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    Ronald A. Edwards vs the Minneapolis NAACP and Nekima Levy-Pounds (FACTS)

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    Ronald A. Edwards breaks his silence on the National and local (Minneapolis) NAACP. n 2003, Mr. Ronald A. Edwards exposed the national and Minneapolis NAACP with information about millions of dollars gone missing from the coffers. Later the same year, the national NAACP expelled Edwards for life. The national office thought by expelling Edwards, he would no longer have the creditability to talk about issues of the NAACP. They were dead wrong. For more than 40 years, Ronald A. Edwards has been a mainstay in print, television and radio. He now my co-host on the award winning BlogTalkRadio program, “The Ron and Don Show,” broadcast weekly every Wednesday at 8:30 pm.

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    Minneapolis NAACP goes Dark with no President – Tonight on The Ron and Don Show

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    Only a handful of Minneapolis NAACP members received notice about an upcoming election scheduled for Saturday, Dec. 7. This election was to elect a new president and executive board. Join the team of Ronald A. Edwards and Don Allen as we examine what has happened to the Minneapolis NAACP. 

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    The Ron and Don Show: A New Day for the Minneapolis NAACP and more

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    The Minneapolis branch of the NAACP is celebrating a new beginning with the election of several new officers who will set forth to build capacity and make a difference for the Minneapolis branch of the NAACP.

    On Friday, December 13, by an overwhelming margin, the pastor of New Salem Missionary Baptist church, Rev. Jerry McAfee was elected as president of the Minneapolis branch of the NAACP with a solid vote of the majority of members in attendance.

    Also elected to the executive committee, as Vice President was former Minneapolis policewoman Ms. Lisa Clemons. IBNN’s Don Allen was elected as second Vice President with three other candidates vying for the spot. Allen tells us in a candid interview, “Nobody thought I was going to win. I care about black people in Minnesota. The current road we are on will kill us. The lack of economic development, poor housing, educational challenges and people speaking for people of color who don’t represent ‘people of color’ is over during my watch. Its time to change the dynamics and I’m ready to take action in Minnesota on behalf of the Minneapolis NAACP. It will no longer be about a political party and supporting hen-pecked issues, it will be about making a good life for people of color in Minneapolis.”

    Business owner and mega producer Tonia Johnson was elected as treasurer of the Minneapolis branch of the NAACP. The Minneapolis branch also elected a secretary and assistant secretary on Friday night.

    The phone lines will be open, it's time to talk.




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    Minneapolis NAACP member invokes Legal Action against the new People's Stadium

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    Doug Mann, perennial Minneapolis School Board candidate and candidate for Minneapolis mayor last fall and a life-long  member of the Minneapolis NAACP started a pro se action last summer to compel a city-wide referendum on the new Viking stadium finance package:

    Mann said he will file his petition for a writ of mandamus that seeks a public referendum on use of city sales taxes to help finance the edifice, as authorized by the Legislature.
    He wants the court to order that the city follow a provision of its charter that requires voter approval when more than $10 million in city funds are spent on an athletic facility.  The city is expected to note that the legislation overrides that charter provision.
    The city will finance its portion of the stadium using a suite of sales taxes – a citywide sales tax, downtown restaurant and liquor taxes and a hotel tax. Those taxes currently pay for the city’s convention center, but money will be freed up when debt on that facility is paid in 2020.The total city subsidy is $309 million, or $678 million when accounting for interest over the life of the deal.

    Well, the city did “note” the override, and the Hennepin County District ruled that both Mann and the city were right. It did violate the charter, but the state overrode the charter with the stadium legislation. That decision is now on appeal.

    Phone lines will be open to ask the question: Will the Minneapolis membership of the NAACP stand behind Mr. Doug Mann, or wait for a payoff from the MSFA? 

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    The the Four Horsemen lied to the black community

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    Former Minneapolis Urban League president R. Scott Gray has resigned. This is after his Bush Fellowship award to receive up to $100,000 over 12 – 24 months. The Minneapolis NAACP is holding a special election on May 2. It seems the old Minneapolis NAACP is not working. 

    Tune into the Ron and Don Show to find out why the "Four Horsemen" lied to the black community...everything is not okay. 

    The award-winning black talk radio program on #BlogTalkRadio. 

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    Dynamic Dojo Talkradio: Gloria Hendry, Actress and Masters Hall of Fame Nominee

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    Sunday May 24, 2015. 11:00 a.m. Pacific Time. It's our SUNDAY BRUNCH SHOW!

    Born in Florida and raised in Newark, New Jersey, Gloria's first job was as an assistant to the legal secretary in the New York office of the NAACP. She also became a model around this time. This exposure led to her being cast in her first movie, For Love Of Ivy  (1968). In the 1970s, she became a popular star of actioner films such as Black Ceasar (1973) and Black Belt Jones (1974).  Gloria made history as the very first romantically involved African-American James Bond girl. The movie was Live and Let Die (1973).

    She has completed her first CD and also produced The Paul Robeson Story. 


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    Today we go over Twista & Do or Die, Andre Mariette, and Murs. Tidal screwing everybody over with making them sign up to see the booty butt cheeks. What's the difference between hip hop and mainstream rap? Find out all of it in 30 minutes.


    Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/unpopularmedia612

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    Maddads Blog Talk Radio

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    What would you like to see happen in your community to make a positive role model to our children.


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    Twin Cities coonery is about to end

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    Again, it took the Star Tribune newspaper story about the misdealings at the Minneapolis Urban League toi make some community members understand the team of Ronald A. Edwards and Don Allen have been telling the truth for a combined 40 year. Tonight, it is our pleasure to bring you up to speed about current events in the Twin Cities black community you should be paying attention to. 

    The phone lines will be open. 


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    Sunny Blue Bland- Exclusive Interview- Mon 18, 2015-06 pm PST On Lynne's Den

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    Tune In Here:


    Call in to speak with the host or guest (718) 664-6324 choose option (1) to speak to guest or host.

    Sunny Blue Bland in Sacramento, California. Raised and went to school mostly in California, Began traveling with the only man to be known as his father, Bobby Blue Bland. Graduated valedictorian at Sacramento High School in 1981. Also President of the youth, and college chapter of the NAACP. Entertainment has always been a part of Sunny Blue Bland life, from acting, singing and music promotion.

    At the mature age, the calling to sing the blues is something he has always wanted to pursue, and now at Sunny Blue Bland felt compelled to do so with the lost of so many great icons, such as Johnny Taylor, Johnny Guitar Watson, Albert King, BB King and numerous others not mentioned, but not forgotten. Sunny's passion for the blues is manifested from episodes of love ones lost and the real life experiences of pain and sorrow he has experienced. 

    Sunny Blue Bland is known for his chilling stage presence and sold out performances internationally. His number one influence of the blues is his father, the great Bobby Blue Bland, also O.V Wright, Johnny Taylor and the mighty Joe Hicks. Sunny Blue Bland has had the honors in performing at “Hard Rock Café”, “Silver Legacy”, and “Reno’s Blues Festival” after party, “Zokku’s Club & Sushi Bar”, “California State Fair” "Cal Neva Hotel & Casino" "Black Expo" "Blues Festival Hosted by the NAACP" and more.