck About You
    Serpent Underground - The Fallen
    Mongrel - Bound to Crash
    Wesley Harding - I’m the One
    Mr Frizo - So Special
    Arsenal E Vega - Chillin
    Cheech Marley - Freak Show
    Kali ft Dr Edwin & Cali King - Let Me Play With It
    Maxim Senin - Chains of Love
    Caleb - Rich
    JWill ft Mz PG - Take A Picture
    Tony Sarcozi - Vortex Love

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    Walter Davis' Inaugural Broadcast on Star Com Radio KKRP 1610 with Miko Peled

    in Politics Progressive

    This iis an editied version of my interview with Miko Peled with commentary on the midterm election and solutions to progressive problems. It is my inagural broadcast on KKRP Lazer 1610, an international system of AM, FM and Streming Internet broadcasts. Miko Peled is the author of "THE GENERAL'S SON" a book about the Israeli occupation of Palestine. from the perspective of an Israeli who wnats justice for the Palestinian people. Miko is brave enough to tell the truth in the face of withering opposition to truth by Zionists and their allies. Walter Davis gives commentary on this issue and the weakness of the Democratic Party as demonstrated by the mid-term election results.

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    TGP Presents Miko Minaj Blog Talk Radio With Bestselling Author KC Blaze

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    K.C Blaze also known as K.C Baylor is the author of five books including the urban fiction book Platinum Dust (Part-One)and Your Husband My Man Series. She has marked her entrance into the literary world with her award-winning site Urban Fiction News magazine. With a degree in Psychology and her love of the written word she has always known she wanted to write books that not only inspired but took her readers on a mental journey unlike any they've been on before.

    Not only does she write urban books that read like movies but she also writes how-to guides and non-fiction titles as well. She wishes that her works provoke all readers to leave a review which is the only way an author knows they have connected to their audience!

    She is currently signed to True Glory Publications. KC Blaze Bestselling Series Your Husband My Man is now available on Amazon. Get your copies today. Don't miss out on her interview. Show her some love and support 11/06/2014 at 6:30 pm (eastern standard time). 

    Blog Talk Radio # 646-478-3061

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    TGP Presents Miko Minaj Interview With Bestselling Author Niki Jilvontae

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    Nicole Jackson, known to the literary world as Niki Jilvontae, is a 32 year-old author and single parent of two from Memphis, TN. Nicole developed a passion for writing early on as her aunt, the late Devon Russell-Wirt, always instilled in her the importance of reading and possessing the ability to express her emotions through words. By the age of 10 Nicole had already written over 60 poems and several short stories as her passion for writing continued to grow. Her interest in children's books began in 2011 after her son was diagnosed with autism. This inspired her to write six children's books under True Glory Publications designed to teach children acceptance, understanding, and tolerance of differences. Nicole has also written two urban/drama novels under True Glory called A Broken Girl's Journey, which depicts the struggles one has to endure while growing up in the projects of Memphis. These books give you a glimpse into the harsh reality of a girl growing up in a city called "First48" due to the violence and crime its known for. Niki Jilvontae is a very descriptive and alluring writer as her books appeal to various emotions and senses, drawing you in with her vivid imagination and ability to convey her message clearly.

    Pls Tune for the One on One Exclusive Interview with BESTSELLING Author Niki Jilvontae, its going down April 30, 2014 at 7pm est, Urban Fiction Host With the Most Mys Miko!!! 

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    TGP Presents Miko Minaj Interview W/ RDP Bestselling Author Alonzo Garrett

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    AUTHOR BIO: When I was 7 years of age, my father was sentenced to 12 ½ to twenty five years in prison for armed robbery. I always knew who he was to me, I just thought it was natural for fathers to not be around. I rarely saw him when he was out of prison but he did make sure I knew who he was. My mother was brutally murdered when I was 8 years old by her friend who was going through a psychotic episode, she was stabbed through her heart with a butcher knife while my infant baby brother lay 2 feet from her. I lived in foster care for the next 2 years until my maternal grandmother took custody of me. From the ages of 10 - 15 years, I lived and worshiped as a Jehovah Witness; my grandmother was a devout follower until she died in the year 1999. At 15 years of age, I ran away and rarely visited her. I stayed in school and managed to graduate from high school and also went to college for a few months all on my own. I've sold drugs off and on for the past 20 years or so on the mean streets of New York City; currently, I have turned my back on drug dealing and all other negativity associated with it. Throughout my time selling drugs, I acquired multiple felony convictions and was incarcerated for 6 years of my life. Today, I live my life in a more positive manner, I plan to use my books and vast life experiences to influence and perhaps turn people away from that life style. I have a multitude of stories to tell and all my stories have the ring of truth from what I am told. My work is fiction and no story that I write is in any way a true event.

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    True Glory Presents Miko Minaj Blog Talk Interview W/ Bestselling Authoress Sham

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    Nashama Sade' Cunin was born in 1987 in Trinidad and Tobago, she's the 6th child out of 8 children and a mother of 2.
    Nashama's dream has always been to become a published author and all that happen when she met Shameek Speight, one of her most favorite authors of all time. She has a certificate in Occupational Health and Safety and will be furthering it to get her degree and masters, at the moment she is focused on following her dream of writing Urban Literature and Fiction novels. Nashama has 2 books so far that made the bestsellers list on amazon in a few genres Painted Lies and Maloneys Dime Pieces, she is working on the sequels for those books and many more others to come. Nashama is a very fun, loving, caring, easy going, laid back and loyal person. Very soon Nashama Cunin will be opening her own publishing company Black Orchid Publications, with her mentor, publisher and friend Shameek Speight, she hopes to raise awareness for Urban Literature and Fiction writers in her country of Trinidad and Tobago.

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