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    The Jimmys, Chris Yakopcic, Steve Howell & Couch Kid New Music Georgie Bonds

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    SHOW # 296 – Live Uncut & Uncensored Conversations With “Musicians You Should Know”

    The Jimmys are out of Wisconsin. The Jimmys have been tearing up stages with their blend of blues, soul, funk and R&B for nearly 10 years. Award-winning keyboardist/singer/songwriter Jimmy Voegeli has assembled an all-star lineup: Perry Weber, veteran guitarist/singer/songwriter; Mauro Magellan (Georgia Satellites) drums; John Wartenweiler bass. I’ll chat with Jimmy (and maybe more) about their journeys to find each other and where the band is heading while we listen to music from the new album, Hot Dish.

    Chris Yakopcic has actually been on the show from the International Blues Challenge in the past, so it was time to bring him onto the Monday show…and with the release of his new album, The Next Place I Leave.  I’ll chat with Chris about his road to the Blues and the new album and more. 

    Steve Howell heard Mississippi John Hurt at the age of 13 and things were never the same since.  Throughout his life he has performed and learned and grew his skills.  His latest album, Yes I Believe I Will, is recorded with a trio of friends affectionately known as the Mighty Men and Steve and I will explore his travels and music.

    Georgie Bonds has a new album entitled Hit It Hard.  Georgie will come back and we will chat about what he has been up to since his last visit.  We’ll also explore the new album and the music Georgie is making.

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    Heather Crosse, Billy Evanochko, Chris Gill & Couch Kid New Music Sugar Brown

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    SHOW #289 – Live, Uncut & Uncensored Conversations With “Musicians You Should Know”

    Heather Crosse has been performing for 31 years.  Bassist for Heavy Suga' & The SweeTones, in 2008, Heather moved to Clarksdale, Mississippi to follow her Blues dreams & play bass for Super Chikan. This past year, Heather spent touring in the Girls With Guitars Tour for Ruf Records.  Her new album is entitled Groovin’ At The Crosse Roads.  I will speak with Heather about her life, career and music.

    Billy Evanochko is also known as Billy The Kid and he and his band The Regulators have been wowing audiences for years.  Out of the Pittsbugh, PA area, they have earned their way to the IBC twice, in 2008 and again in 2014.  Their new album is I Can’t Change and Billy finally takes a seat on the Monday Couch to talk about his life and career.

    Guitarist, singer, and songwriter Chris Gill has been lighting up stages in the mid-South for over twenty years. Armed with sweet guitar rhythms, a soulful voice and a clever, unique songwriter’s perspective, Chris is well known as one of Jackson, Mississippi’s most entertaining performers. One of his projects is with the sensational Derrick L Martin, known as D’Mar. They have just released Take It Like That and I will chat with Chris about his career, his partnership with D’Mar and the new music.

    Couch Kid New Music features Sugar Brown and his new album, Poor Lazarus.  I’ll speak with Sugar and find out what he has been up to since he first sat on The Couch back on March 31, 2014 while we check out tunes from the album.

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    SHOW #304 -32nd International Blues Challenge - LIVE From Beale Street - Show #1

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    Night One...

    We will open from our home in fuBAR at Rum Boogie with some chat about the upcoming week before we head downstairs to the stage of the World Famous Rum Boogie Cafe at the corner of Beale Street & BB King Blvd in Memphis, TN

    Once again, we will be able to web-cast a portion of the beginning of The Tas Cru Jam to benefit Generation Blues beginning at 8:45pm and running until our live stream and "after-show" are completed.  The "after show" will be on the podcast available the next morning.

    Musicians in town already will take the stage and share their talents with those in attendance and the world through Music On The Couch

    It should be a blast!

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    Al Basile, Wicked Grin, CKNM Dick LeMasters & CKNM Jonn Del Toro Richardson

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    SHOW #299 - Live, Uncut & Uncensored Conversations With "Musicians You Should Know"

    In 1970, Al Basile was the first to receive a Master’s Degree from the Brown University Writing Program. He has worked with the Duke Robillard Band as a songwriter and recording member since 1990, appearing on twelve CDs and a DVD. He has nine solo blues and roots CDs out under his own name. He has been nominated four times, in 2010, 2012, 2013, ad 2014, for a Blues Music Award as best horn player. His new album is B’s Expressions and Al and I will chat about his remarkable career and the new music.

    Murray Kinsley & Wicked Grin are an Ottawa based original roots rock/blues band. Their sophomore album, Shame On Me (2013) was released to critical acclaim and wide-spread airplay in North America. In 2014 the band won the Maple Blues Award for New Artist of the Year. Shame On Me was named Best Canadian Blues Rock Album of 2014 by The Blues Underground Network. They have a new album out entitled Stormy Water and I will chat with the band about their music and plans.

