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    Project Sanctuary: Helping Military Families Heal

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    Named one of five chosen charities, Project Sanctuary was recognized for "The People's Choice Winner" of the Joining Forces Community Challenge by First Lady Michelle Obama and Dr. Jill Biden. Their extraordinary effort to improve the lives of military families was celebrated in the prestigious award ceremony in 2012. 

    Project Sanctuary believes the whole family serves, from the battle-zone to the home-front. The award-winning organization provides military families with supportive care, education, and innovative services -- all through outdoor therapeutic retreats. Of the hundreds of families who have attended their retreats, 90% are still married and zero suicides have been reported. Program outcomes such as that are highly commendable in this era of intense military stress, especially given the millions of military families soon to transition to civilian life.

    "After reading that the rates of child abuse and neglect triple when a parent is deployed, Heather Ehlee was moved to do something and founded Project Sanctuary in 2007." As a Registered Nurse with more than 20 years experience, she reached out to gain community support and further education, plus a leadership team made up of military veterans. During this episode, we'll have the pleasure of introducing listeners to Jason Strickland, the Chief Development Officer at Project Sanctuary. Jason is a 20-year US Army retired Intelligence Officer who's served all over the world. We'll talk with him about the future and mission of this healing organization, as well as his role in forging new relationships to build visibility and impact. 

    Join us on Monday, February 17th at 7pm EST in this dynamic conversation about sustaining hope in the lives of military families. 

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    Military Families Serve Too

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    It is not just the soldier who serves.  Our military family members may not enlist, but they do serve, and they need our support.  Military and veteran families must cope with many situations that civilians will never face.  Join us for a discussion on VOW Talk Radio, Tuesday, June 5, at 7:00 pm (EDT) about the issues that redefine the way our military and veteran families live out every day life, and the support services available to meet their needs.
    Veronica La Duke will be joining the VOW Talk Radio team to share about the VFW National Home for Children, which serves as a living memorial to America’s veterans by helping military and veteran families through challenging times and equipping them for future success.
    The VFW National Home for Children has a variety of services including connecting families with supportive services and resources in their own communities, as well as providing on-campus programs which include support for military families facing deployment challenges, veterans juggling VA Vocational Rehabilitation with family obligations, and other difficult situations that may arise.

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    AWTR Show 477: Project Sanctuary: Where Military Families Reconnect

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    Army Wife Talk Radio is the leading internet talk radio show for Army wives, by Army wives. AWTR is hosted by the Army Wife Network Core Team -  www.ArmyWifeNetwork.com. AWTR guests bring exciting, relevant topics and resources to the attention of our military families.

    Guest: Jason Strickland, Project Sanctuary

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    YMM AM -Financial Benefits For Military Families

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    WSJ's Dan Loney reports on financial benefits aimed at offsetting some of the many challenges faced by military families. Also, how many credit scores do you have?

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    Spotlight on Assisting Military Families

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    This week on "Let's Talk About Business Radio" we are discussing Assisting Military Families with Special Guest Suzette Gregg of Mom's Healing Hands, LLC.
    Mom’s Healing Hands Provides Military Families Assistance By: ~ Cutting Through “Red Tape” so Veterans Receive Benefits They So Urgently Need ~ Working With Disabled Veteran’s by Life Coaching, Budgeting, and subsequently ~ Living Independently ~ Assisting Veterans in finding Gainful Employment ~ Helping Veterans obtain VA Home Loans ~ Providing and Seeking Out Support Groups for Veterans and Veteran Families ~ Assisting Veterans Children in obtaining College Benefits to Achieve their College Degrees ~ Appointed A Board of Directors whose knowledge and passion for Veterans cannot be surpassed ~ Net-Working with a vast amount of other Veteran Or ganizations ~ Contacting our Elected Officials For Their Intervention When All Efforts Fail (on their cell phones!)
    Visit: Mom's Healing Hands

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    AWTR Show 516: FMLA and Related Leave Benefits for Military Spouses

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    Army Wife Talk Radio is the leading internet talk radio show for Army wives, by Army wives. AWTR is hosted by the Army Wife Network Core Team - www.ArmyWifeNetwork.com. AWTR guests bring exciting, relevant topics and resources to the attention of our military families.

    Guest: Adam Carter   

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    Resilient Military Families - A View with Mia Hamm's Parents

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    On Monday, November 25th, we'll culminate recognition of National Military Family Appreciation Month, with a view of resilient military families via Bill and Stephanie Hamm. The media has often spotlighted their daughter, Mia Hamm, as a world renowned olympic and world cup soccer champion. Her team paved the way for the formation of the 1st woman's professional soccer league, the 1st FIFA Woman's World Cup in the sport and two Olympic team medals. 

    Growing Up Base to Base, Mia is one of six children raised inside the military culture, moving seven times during Bill Hamm's career as an Air Force fighter pilot. Like many military families they became closer and more resilient as a result of their frequent transitions. Yet, their ability to transcend challenges and move forward with courage was put through an unexpected test when their son, Garrett, died of bone marrow disease complications. For Mia, losing her "soccer buddy" led her to form a foundation to help other families facing similar circumstances. 

    The desire to help others in extraordinary ways appears to be a Hamm family trait. Bill and Stephanie Hamm serve as board member volunteers with the McRae-Gaines Learning Center, providing opportunity for "excellent education from the least to the greatest."

    Together with  Bill and Stephanie, we'll reflect on the challenges military families face and how those lessons in resiliency can affect positive change within our communities. Join us as we delve into The Hamm Family's military roots and beyond -- with a spotlight on National Military Family Appreciation Month. 

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    AWTR Show 515: My Yellow Balloon - How Kids Process Major Life Events

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    Army Wife Talk Radio is the leading internet talk radio show for Army wives, by Army wives. AWTR is hosted by the Army Wife Network Core Team - www.ArmyWifeNetwork.com. AWTR guests bring exciting, relevant topics and resources to the attention of our military families.

    Guest: Tiffany Papageorge 

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    Government Over-Reach or Government Under-Reach

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    It seems the rights the government takes from us....everything from the TSA touching our No No Squares to limiting the most popular hunting ammo....really do nothing to increase our safety.

    Yet, the really important things towards protecting our safety like closing the border and keeping helicopters from landing on the White House lawn seem to be impossible for the government to manage.

    What game are the planning? How long will America tolerate it? And what should we really be afraid of?

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    The Great American Story with Bob Day - Inst#1041 - 18Apr15

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    "The Great American Story with Bob Day" 

    ... a Nationally Syndicated radio show unlike any other in Radio History which, is taking the "Radio-World" by storm!

    "When it comes to Telling Stories... "No One does it like Bob!"

    ...These are our stories told in a way you have never heard before.  Host Bob Day entertains and informs his audience with little known facts and long forgotten stories about the iconic people and events that make up The Great American Story.

      "The Great American Story with Bob Day" is Nationally Syndicated and, Broadcast LIVE every Saturday from Noon-2(pst) from am1410KMYC and Sundays from 8-10 pm (pst) then, re-cast to the world via "BlogTalk Radio". All episodes of "The Great American Story" are Archived at www.thegreatamericanstorywithbobday.com .

     “For affiliate information, contact RadioLinx Broadcast Marketing at 480-993-3150 or GreatAmericanStory@Radio-Linx.com”

    ENJOY the STORIES!!!

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