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    Continuing Education

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    On this weeks episode of The Menu: Continuing Education. Is it necessary or just another way for the system to capitalize off of us?
    Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with upgrading yourself mentally, socially and academically but at the current cost that some of these universities charge what are they really providing in return? Student loans seem more like an endless debt! For how many years do you pledge your servitude and what is the ultimate end result? This Thursday night at 8pm on The Menu Knowledge for Knowledge, let's educate!

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    Black America: Who's the monster

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    On Next week's episode of The Menu. It's time to take it there..."Being Black in America" Why are we the Problem?
    In all my years on this earth, the older I get the more I start to realize that the color of my skin still seems to remain a factor in 2013.After the civil rights movement of the 60's and 70's, all the blood shed and lives lost for the sake of equality, why is being black still an issue. Do we as Black people have a fear of unity? Why is it so hard for us to get ourselves together? Where's the accountability, and why are we so dependent on the system?
    Certain questions we MUST come face to face with! 8pm August 8th on The Menu
    www.blogtalkradio.com/themenumindurmental 646-287-1882 Guest call in  

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    Tomorrow Will Be Televised On The Menu Episode

    in Television

    The program all about TV. Our guest: On The Menu executive producer Dean Hauser.

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    Relationships: Really, what's good?

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    Yea..It's on!!
    Time to get it in, down and dirty..."The R Word"!!!! Yea thats right I said it, time to talk RELATIONSHIPS! On this episode Brother L and I will be keeping it most FUNKY! Straight up honest about why some men do what they do and our views on woman and they're tactics. This will be a no holds barred conversation, so get in where you fit in!
    Good Times, and good talk, on The Menu www.blogtalkradio.com/themenumindurmental

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    Thanksgiving Menu with a Plant-Based Twist!

    in Food

    Today Laura Theodore, the Jazzy Vegetarian welcomes executive chef, cooking teacher, caterer and former diabetic, Jason Wyrick, to share tips for a healthier and compassionate vegan Thanksgiving and his new book, Vegan Tacos. Looking for the perfect holiday gift?  Autographed copies of Laura Theodore’s CDS and her cookbooks Jazzy Vegetarian Classics and Jazzy Vegetarian are now available! Watch SEASON FOUR of Jazzy Vegetarian on the CREATE NETWORK premiering on December 11, 2014! SEASON FOUR is full of celebrity guests and celebratory meals. (Check local listings).  Chef Jason Wyrick is an executive chef, cooking teacher, caterer and a former diabetic. He has co-authored the New York Times best-selling book 21-Day Weight Loss Kickstart with Neal Barnard, MD, and has taught alongside many medical and dietary professionals. A former diabetic who cured his diabetes and lost 100 pounds by going vegan, Jason was the first vegan culinary instructor in the world-famous Le Cordon Bleu program.

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    Greg White: Chef on TNT's New Hit Show "ON THE MENU" is Live!

    in Cooking

    Get ready for the most fun you'll have anywhere during the next hour of your life!  

    Tonight's Special Guest Star:  Greg White star of the new TNT series ON THE MENU (debuting October 3rd) joins the show to talk FOOD, FUN and also share his new autobiography THE PINK MARINE!

    Like Greg's Facebook fan page by clicking here!

    Check out Greg's website by clicking here!

    Follow Greg on Twitter by clicking here!

    Call 323 657-1493 (Press 1) to ask Greg a cooking question! ! !


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    SEX...Part 2: Kama Sutra

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    Hey what's good fam? Brother L and B are Back at it this Thursday on "The Menu" SEX...Part 2: Kama Sutra! Join us as we discuss the history and intrigue of such a sensual nature! Oh Boy, this should be...interesting...lol! This Thursday at 8p.m. www.blogtalkradio.com/themenumindurmental Guest call in: 646-378-1882

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    What ever happend to the REAL M.C??

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    On next Thursdays episode of The Menu "What ever happend to the REAL M.C's" As we take an in depth look at the Evolution of the M.C from it's Beginnings to it's presant state/lable of "Rapper"
    Is a M.C and Rapper the same by definition?Has Hip Hop suffered do to the industrialization of the Music industry? Old skool Verses New skool, which is better? Please share your thoughts and views. Let' get it in fam, 8 p.m. on "The Menu"! www.blogtalkradio.com/themenumindurmental  

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    The Police: Who is really up for the Job?

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    On this weeks episode of The Menu we will dive into the tainted waters and discuss The Police: Who's really built for the job?
    Let's face it, not everyone can be expected to deal with society's misfits and trouble makers on a daily basis without it talking a toll on a person mentally and spiritually. I would like to take an unbiased look at the role of law enforcement in this country and as a whole and get to the bottom of some things that may have raised questions or questionable actions that may have raised eyebrows! Please join us!! Thursday at 8p.m. www.blogtalkradio.com/themenumindurmental guest call in: 646-378-1882

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    The State of our Educational System

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    The Menu: Mind Ur Mental Coming up this Thursday will be part 2 of last weeks discussion on the "Educational system". Why does education seem to take a back seat in impoverished communities? What are our so called leaders and politicians doing to solve the problem? Are closing failing schools really a solution? Let's talk about it and be about it, this Thursday at 8p.m. on "The Menu". www.blogtalkradio.com/themenumindurmental

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    Child Support

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    This Thursday's edition of "The Menu" Brother L and I will be discussing the matter of "Child Support". Who is it really for? What do the courts base they're decisions on? Bias or BS? How is it that some women get to pimp the system and the Real Mother's get stiffed? And why are the Good dad's getting persecuted? Tune in Thursday night 8pm on www.blogtalkradio.com/themenumindurmental

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