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    Talking Motorcycles with the Bonneville Performance Grand National Team

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    The Bonneville Performance team has a new rider and tonight Bill Gately makes that announcement on this episode!


    Bill Gately, owner of the Bonneville Performance team is on a mission to bring the Triumph brand to the forefront in the chase for the Grand National championship in the GNC1 (formerly Expert) class. The big twin Triumph has had much success in the colorful history of Grand National Championship flat track racing. Gately has a plan for making modern era history with the British marque.

    Tonight on Talking Motorcycles with Barry Boone, Gately reveals who will twist the throttle for the team in 2015. We go inside the details behind his plans for '15 and how he arrived at his decision to bring this rider on board. 

    Joining Gately on the program will be the ride who has high hopes for continueing his rise to the top of the GNC1 class.

    George Latus, owner of the Latus Motors Racing Factory Triumph team joins us to announce his new rider for 2015 as well! There are more announcements coming from this team but their choice of rider appears to be a solid one. We go inside their thought process moving forward.  

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    Talking Motorcycles with James Rispoli...British Supersport

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    Following a most successful but brief career in professional road racing in America, The Rocket Rispoli made the move overseas to compete in the British Supersport Championship taking multiple American Championships with him. His resume is impressive in both AMA Pro Flat Track and AMA Pro Road Racing. James is the only competitor to win the Supersport East, West and National Champinship as well as the coveted Young Gun award.

    Following his 9th place finish for 2014 in the British Supersport Championship he has re-signed with Team Traction Control for 2015 to compete again in British Supersport. He will contest the full season aboard a Yamaha. 

    We discuss his experience in flat track and road racing in America as an amateur as well as a pro. In this epside we will discuss many topics including his thoughts on road racing in Great Britain vs America, the benefits of flat track, sponsorships and his outlook for 2015. Now that he has ridden all the tracks on the tour, is he ready to win a championship?

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    Talking Motorcycles with Dana Brown...On Any Sunday The Next Chapter

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    Bruce Brown's legendary On Any Sunday was an instant hit and quickly became an iconic film about motorcycles and motorcycle racing and more importantly the people who ride them. On Any Sunday is etched into the fabric of our lives without question. 

    Now...Dana Brown, son of Bruce, is set to release On Any Sunday...The Next Chapter on November 7th. The screening was an overwhelming success by all accounts and anticipation runs high as the release date draws ever closer. We go behind the lens with Dana Brown and will learn much about his vision for the new film as well as the future of motorcycling from his perspective. Dana has lived the movie life and the motorcycling life and brings to bear all that experience in this soon to be released film. 

    Dana has teamed up with some amazing people in this epic film and we will discuss those who have made the movie possible.

    Thank you for listening to this episode of Talking Motorcycles. 

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    Talking Motorcycles with Dave Despain/Riding Into History

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    This is an all Riding Into History show featuring one of America's finest vintage motorcycle shows this Saturday May 17th at World Golf Village. The 15th Annual Riding Into History bike show will feature Grand Marshall Dave Despain, Host of The Dave Despain Show on MavTV, Brian Slark from Barber Vintage Museum and Bill Robinson with the BMW Northeast Florida and Historic Motorcycle Society who are the promoters of this wonderful event. 

    We will talk to Dave Despain about his role as Grand Marshall, Brian Slark concerning Barber's involvement for the first time ever in 2014 and Bill Robinson to give us the back story of this classic vintage bike show, vintage motorcycle ride, Grand Marshalls dinner and the outright beauty of World Golf Village in America's oldest city, St. Augustine, Florida.

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    Talking Motorcycles with Larry Little of AIM ExpoUSA

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    The first AIM Expo was by all acounts an overwhelming success. The list of vendors and customer first amenities exceeded all expectations. In it's second year there are many enhancements that motorcyclists, racers, team owners and certainly manufacturers and suppliers are going to want to know all about.

    Can you afford not to attend the AIM Expo this year? We will discuss that with Vice President and General Manager, Larry Little right here on this episode of Talking Motorcycles with Barry Boone!

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    Talking Motorcycles with the Producer/Director of "Why We Ride"

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    Why We Ride is the story of who we are. Individuals with a desire to dream, discover and explore. From a kids dream come true to a retirees desire to return to freedom. From a family riding together on the sand dunes to hundreds of choppers carving through the canyons-the desire is the same. It's about the passion of the riders and the soul of their machines.

    Why We Ride is the #1 Motorcycle Film in America today! Created out of the pure passion that drives all of our two wheeled adventures and connects the common thread of passion that runs through the fabric of all of us as motorcyclists!

    James Walker//Producer

    James is a veteran of two Fortune 500 financial groups before entering the entertaining industry to assist the successful independent distribution of the acclaimed documentary One Six Right: The Romance of Flying. In 2007 James founded Walking West Entertainment and the Walking West Film Financing Syndicate.

    Bryan H. Carrol//Producer and Director

    Wiht blockbuster movies such as Titanic, Collateral, Miami Vice and Public Enemies in his background, Bryan has built a successful career in filmaking while working with the likes of James Cameron, Michael Mann, jerry Bruckheimer and Joel Silver. His experience at bringing projects from the script to the screen, have made him one of the most sought after and highly regarded filmakers in Hollywood.

    Both join us for a behind the cameras look into this amazing motorcycle documentary that truly does explain, at least in part, "Why We RIde". We are very excited to present this special episode of Talking Motorcycles with Barry Boone


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    Talking Motorcycles with Pat Simmons/Doobie Bros/Norm Nelson/Buzz Kanter!

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    In this episode of Talking Motorcycles we go LIVE with some of the top competitors of this years event which departs from Daytona Beach this Friday night and arrives in Tacoma, Washngton September 21st. This epic ride is done on motorcycles built prior to 1937. Riders will be required to navigate well, ride and truly have an understanding of their classic machines.

