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    Shattered Lives: Louisiana Missing Persons Cases with Joe Cannon

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    Shattered Lives welcomes CUE Center for Missing Persons Louisiana State Outreach Coordinator Joe Cannon to discuss missing persons cases from his area. Many missing persons cases do not receive media attention beyond the local area. We will talk about those cases and offer known information in hopes of finding the key to their resolution.


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    Missing Persons and Cold Cases

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    Join us Tuesday as we explore cases of missing persons and unsloved murders. To kick off the conversation, we've chosen five cases - three from Minnesota and two from South Jersey / Philadelphia, familiar to our co-hosts.

    Heidi Firkus: Fatally shot in her home in St Paul, MN on April 25, 2010. Her husband was home at the time but he is not talking. The killing remains unsolved.
    Anne Barber Dunlap: Found dead in the trunk of her car in 1996. Although the husband remains a suspect, the murder is unsolved.
    Jacob Wetterling: Kidnapped in 1989 at age 11 while riding his bike in St Joseph, MN. He remains missing.
    Danielle Imbo and Richard Petrone Jr: Went missing on February 19, 2005, after leaving a Philadlelphia bar headed home to South Jersey. The have never been found.
    Erica Crippen Crosby: Last seen with her husband at a South Jersey restaurant on New Years Eve, 2014. Husband was arrested after police found forensic evidence in the trunk of his car to charge him. Her body remains missing.

    We'll be talking about these cases and others as time allows. Families are searching for answers. 

    CALL US at 1-347-850-8445 and join the conversation!


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    Missing Persons

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    Today's Topic is "Missing Persons" I am welcoming back by popular demand two of my favorite guests Retired Detective Sergeant from NYPD John Paolucci, and Joe Giacalone.  Joe is is a retired NYPD Detective Sergeant and former Commanding Officer of the Bronx Cold Case Squad.  John will discuss with me the Forensics behind Missing Persons cases.  Joe will discuss Missing Persons Cold Cases Joe will also discuss his new show on "A&E" "The Killer Speaks" which will air on April 18th. @ 10:00 pm. est. it will be episode # 2.  Call in your questions early one lucky caller will receive a copy of Joe's autographed book The Criminal Investigative Function A Guide For New Investigators. John will be giving as a gift to one lucky caller his baseball cap with his logo on it "Forensics4Real" For more information about John please visit his website www.forensics4real.com  For more information about Joe please visit his website http://joegiacalone.net/

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    Missing Persons Advocacy

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    Tonight's show is about the Missing California Five, So-Cal Advocate for the Missing. 


    1. Anne Gavin, Social Media Coordinator for So-Cal Advocates for the Missing & Missing Persons Advocate. Anne will briefly mention missing Charles Horvath-Allan. 

    2. Brenda Condon Adams, Founder of So-Cal Advocates for the Missing & Missing Persons Advocate. Brenda will discuss missing Crishtian Hughes case. 

    3. Wendy Kessinger, President of K9 Forensics & Author. 

    4. Lynn Ching, Mother of missing Sean Sidi. 

    5. Trisha Heldt Brucker, mother of Shawn Dickerson. 

    So-Cal Advocates For The Missing Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/So-Cal-Advocates-For-The-Missing/1406954269557187

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    Isabel Celis, Caleigh Harrison and Colin Gilis

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    Join Ben & Miranda for the latest missing persons and some you may never have heard of! Stay informed. The show is on for 30 min live but if you call in you can still continue listening and speak. The archives are always available if you miss the show.
    Email us if you have someone missing that is not making the mainstream. This includes runaways! Please include a phone number where we can reach you.
    If you would like to donate $1 to keep the show on longer (everything costs something) and help us, help everyone.
    Donate through PayPal at mirandatempest@ymail.com

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    Shattered Lives: CUE Center for Missing Persons Conference Summary

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    On March 19-22, 2015 the National Missing Persons Conference was held in Wilmington, NC sponsored annually by CUE Center for Missing Persons. Each year the conference is attended by families of the missing as a place to network, learn and gather together with others who are suffering the same losses. It's a place where they feel safe to share, cry, and laugh together as they continue their journey to find their missing loved one. 