    Dick LeMasters first sat on The Couch back in April of 2015 when we spoke about his career and album One Bird, Two Stones.  Tonight he returns for a Couch Kid New Music Segment to share his new album, Gasoline & Fire. I’ll chat with Dick and find out what his year has been like and about the recording of the new album.

    Jonn Del Toro Richardson joined me twice in 2013.  The first time from Europe with Sean Carney to talk about their album, and then by himself to discuss his career while we listened to songs from past albums.  Well now, Jonn has a new album, Tengo Blues and he and I will talk about the new music and more. 


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    David Gogo, Webb Wilder & CKNM from Wendy DeWitt with Kirk Harwood

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    SHOW # 298 - Live, Uncut & Uncensored Conversations With "Musicians You Should Know"

    David Gogo is a Canadian blues guitarist, singer-songwriter and bandleader. Between 1994 and 2014, he released 12 solo albums. His latest release is entitled Vicksburg Call and we will explore David’s journey.

    Sam Butler was not able to make his scheduled appearance.

    Webb Wilder can sing you a song, or play a detective in a movie called Private Eye. And he does them both with a wiry grin.  Wilder has released Mississippi Möderne (he pronounces it Mo-Durn), his 10th album.  This is going to be a fun one me thinks…

    Couch Kid New Music brings good friends Wendy DeWitt and Kirk Harwood back to The Couch with their most excellent new album, Getaway.  The duo, who we last saw on the IBC Final stage, have brought in some friends to help out, but as always this is about the dynamics between Wendy and Kirk and how it can fill a room.  We’ll caht about their lives and music and more.



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    Bill Phillippe, Brad Vickers, Rev Freakchild, The Beat Daddy's and Damon Fowler

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    SHOW #297 – Live, Uncut & Uncensored Conversations with “Musicians You Should Know”

    Bill Phillippe sat with me back on March 30, 2015.  He is working on a new album and on the Couch Kid New Music Segment we will talk about the fan-funding campaign Bill is running.

    Brad Vickers and the Vestapolitans have new music, and the album is called That’s What They Say and it is a collection of songs that explore the roots of the music even deeper than they have in the past, both in sound and in material. I’ll sit with Brad and talk about the making of the album and what has been going on in his life since his last visit in June 2013.

    Reverend Freakchild brings his own brand of irreverence to his music and on his latest release, Hillbilly Zen-Punk Blues, he brings it hard. Recorded in Williamsburg, Brooklyn Freakchild enlisted the talents of world famous musicians.  He and I will discuss his journey and where the road is leading.

    The Beat Daddys formed in 1986 and have spent the last 30 years bringing their blend of roots music to audiences around the world.  I’ll chat with Larry & Tommy about their partnership, making the IBC last year and much more as we check out tunes from their new album, Hoodoo That We Doo.

    Finally, Damon Fowler returns to Couch Kid New Music with his new album Live 2015.    Can’t wait to chat with Damon again and find out all he has been up to since his last visit March of 2014.  We’ll, of course, share some songs from the album.

  • Pat Robertson co-hosts with her guests Billy Watson & Charlie Musselwhite

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    In May during Brandon Santini’s “Beale Street Mess-Around”, Pat Robertson bid on, and won the chance to co-host Music on The Couch.  Along with co-hosting, she selected the two musical guests and will be assisting me in the interviews.

    Now, I don’t know much about Pat, but we will remedy that next Monday.


    Oh, sorry, yup that would be Harmonica Player Billy Watson, out of California. He is leader of Billy Watson and the International Silver String Submarine Band is an improvisational, all-star cast of musicians, hand-picked from the California music scene. And our second guest is Harmonica Player Charlie Musselwhite;  Blues Hall Of Fame Inductee, Multiple BMA Winner and a Couch Kid to boot!

    I love doing these show because it means we raised money for a good cause.

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    CKNM from Hans Theessink, D.L. Duncan, Randall Bramlett & CKNM from Guy Davis

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    SHOW # 294 – Live, Uncut & Uncensored Conversations With “Musicians You Should Know”

    Back on March 25, 2013 Hans Theessink was a guest on the Couch.  It was the World Premier of his album with Terry Evans, Wishing Well.  We spoke about his life and the partnership with Terry and things they were working on.  Back in April, True & Blue was released.  Hans and I decided to wait until he was in the same time zone, so tonight he calls from Houston, TX

    D.L. Duncan is one of the most talented musicians in America and many people do not know him.  He has two BMA nominations for songs he co-wrote with Curtis Salgado, he has released five albums in his career, and the latest is simply titled D.L. Duncan.  We’ll find out more about this wonderful musician.