    Patrick Simmons, lead singer and guitar for the Doobie Brothers! 

    Norm Nelson is one of the best. He once rode his 1958 Harley-Davidson Sportster from Jacksonville, Florida to Alaska. To celebrate the 25th anniversary of that ride he did it again riding from St. Augustine, Florida to Alaska at 70 years old. He has won the vintage race at Datyona International Speedway 6 times on a Norton Manx. When the Historic Motorcycle Society chose Norm to ride in the event last year he nearly won it. In 2014, Norm and Team 23 are set to do it again hoping for a win. Norm will join us on this episode to discuss the ride just two days before they depart! 

    Buzz Kanter, Publisher/Editor in Chief of American Iron Magazine will be competing in the Motorcycle Cannoball for the third time. This will be my third ride across the US on a motorcycle much older than I am. Rode a 1915 Harley twin on the first Motorcycle Cannonball in 2010, a 1929 Harley JDH on the second one in 2012, and will be riding a 1936 VLH this time. Interesting mixture of excitement, anxiety and anticipation right now.

    Buzz Kanter and Norm Nelson typify the spirit of the Motorcycle Cannonball. Both are excellent motorcyclists who will tell their stories as to why they ride in this grueling yet rewarding event that covers 4000 miles of American roads from coast to coast. 

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    Talking Motorcycles with Mike Kidd...Again!!!

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    A fatal tecnical error occurred that corrupted the original episode. This show is being recorded LIVE on a Thursday with Mike Kidd of the Mike Kidd Sports Agency. Thanks for tuning in and please accept our apologies for the technical issue.


    Mike Kidd launches the new Scramblecross series in Texas. Utilizing natural terrain courses with no double and triple jumps and minimal track prep, it is a bit old school and an idea whose time has come? We discuss the new series with Mike and discuss his career as a Grand National rider. The AMA Hall of Famer has 12 Grand National victories and won the 1981 Grand National Championship so he should have much to share.

    As the first Director of Flat Track for DMG/AMA Pro Mike made many changes. All of them are still in place today. We will talk about his experience with AMA Pro and his ideas going forward.

    Michelle Lindsay joins us to break news concerning the TOBC road racing team for 2015! We are pleased to have Michelle on and looking forward to hearing her news about the team!

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    Talking Motorcycles encore with Kyle Petty

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    Talking Motorcycles was the kick off show for the 20th Annual Kyle Petty Charity Ride across America. This encore performance is here to get you ready for the wrap up show LIVE with Kyle Petty and a cast of famous characters on Saturday May 10th at 3pm Eastern. We will go LIVE from the Daytona Hilton just as the bikes are pulling into the parking lot to conclude the 2014 coast-to-coast event. It will be our first Saturday show and our first LIVE remote broadcast so join us. 

    Please enjoy this show featuring Kyle Petty and the amazing inventor Craig Vetter. See you Saturday May 10th LIVE at 3pm Eastern!

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    Talking Motorcycles with De Keyrel, Dominguez and Gillim

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    The young lions of the 2014 AMA Pro Supersport season roar in to Talking Motorcycles in this episode!

    Kaleb De Keyrel is on a mission. Following a 14th and 12th place finish at Daytona to start his season the youngster from Minnesotta  has not been out of the top 5 and has earned two podiums with third place finishes in the last round at Barber Motorsports Park. Currently 5th in points in his second full season in Supersport, the early talk about his tremendous talent appears to be rooted in fact as the season progresses. We will get to know this young man better during this episode!

    Dustin Dominguez is having a solid year in Supersport. He recorded his first win of the season in Race 2 at Barber. He finds himself tucked in in third place in the championship battle as Alexander and Gillim remained tied for the series points lead. Dustin is only 12 points out of that battle. What will be his focus and game plan going forward in the highly competitive 2014 AMA Pro Supersport? 

    Hayden Gillim finds himself in the best position of his road racing career. Gillim has earned two wins and has been on the podium in every race except Race 2 at Daytona where he had to settle for 6th. Tied for the series points lead with Corey Alexander who has proven to be a formidable competitor, Hayden has a plan for the balance of the season and we will see exactly what that is in this episode. We will discuss with him the prospect of riding a 1000cc machine this coming weekend!

    Following the successful show last weekend featuring some of the up and coming young female riders in the 2014 AMA Pro Supersport series it is time now to turn our attention to these fast young guys! Who is going to prevail in what is shaping up to be an amazingly competitive season in Supersport!

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    Talking Motorcycles with Dave McGrath former Sr Director of Competition AMA Pro

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    We are powered by SOZO!

    David McGrath - AMA Pro Road Racing's former Senior Director of Competition joins us tonight for a revealing episode!

    Daytona Beach, FL (November 05, 2014) - David McGrath has a broad background in the sport of motorcycle road racing in America. Prior to coming on board with AMA Pro Racing as the road race director and later as the Senior Director of Competition, McGrath accomplished much. He was a rider/racer for a number of years before hanging up his leathers in 1999 and then used his experience to help others. He spent time at Vance and Hines as director of R & D, worked with Dunlop in tire development and also served eight years with American Honda in R & D development as well as Crew Chief.

    Coming on board at AMA Pro in 2010 just two weeks before the Daytona 200 was a big undertaking that ultimately led to him becoming the Senior Director of Competition.  

    Now that AMA Pro Racing no longer sanctions road racing, McGrath, along with several other key staff, has been released from his position from the road racing side.   

    McGrath will  discuss the past, present and future of road racing in America from his unique vantage point. We look at the various decisions made along the way that were both good and bad for the sport that he loves.

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