    The theme for the 11th annual conference is "Persevere: into the unknown" and included several illustrious speakers, instructors and classes on a variety of related topics. 

    Today's show is dedicated to remembrances of the conference and what attendees take away each year as inspiration to continue, either as a family member, advocate, or law enforcement.




  • Missing Persons, Cold Cases, Unsolved Murders Psychic Investigations Live!

    in Spirituality

    Call in and join Troy and Bill live as we review and discuss unsolved murders, cold cases, missing persons cases, along with past love one(s) connections.

    If you have or know someone who has a case they would like us to review for potential airtime, email us at: www.napdetectives@gmail.com

    Special guest, Kim Meek, Psychic

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    Ask A PI: Special Guests & Missing Persons

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    On today, November 10, 2014, from 7 to 8 PM (ET) on "Ask A PI" we are going to have two special guest and we will be talking about how Private Investigators do get involved in Pro Bono cases of Missing People. These types of Investigations that we do is all voluntary as we assist people in attempting to locate their lost loved ones. Please tune in to www.blogtalkradio.com/askapi or on WMEX 105.9 FM, http://www.wmexradio.com/ask_a_pi for a great Show. Stay well everyone and have a great afternoon! SEMPER FI! Once a Marine-Always a Marine

    Happy 239th Birthday Marines!

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    Kim Kolton's Crime Wire: Monica Caison, Missing Persons

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    Guest: Monica Caison of CUE Center for Missing Persons The annual Road to Remember Tour is coming up soon to bring awareness to missing persons cases across the country. Listen and learn how you can become involved.
    Featuring the case of James Toole, missing since 1995 from Alabama. His family members will speak on air about his case. Who has the missing clues to solve this case?
    Visit our website at http://crimewiresite.com

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    Missing Persons & Stealthfind w/ Kelly & Julia -Learning is a Family Affair

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    Tonight's Special Program - Featuring Kelly Townsend & Julia D'Alfanzo; Stealth Find, Missing Persons & Human Trafficking - Boots on ground rescuers!! Featured in the Discovery ID channel's broadcast - 'Last Seen Alive' we are chatting live beginning at 9pm eastern tonight!! Set your 'Reminder' or 'Follow' our programming here!!

    'It's a Family Affair, Learning Broadcast' is very pleased to announce two very special guests for tonight's show. Mr. Kelly Townsend & Julia D'Alfanzo are actual rescuers and trackers who have found children & adults reported missing and thought to be gone forever. I am so honored to share, this married team are true fighters, in the mud of it all. They've seen some of the worst in these cases and have now been signed on a contract with the television broadcast on Discovery ID Channel. They are Board Members for National Domestic Violence Registry and Butterfly Dreams Abuse Recovery.

    Our guests are passing on an invitation to those who have a Missing Person's Case right now. You can contact them directly to have them review your case. Their amazing record of rescues and the heart of this team will give you hope, will review your case and provide the best help possible. Please join in tonight as we address a previous live interview this team did on KFNX Radio in Arizona, discussing Sex Trade Trafficking, Rescues, Missing Persons and more. 

    We'll take your live phone calls at 347-215-7754 or you are invited to our live show chatroom with our Butterfly Helpers who keep your topics flowing. This broadcast is a live interview, but is not intended as any form of legal or professional pshychiatric services. This is a comminuty outreach broadcast of Butterfly Dreams Abuse Recovery. Host & Producer, Ms. Patricia 'Trish' McKnight Fndr/CEO/Owner,Survivor,Advocate,Author

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    Murder Talk Show 1-714-364-4559 Guest Call-In Number

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    Murder: Unsolved Cold Cases & Missing Persons: Call-In Now! Guest Call-In Phone Number: 1-714-364-4559