    Randall Bramlett has released a new album, Devil Music. This is a thrill; I have been a fan for years, back to his time with Sea Level, and his work with Greg Allman and Widespread Panic.  He has led his own bands and was Steve Winwood’s go-to tour mate for 16 years, including the ’94 Traffic reunion. He and I will talk more about his incredible career and listen to the music on the album.

    Guy Davis returns for a Couch Kid New Music Segment for his new release, Kokomo Kid.  Guy has been incredibly busy and we will talk about his life since he appeared on The Couch on October 14, 2013 while we check out the new album.

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    Lisa Mann Co-Hosts with Rae Gordon & Kevin Selfe - In Benefit Of Aly

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    Show # 295 - Live, Uncut & Uncensored Conversations With "Musicians You Should Know"

    Back in July 2015, Lisa Mann was a guest on the show.  During our talk she mentioned her niece Aly and her battle with cancer and a benefit, which was going to be held.

    I told Lisa to include a silent auction item from me…the chance to co-host and select two guests. 

    Well in the end Lisa was the winning bid – not sure there were any other bids or Lisa has had this deep desire to fulfill her Robin Quivers Radio Role!

    The two musicians she selected are also from the Portland area…Lisa showing love to her peeps in the northwest.

    First is Rae Gordon. She was awarded a Muddy Award in 2014 for Best Female Vocalist and is a constant presence in the Northwest Music Scene.  I look forward to learning more about Rae during the show.

    Kevin Selfe is a Couch Kid and would have been booked for a Couch Kid New Music Segment with the release of his latest, Buy My Soul Back.  When Lisa mentioned his name it was a done deal!

    As Co-host, Lisa will be asking a lot of the questions and I can guarantee there will be fun galore.

    Of course we will hear some music from each of these folks.

    photo of Aly: Tori Ava

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    Albert Cummings, Chris O'Leary, Chris Barnes & Couch Kid Music With Todd Wolfe

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    Albert Cummings comes out of New England and began playing the banjo prior to picking up the guitar. What put these instruments into his hands, what was it like to come to Memphis for the 1999 IBC after only performing for two years and the history of his music and recordings will be some of the things I will discuss with Albert as we listen to music from Someone Like You.

    Chris O’Leary fronted the Barnburners, the band led by the great Levon Helm.  The last album, Live At Blues Now, was nominated for a Blues Blast Magazine Award for Best Live Album. His fourth album, Gonna Die Tryin’ has been released and I’ll discuss the road he has traveled and which occurrence, the album dropping or his son Jackson being born made him more nervous.

    What can you say about Chris Barnes?  The man can act, he can write, he owns two successful clubs and he also owns Hokum Blues.  What is Hokum Blues?  It is “a humorous song which uses extended analogies or euphemistic terms to make sexual innuendos.” I get to finally sit with Chris and talk about his career and the new album, 90 Proof Truth.

    On Couch Kid New Music, Todd Wolfe joins me along with his new album, Long Road Back. What has Todd’s year been like since he Sat on The Couch in August of 2014? How many miles has Todd traveled in that time? Why did he select the 2 covers on the album?  We’ll talk about these things and more while listening to songs from the new album.

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    Jay Sieleman, Jay Stollman & Couch Kid New Music Brad Wilson

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    SHOW #285 - Live, Uncut & Uncensored Conversations With Musicians You Should Know"

    I get to sit with Jay Sieleman, outgoing President/CEO of The Blues Foundation.  The Foundation has had some growing pains during Jay's time in ofice, but he also accomplished the building of the physical Blues hall Of Fame in memphis, TN.  A total success for the Foundation and those Blues Artists who have been enshrined since 1980.  We will speak with Jay about his time in office and what he sees as his future.

    Jay Stollman will join me.  Jay's vocals are a dynamic fusion of Blue Eyed Soul and Rock and Roll. Along with great performance ability and stage presence, a Jay Stollman show is always guaranteed to rock the house. Jay Stollman is currently appearing with The Johnny Winter Band as the front man and lead vocalist for the Johnny Winter Remembrance Shows, honoring the legendary bluesman, as well as performing with The Jay Stollman Blues Band. Jay and I will track his journey and talk about the newest album, Room For One More.

    Couch Kid New Music features Brad Wilson and his new release Blues Thunder.  What has Brad been up to since his first visit on December 23, 2013 and what did it take to get Blues Thunder recorded and released are two of the subjects we will explore.