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    Tough Talk with Melinda Cooper Founder of Living the Dream Magazine

    in Business

    Tough Talk with Tony Gambone with his guest Melinda Cooper

    Melinda Cooper worked for 18+ years with a very large government agency in various positions such as Employee/Labor Relation Specialist, Paralegal for the Regional Law Office, and Congressional Liaison. She has a BA from the University of Texas at Dallas in government and politics, a mother of 2 adult children and is a wife. Melinda started her first business in fashion for children and teens at the age of 16 until she sold it to a national clothing chain owned by Merry-Go-Round Enterprises,

    Living the Dream Magazine September2014 Living YOUR Dream in Business and Life. Expert advice, exceptional content and tips for small business owners. www.livingthedreammagaizine.com


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    Legal Eagle and the Coach Radio Show

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    Legal Eagle and the Coach with Bryan Kiser and David Altenbern with their guest Melinda Cooper & David Merkatz:

    Melinda Cooper CEO and Creator of Living The Dream Digital Magazine, Strategize Developer of Le Fem Magazine and CEO of U Shine Productions serves through helping others build their businesses to the next level.
    Melinda worked for 18+ years with a very large government agency in various positions such as Employee/Labor Relation Specialist, Paralegal for the Regional Law Office, and Congressional Liaison. She has a BA from the University of Texas at Dallas in government and politics, a mother of 2 adult children and is a wife.

    David Merkatz - I started my career as a Locksmith in Brooklyn NY, and then moved to South Florida in 1983. I opened my first Locksmith Business in 1985, in Plantation Florida, and sold it 3 Years later. I then started a Mobile Locksmith business, as it was too costly to have a storefront for this type of business, after the big box stores started opening all over. In 2013 I and 2 fellow Locksmiths were arrested and "Wrongly Charged" with major felonies.

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    POSITIVE PERSPECTIVES Late Night Psychic Readings with Melinda!

    in Spirituality

    Host Psychic Medium Melinda Carver brings back the Late Night Fun Night PSYCHIC Readings show!

    Do you want to know what is happening with your love life, your career, family relationships or finances?  Would you like to connect with your Deceased Loved Ones, Guides & Angels?  Callers are welcome all show long!

    FUNDRAISING EPISODE:  Complete an energy exchange for your reading tonight - make a donation to jump ahead of other callers & receive a longer reading.  Donations may be made here:  http://psychicmelinda.webs.com/radioshow.htm

    Melinda Carver is the Official Psychic of the Tarot Guild and the host of Positive Perspectives Radio.  She travels the country to appear at metaphysical expos, conferences, new age stores and groups.  She is the creator of Melinda's Positive Products, a magical line of products for your energy work, spells, meditations and rituals.  Melinda is available for private sessions.




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    POSITIVE PERSPECTIVES Astrology Insights with Mark Metheny

    in Spirituality

    Astrologer Mark Metheny joins us live tonight!

    How do the other planets affect us here on Earth?  Can they affect our love life, career and finances?  What is Evolutionary Astrology?  Join us tonight as Mark shares insights into the planetary aspects affecting us in our everyday lives.  Plus we are taking your calls!

    Mark Metheny is a professional Astrologer with over 20 years experience.  He has lectured and written articles on Astrology topics. Mark is the host of Mark The Rabbit Hole radio show heard on Within Sights Network.  He is available for private consultations.





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    4th and Goal Podcast Episode 5: Xavier Cooper and Justin Pawlowski Stop By

    in Sports

    In the 5th episode of the 4th and Goal Podcast, we have our biggest show yet as we have Defensive Line prospect Xavier Cooper on at 815 out of Washington State University and give him some exposure to some east coast fans that might have not heard of him. Also we will talk about his combine experiences as he lit it up in Indianapolis. 

    Immediately following him we will have Justin Pawlowski stopping to talk about the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the pending off-season and the upcoming draft as well.

    It looks like another great show for the 4th and Goal Podcast; however what would make it even better is if any of you listners would call in at 516-418-5946 and have a take on something we talk about or if you want to bring up your own news story that we can discuss. Either join the conversation or start your own with us! Also if you have a question don't forget to follow the show @4thandGoalShow and you can also ask a question there if you'd like and we will discuss it on the air!

