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    What's Next for MomsRising?

    in Politics Progressive

    PunditMom interviews MomsRising co-found Kristin Rowe-Finkbeiner about her thoughts on where political women go from here now that the 2008 Presidential election is behind us. What's the legacy of more women becoming involved and how will MomsRising keep them engaged through 2012?

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    View from The Wright Way

    in Education

    She calls herself the "Badass Breastfeeding, Babywearing, Attachment parenting, Pole dancing, Yogi Momma! Who inspires and empowers men & women Her WAY! Ms. Wrights Way". 

    That's a mouth full but when you take the time to read her blog you know she is all that and then some. 

    Join Rebecca and Moon as they sit down with Ashley Wright to discuss how she got on the path of breastfeeding advocacy and attachment parenting. From Pole dancing & yoga to breastfeeding on the red carpet she lives a very in your face, take it or live it life that we admire here at View From A Rack. 

    "Hailing from the illustrious Golden State she always had an appreciation for love, fitness, artistic expression and a natural way of living. After having obtained a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration from Hampton University, she began to slowly come into her own rejecting the demands of what others felt were appropriate for her life. However, it wasn’t until she became a mother, that she truly understood her path and the necessity of support.

    Having organized the most attended World Breastfeeding Event to date with the Northeast Valley Health Center, she began to live out loud, using social media to build her village, increase her family and establish a strong support system; spreading the message of self-love, healing and natural parenting.

    Her message to all parents and individuals is, “It is okay to be 100% committed to your child(ren) and loved ones. In doing so make sure that you take the time to give to yourself."

    bio copied from: https://www.facebook.com/MsWrightsWay

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    Childhood Obesity

    in Moms and Family

    Join Nancy Reid & Lisa Smith - publishers of QualityofLifeMagazine.com, along with guest cohost Bobbi DePorter - President of Quantum Learning Network & Co-Founder of SuperCamp, for Big Blend Radio's QUALITY OF LIFE Show!Kristin Rowe-Finkbeiner and award-winning filmmaker Dream Hampton from MomsRising.org will discuss childhood obesity. MomsRising.org, an online and on-the-ground grassroots organization with more than 1.1 million members, is focused on challenging childhood obesity through improving school meals and supporting programming that raises awareness and empowers the community to make healthier food choices.

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    MOMocrats MOMochat: Leaning In -- Or Tuning Out?

    in Politics Progressive

    Women's History Month started off with a bang this year, thanks to a couple of high profile female tech execs who have been featured on magazine covers and headlines for the past few weeks. 
    If we were truly equal, the fuss over Marissa Mayers’ no-telecommuting directive at Yahoo! would have been focused on the protests of ALL affected employees, instead of just the mothers. And Sheryl Sandberg would not have needed to advise young women to “Lean In” to get ahead in the workplace.
    Nanette Fondas of MomsRising takes part in this week's  podcast. hosted by the MOMocrats. Cynematic and Donna Schwartz Mills will also steer the usual political discussion from the progressive POV.
    Produced by Engender Media Group.

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    MOMocrats MOMochat:: The SOPA/PIPA Blackout

    in Politics Progressive

    It's Wednesday, January 18 and many of your favorite websites have gone black in protest of a couple of congressional bills that would destroy the Internet as we know it. But Cynematic, Julie Pippert and Donna Schwartz Mills are still here today to explain it all to you. And with the State of the Union address just a week away, we're thinking about what we'd like President Obama to say. Anita Jackson of MomsRising will be with us to discuss what would be most valuable to women.
    We'll also spend some time talking about the War on Women and the Silver Ribbon Campaign's Trust Women Week and March, January 20-27.

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    MOMocrats MOMochat: Mothers of Intention

    in Politics Progressive

    The MOMocrats welcome Joanne Bamberger (a.k.a. Pundit Mom), author of the new book, "Mothers of Intention: How Women and Social Media Are Revolutionizing Politics in America."
    Joanne is a political and media strategist/analyst, author, and recovering attorney living in the shadow of the nation’s capital. Her book is the first to examine the rise of political motherhood online, as well as an important look at gender issues in the worlds of media politics.   A new media expert and authority on political involvement of women and mothers, Joanne was a regular contributor to AOL’s Politics Daily/Woman Up, writes frequently for The Huffington Post and MomsRising, and is an original contributor to MOMocrats.  Her political commentary has appeared on CNN, Fox News, Good Morning America, BBC Radio, NPR, Al Jazeera English & XM Radio POTUS, among others.