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    Molestation Prevention: When Sexual Abuse & The Classroom Collide

    in Religion

    Today on CFR Radio we will talk about the how sexual abuse causes challenges for students and teachers. We also have a special guest - a teacher we know and love will come in to share the issue of abuse through the lenses of a Teacher. Please don't miss this show as Educator and Author Cheri Edwards takes us inside the class room to confront molestation. PimpPreacher.com

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    Special Show about Rape and Molestation

    in Social Networking

    Today is a Special Radio Show. We are talking about Rape and Molestation. A very serious topic . We will be playing a Special testimony about a former Rape victim. This is a special show dedicated to all the women who have ever been raped or molested.Join us on Relationship Fridays with Azalea  and Garfield A Reid of blogtalkradio.com/itsrealtalklive. (Call in 6-8pm at 1-347-826-9457 press 1) to talk. We not only talk about problems we talk about Solutions. We are the Change! Call Friday 6-8pm EASTERN TIME

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    Living As An Adult Child of Molestation: Self Help

    in Family

    This show will provide a stepping stone to living a positive and healthier lifestyle starting with breaking the silence of child molestation, rape, sexual and domestic abuse. We will speak to the victims that is and have been emotionally stressed with the hurt, pain, and shame of it, however through courage and motivation they have become survivors that's willing to share their resources and organizations.    

    Today's topic: How can we face our abuse and not pretend that it never happened?  




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    Moving Past The Hurt of Molestation and Abuse

    in Spirituality

    Here we will discuss how to move past abuse and molestation...how to let go of the emotions that prevent you from moving forward...

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    in Current Events

    Really, if 7th Heaven's Rev. Eric Camden can be a child molester, is nothing sacred?  Well, no. Not when it comes to the abuse of children.

    In light of the recent allegations and investigations into actor Stephen Collins (TV's Rev. Camden) for molesting children, it's time to take another look at just who molesters are, how they operate, hot to recognize them, and how to help kids be safe.  We also need to reexamine what we can do about this terrible problem.  Did you know a 2004 U.S. Department of Education report said nearly 10 % of students have sexual contact with school employees before they graduate?  That report also stated that abuse happens when no one is paying attention to the issue.

    So let's pay attention.

    Storm is a writer and poet.  She is a survivor and advocate for child abuse victims and has turned that into a personal campaign to speak out against the unspeakable.  She wants to help children get out of abusive situations by personally speaking about what she's been through.

    Daphne Young, Vice President of Communications and PreventionEducation for Childhelp can halp us figure it all out.  Childhelp is America's longest running and largets national nonprofit meeting the physical, emotional, educational and spiritual needs of abused and neglected children.  The organization focuses on advocacy, prevention, treatment, and community outreach. She has developed a youth safety curriculum for young athletes with Olympic Consultants, the Foundation for Glogal Sports Development called Childhelp: Speak Up, Be Safe for Athletes.

    Storm and Daphne will give us answers, explain what child molestation really is, and offer strategies and resources for all of us.

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    Molestation & Forgiveness

    in Culture

    Join us on the 18:21 Speak Life Radio Show W/ Host DaVon J. Goode,&Lady Kia.. We will discuss "Molestation & forgiveness". Our special guest: Mr.Domonic Emanuel Whatley Sr. and Ms Erica N. Daniel-White,these ppl have POWERFUL STORIES you don't wanna miss. Tune in 11-21-13@ 9pm est.. Log onto www.1821speakliferadio.com to hear or call 646-381-4443 to listen,comment,and or ask a ? LIVE!!.. PLease pass on.

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    Organized Religion - Nothing But Legal Child Molestation

    in Religion

    What up the ELECT of TMH? And all children of TMH who weep and mourn for righteousness sake. This is going to be just a chop it up Tuesday. My Mothers Day was the greatest. I was so grateful and happy as those who love and honor me came and paid their warmest respects and of course ate MAMAS home cooked good food. LOL  So allow me to give a hearty and blessed, belated Mothers Day Shout out to all the  9MIND Mama's out there. Thank You eternally for all you do and I really wish Blk & Brwn MOTHERS where HONORED more than we are. I will be reading some of my FB post and again i will have to address these go back to Africa Blk Agents who use FB to talk the talk but not walk the walk. You know the ones who talk, sell  and promote all things Africa to we of brwn indigenous American Ancestry but somehow (never) manage to move back, yet airplanes fly from there everyday bringing motherland AFRICANS over here to this land with (no problem) and yet those here who lament how bad America is will not uproot and permannetly move as if they need a parade and a national Blk movement in order to go. 


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    Child Molestation: How To Recover

    in Relationships

    Join Mr Maken It Happun as he continues his series on Child Molestation. Join inthe conversation as Mr Maken It Happun and his guest delve into the topic of how to recover from child molestation.

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    Rape, Molestation, Guilt and Shame; Thank you Bill Cosby.

    in Self Help

    Far too often women (and men) are holding on to guilt and shame of some sexual abuse that happened twenty years or more ago. Why is it that the victims of sexual abuse are the ones that carry the guilt and shame in our society?

    Finally it's time to take these experiences that have been locked-up in the darkest recesses of the heart and bring them to light to be healed once and for all.

    Today I have the privilege to interview Irene Stafford. She will share her healing journey through rape, molestation, guilt and shame and how she was finally able to fully release the love in her heart.

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    in Culture


    The Lotus Place Welcomes Back Author, Victim Abuse Counselor, & Motivational Speaker Marry Whitney a.k.a Sunny Love!

    Join us for The Lotus Place Intimate Book Reading Sessions as we review the  chapters 3- 6 of “Robbed of a Childhood, Raped by the System” w/ Mary Whitney.

    Thursday, May 15, 2014 ~ 9p C/10p E ...LISTEN/CHAT/CALL~ 347-637-3074

    Book Intimate Reading Session, Review, & Discussion  w/Author Mary Whitney.


    Tune in to hear life lessons detailing how she transformed tragedy into triumph!

    Mary Whitney is the author of the riveting critically acclaimed work “Robbed of a Childhood, Raped by the System” which details her life as an adult survivor of child abuse and family molestation. She will share her story of surviving sexual, emotional, & physical abuse which led to “life in the fast lane” & exhilarating relationships.

    Every year more than 3 million reports of child abuse are made in the U.S.

    LISTEN/CHAT/CALL~ 347-637-3074

    Join in the lively discussions that always take place at THE LOTUS PLACE !          







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    Molestation Prevention: Good Touch Bad Touch From The Pastor &

    in Religion

    Today on CFR Radio we will kick off Molestation Prevention with a discussion about Good Touch Bad Touch from the Pastor. We will also talk about the likelihood that your child will come directly to you if someone has touched them in an inappropriate way. Are you kids too afraid of you to tell you if someone has touched them in a sexual way? Is your wife too afraid of you to tell you if the Pastor has touched her in an inappropriate way?

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