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    The Magic of Fairies with Psychic Medium Melinda Carver

    in Spirituality

    Join Mary Nale and Melinda Carver on Attune Magazine Radio!

    Melinda is going to be talking about The Magic of Faires!

    Melinda Carver is a Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, and Clairsentient Psychic Medium receiving and passing on messages to YOU from Spirit Guides, Angels, and Deceased Loves Ones. Melinda uses a mix of Psychic Ability and Spirit Messages in her readings. She can see the living around you and connect with your energy. She also offers Tarot & Oracle Readings, Psychometry (readings jewelry or metal objects) and Dream Interpretation. She is available for Private Readings in-person, or via Telephone or Skype, Spirit Salons & Parties (at your home), Workshops, Lectures, and Classes.

    Melinda is the host of Positive Perspectives Radio, which has featured international bestselling authors Dr. Steven Farmer, James Wanless, Donna DeNomme, Rasha, and George Noory.  She is the creator of her own line of magical products - Melinda's Positive Products - magical products & manifestation tools, raise your vibrations, attract positive people, events & items into your life. See her products in the "Products" tab. Melinda is a Universal Light Minister providing House Blessings & Space Energy Clearings at homes, offices, farms, restaurants, bars, spas, hair salons and other locations. For a full listing of Melinda's appearances (classes, psychic fairs, expos), see the "NEWS" Tab.

    Visit Melinda: http://psychicmelinda.webs.com/


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    POSITIVE PERSPECTIVES Loved Ones, Angels & Guides Messages with Carol Borkoski

    in Spirituality

    One of your favorites returns tonight - CAROL BORKOSKI!  

    Tonight, join us as Carol provides YOU with messages from your Deceased Loved Ones, Spirit Guides and Angels!  What does the realm of Spirit have to say to you?  Who would you love to connect with?  Explore the Angelic Realm - how to see and speak to the Angels. Plus Carol will lead us in a short Angel Meditation!  Callers are welcome all show long.

    Carol Borkoski is an Angel Therapy Practitioner and Psychic Medium.  She provides Reiki & Color, Light & Sound Therapy. She is the author of the Loving Kindness Journal.  Carol teaches workshops, officiates weddings and house blessings, and is an artist.  She is available for private appointments.




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    Mindset Empowerment Hour w. John McQueen

    in Self Help

    The Mindset Empower Hour - is a fun, focused and fast paced empowering radio show hosted by JOHN MCQUEEN, aka. The Mindset Mentor. Join us this week as we will share and discuss “How systems can equal the playing field!” Our Special Guest is  CEO & Head Writer of MLMPRLStore.com, Nicole Cooper 

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    Let's Get Your Work Out to the World! Readings Too!

    in Spirituality

    Do you have a burning desire to do something different? To make a big contribution that can really help to change people's lives or make the world a better place? Want to write a book or create a new program or product? Not sure how to get started? 

    Well there are plenty of how to's on the physical actions to take to get going. But all successful ideas start with an inspiration and an energy that ignites to bring it to fruition. 

    On this show we are going to talk about how to develop your ideas energetically first and set the tone for success! We will discuss easy yet powerful ways to put things into motion so that you are in the right place, at the right time with the right people and attracting all the resources you need to get your work created and out to the world!

    Be sure to come with an honest list of what you would like to create. Even if you dont have all of the details yet. We will sort that out when you get here!

    I will be taking your questions so be sure to call in early! 347 215 9485

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    Director of "Older than America" Georgina Lightning on Indigenous Injustice

    in Culture

    Wednesday, March 4, 6pm EST:  Tonight's show is about Paradigm Shifts, highlighting the upcoming Film & Music Festival at Baruch Theater for the Performing Arts and focusing on the use of art and media for educating people en masse about issues that have been long too dormant and buried from public view and discourse.  Georgina Lightning, director of Older Than America with Bradley Cooper and Adam Beach.

    She is an outspoken advocate of North American aboriginal causes.

    Nancy Rhodes, founder of Encompass Opera and the Paradigm Shifts Film & Music Festival will be part of discussion as well.

    Listen on-line at www.abetterworld.tv or by phone! 602 753-1860

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