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    Abigail Disney and Lucy McBath debut The Armor of Light

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    Abigail E. Disney makes her directoral debut withThe Armor of Light, Disney.  Reverend Rob Schenck and Lucy McBath will take the documentary on the road for a special series of pre-release events aimed at creating a dialogue with faith leaders around issues of gun violence. Faith Over Fear includes stops in Philadelphia, Chicago, Houston and Orlando, all major centers of Christian faith thought and worship. The plan to share The Armor of Light in these areas prior to the release grew from the great interest and support of many influential faith leaders around the nation.  Disney, McBath and Schenck hope to begin prayerful and respectful conversation around reducing gun violence in America.

    "I made The Armor of Light with the hope that we could somehow find a way to break our political and social deadlock around guns and violence in America,” said Disney. “And on the Faith Over Fear tour I look forward to dialoguing with faith leaders about how to tap into our deepest values to find a viable way forward on this most important issue."

    The Armor of Light, which premiered at the 2015 Tribeca Film Festival, tracks Reverend Schenck as he tries to find the courage to preach about the growing toll of gun violence in America.  Schenck, who operates the well-known ministry Faith and Action in Washington, D.C., questions whether America’s gun culture is consistent with his pro-life values.  Schenck finds inspiration in Lucy McBath, the mother of Jordan Davis, an unarmed teenager who was murdered in Florida and whose story has raised questions.

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    The Air Raid with Brian Griffiths

    in Politics Conservative

    Brian talks about how the Post-Church Culture of modern America plays into the establishment of megachurches and how it conditions them to avoid things, such as the Center for Medical Progress' Planned Parenthood expose videos, that provides them with negative feelings

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    Pastors as globetrotters...In the Modern Church...What is Ministry?

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    Many have "gone in" on Dr. Creflo Dollar. Dollar is the Atlanta based megachurch pastor, who recently released a plea to his supporters to assist him in purchasing a new jet to continue his work of global ministry. The web has been inundated with questions like, "If Jesus could travel on a donkey, why can't he?" "Why can't he more like the Pope?" and "Why doesn't he help his neighborhood in Atlanta more?" 

    For those who go deeper than the headlines or are a member of this pastor and other successful ministries worldwide, they know that there is largely a measurable difference in the lives of people who adhere to the principles taught. Unfortunately, with 74% of millenials belief that they can either "Find God Elsewhere" or that "Its not relevant to me", they don't have the personal experience to relate to. They simply have CBS, the blogs and the watercooler. 

    On this episode, we will talk to Vic Bolton. Seasoned PR professional and devout Christian. He will help us give a unique perspective on this issue of judgement of the success of megachurches in the modern era of extreme secularism.

    Be warned....don't expect a sermon. Vic is known for keeping it real. 


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    Megachurches and Pastors being paid Megabucks

    in Women

    Is it wrong for churches to be mega and Pastors to be paid megabucks? We see the need for Pastors to have a big church. Do you think God is please? Do you think their work in ministry is affective? Sometimes the need for a megachurch becomes more important than souls being save. Join me as my Special Guest-Breaking the Silence.

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    Church Planting: The Small Church/ Megachurch Standoff

    in Christianity

    Everybody's behind church planting, but not everyone sees church planting the same way!
    In this freewheeling discussion, two ministers talk about church planting from their unique points-of-view.
    Steve Wyatt, a church planter and former megachurch pastor, asks megachurches to give some breaks to church plants. Aaron Brockett, a megachurch pastor and former church planter, explains why big isn't always better and certainly isn't usually easier. Together they'll lend passionate perspective to a challenge all of us must embrace: Let's plant more churches!
    Tune in Thursday, October 24, 11 a.m., Eastern.

