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  • 02:30

    Canadian Moto Show with Brent Worrall

    in Sports

    The Canadian Moto Show 'Live' from Vernon B.C. at 6:00 pm pacific 9:00 pm eastern here http://www.canadianmotoshow.com  With another wide open week of racing aciton in the books, there is lots to talk about. Tonight on the show we will take a quick look back at the Future West action at the Popkum Motor Park as well as a look at what lays ahead across the country in 2016. We have an 'All Star' cast of guests lined up tonight which include the man behind Amateur Motocross Ontario, Ryan Gauld. 

    Tonight we also catch up with Cycle North race team manager and team Canada's Motocross of Nations boss for 2016 Kourtney Lloyd. Also one of her top riders Summer Knowles who was in action this past weekend will check in with tonights show. Gibson Tyre Technology rider Kyle Beaton raced this past weekend and we look forward to catching up with our friend KD-Beats. The Peace Motocross Association is a long time supporter of the show and tonight look forward to chatting with Reed Lepine and Jason Berlinger as they look forward to another great season of action. Bill Petro of the Legends Of Canadian Motocross will check in tonight as well to update us on that great project.

    The show also tonight will have lots of chat with our guests about this years WCAN scheduled for July 1st in Raymond as well as the 25th annual Parts Canada Walton Trans Can. Our great show giveways continue thanks to Maple Ridge Motorsports as we have an Atlas Brace 'Tyke' up for grabs for one lucky winner. Tell a friend and log in and hit up the ever popular chat board as the Canadian Moto Show is on the 'Air' - Lets Go Bench Racing.

  • 03:10

    Sunday Evening Programming on AM360 with Imam Rashad Shabazz

    in Religion

    Sunday Evening Programming on AM360 with Imam Rashad Shabazz!

    1st Hour: Audio lecture of Imam W. Deen Mohammed(RA), the Spokesman for Human Salvation!

    2nd Hour: Establishing Islamic Schools with Qur'an Shakir, principal of the Mohammed Schools of Atlanta!

    3rd Hour: Book & Transcript Reviews of Imam W. Deen Mohammed

  • 01:31

    "MUSLIMAH REALITY" hosted by kalimah Abdul-Rashid &Sameerah El-Siraaj

    in Religion

    "MUSLIMAH REALITY" is all about keeping it real issues, real talk, real topic, real islam with guests from every corner of the Community. What's your reality ?

  • 01:49

    Muslim Vibe with Imam Nadim Ali & Mansour Ansari

    in Islam

    Muslim Vibe with Imam Nadim Ali & Mansour Ansari are two brothers from the Westend in Atlanta who are seasoned, well informed and ready to speak a word directed toward the truth. Social Activism

  • 02:58

    Clear Talk w/ Mustafa & Kim Mujahid, Al Islam Based Conversation w/ Nazim Pasha

    in Islam

     1st and 2nd Hour: Clear Talk w/ Mustafa Mujahid and Kim Mujahid

    “A believer is not abusive" - Mohammed the Prophet (pbuh) 

    What precautions can we take to prevent abuse and what can we do when it's beyond prevention and the abuse is clear and present.

    Also in todays line up –    

    - A talk with Latifah Hameen, Host of a new upcoming broadacst here on AM360 - 'Powerful Choices Now'                          

    - Word of the Week with Imam Abdul Azeez                                                     

    - Faith and Industry with Abdullah Rasul

    For archives and more information go to: www.cleartalkradio.com  or email us at cleartalkradio@yahoo.com

    3rd Hour: Al Islam Based Conversation with Imam Nazim Pasha: ‘Language, Logic, and Sensivities.

  • 03:08

    Saturday Evening Programming On AM360 - Tampa Bay Area Muslim Association

    in Religion

    1st Hour: Special Programming



  • 03:07

    Evolution of Revolutionary Thought and Created Purpose

    in Islam

    A unveiling and presentation of Imam Yahyas secoind book,SHARIA:AL ISLAMIC LAW. Imam Yahya is the author of another published book entitled,New Leadership Into The 21st Century.  We applaud this new entry into Islamic Jurisprudence.               THE EVOLUTION OF NEW REVOLTIONARY THOUGHT and CREATED PURPOSE.

  • 02:58

    The KMnm Ins-stitute Prayerful Journey Crew Becoming Directors

    in Religion

    The One G-D, the revelation from The One G-D, the messengers of The One G-D leads the people of the worlds who are all the creation of The One G-D, always evolving to be better.  The young minds of each era learn as followers and teach as followers.  You may ask the question - who are they following?  The messenger of The One G-D - ALLAH, The Guardian Evolver!!!

  • 02:53

    Live Jumuah Broadcast followed by Commentary of Imam WD Mohammed

    in Religion

    Jumuah Mubarak!

    Today's Live Jumuah (1:30pm EST) will be broadcasted from Trenton New Jersey. The khatib is Imam Benjamin Bilal

    Stay tuned following the Jumuah for recordings of 'The Commentary of Imam W D Mohammed'.

    For information on the 'Share Your Jumuah' program and how your Masjid/Islamic Center can participate, go to www.cwsc.us and click on the 'What We Do' column, scroll and click 'Share Your Jumuah' or

    Email: cwsconline@gmail.com

    Phone: (910) 317-0297

    CWSC, Inc.
    2620 Bragg Boulevard, Ste. D
    Fayetteville, NC 28303

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    Safety begins with 360 ° mindset: Situational Awareness (part2)

    in Prepping

    Your mind is the best safety tool to heighten your awareness to shield yourself from imminent danger or the threats of danger that you reasonably believe in.

    Just being aware of environment is not going to stop a situation, but it will give you an advantage and edge over people who are NOT aware.

    Use and apply the 360° mindset. Because our world is not linear!

    Learn the color codes of situational awareness that may save your life.

    Nicky Dare is a certified firearms instructor (shotgun, rifle, handgun), also an RSO Range Safety Officer.

    She teaches private and group classes. Please call or email her in advance to book your class!

    Email: Education@NickyDare.com

    If you are interested to SPONSOR our shows or events, please contact or email us.

    To speak live with your host, please call: (646) 668-298

  • 03:15

    Commentary of Imam WD Mohammed, Social Psychology, CWSC Friday Roundtable

    in Islam

    The Commentary of Imam W. Deen Mohammed (RA) & Social Psychology with Imam Rashad Shabazz!

    The Community Wide Shuraa Conference - CWSC Friday Roundtable with Mark Shahid!

    1st Hour: Audio lecture of Imam W. Deen Mohammed (RA), The Spokesman For Human Salvation!

    2nd Hour: Live commentary from the Qur'an, the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), the language of Imam W. Deen Mohammed (RA), & Social Psychology!

    3rd Hour: CWSC (Community Wide Shuraa Conference) Friday Roundtable with Mark Shahid