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    The Nikki Rich Show talks with Erin J Morgart Mrs. US United Nations

    in Entertainment

    It's Celebrity Tuesday!! Tonight The Nikki Rich Show Talks with Mrs. US United Nations CEO Erin J. Morgart Enterprises/ Athlete/Certified PT/ Blogger for Exercise TV/FitOrbit/FitTV.  This Episode Erin J. Morgart's  life coach Chloe Taylor Brown called in (LifeCoach to athletes, celebrities, corporations, women, men, Megachurches and some Reality TV Stars, to name a few), along with me inviting Jennifer Oguzie Official onto the show to discuss her Film Project, plus people from all over the States from Los Angeles to New York (where the show is broadcast) and Tweets from Africa to Australia....... just a ?#‎MOVING? show where we covered topics from bullying to women in the Film Industry to Mentorship. Erin gives thanks to Special thanks to Sister Friend Metre Long, another Uber-Connector who introduced me to Nikki! There WILL be a Part Two in the future! Way to ?

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    NO CROSS, NO CROWN: Where Is The Sacrifice?

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    In today's society, where everyone is interested in what they can get out of everything; in a world, where success is solely measured by how much money you have in the bank, rather than how many people you have been privileged to help; the question is Where Is The Sacrifice? Even in the church, especially in many of what are known as megachurches (these are churches that boast of having memberships of 10,000 and more), the message is a feel-good, prosperity, everyone will be healed, you're okay, I'm okay kind of "word". Gone are the days where, serving others, winning souls to Christ, living holy and righteous lives, and sacrificing who you are and what you have for the perpetuation of the Kingdom of God on earth, were first priority.

    Tonight, we will be speaking on the topic: No Cross, No Cross: Where Is The Sacrifice?


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    I AM the WAY...

    in Religion

    On this episode of the ThinkTank, I will be joined by our Revolutionary watchdog, Jackie "The Bulldog" King. We will dive into the world of Amway and other Multi-Level Marketing Companies.  Amway is the largest Multi-Level Marketing Organization in the world. We will talk about our personal experiences with Multi-Level Marketing Organizations.  We will also look at the secret, yet not so secret relationships with big name televangelists. Finally, we will disect the manipulative mind control techniques that are used by Multi-Level Marketing companies and adopted by megachurches preaching a prosperity gospel. This is a must listen. If you have been decieved into one of these companies,  please join the discussion.  And if you have personally benefited from one of these companies,  we want your input as well. Like always, the number is 661-449-9951. REVOLUTION!!

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    MEGACHURCHES Do They Help Black Communities Enough?

    in Entertainment

    Are the Black churches helping out Enough in our communities such as Jobs,Training,etc. their is a 16% unemployment Rate some Churches are helping by providing jobs and training for the people who are so dearly in Need of Help,but what about the rest of them who aren't doing anything at all or maybe they are providing other Necessary Needs to the community.Lets talk about it here on INTERACTIVE RADIO WBIZ Magic One FM BALTIMORE'S R and B Hip- Hop Entertainment

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    The MegaChurch: Evangelical Entertainment?

    in Religion

    Has the church, once a place reserved to worship GOD and fellowship become just another form of entertainment. Or has the evolution of the Christian church made it comfort for all walks of life to worship. The rise of the "Mega Church" and other church related politics has me thinking are people going to church for the right reasons? Is the church really helping it's members or taking them for a ride I mean do you really need  a church the size of an airport terminal to praise GOD!. Live bands, Jumbotrons, scandals and oodles of money. Does something seem familiar here?
    Join Us Tonight!

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    Doing The Right Thing At The wrong Time TD Jakes

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    This popular preacher, also known as "Bishop Jakes," comes from a United Pentecostal background. He pastors The Potter's House (Dallas, Texas) one of America's fastest-growing megachurches. He is also a leader and elected bishop of the "Higher Ground Always Abounding Assemblies," a network of Oneness Pentecostal churches - though not identified as such at the T.D. Jakes Ministries web site:


    In 1979, Pastor Jakes opened the doors of his first church located in a storefront facility in Montgomery, WV with only 10 members. The church eventually became known as The Temple of Faith and was affiliated with Ohio-based Higher Ground Always Abounding Assemblies, a Pentecostal organization that governs many churches of similar persuasion.