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    Top Star Hip Hop Radio present Kings of King with host @Grizzlylilcub of MDR

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    The only place where we slay demons and recieve eternal riches! love is all that matters man so anybody is welcomed! this week we will talk about cancer awareness and friendship! with 3 special guest from different parts of the nation!

    Call in 347-633-9588

    This is a Christian based radio show that spins positive uplifting music, talk about grace, and change hearts all in 2 hours each week! This week we are discussing "what happened to hiphop" part 2! tune in for more guest Stevie J the Consultant of BOBConsulting & more.

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    SmithBits Rant and Rave Talk Radio Show for August 24, 2014

    in Current Events

    Earthquake in Northern California; ISIL is booted off Twitter and Facebook, looking elsewheres; Surge Knight gunshots at the VMA awards last night; Southern California's MDR outbreak; Orlando Jones' Bucket of Bullet Casings; other things in the news.

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    EdNET Insider #4: Should You Attend K-12 Industry Meetings?

    in Marketing

    Get ready! Here's part four of the EdNET Insider series with timely information about important K-12 ed tech trends. We're wrapping up our coverage of one of the most important annual gatherings of executives who drive the K-12 ed tech industry.  Why did they attend EdNET 2014? What's the value of attending peer events (no customers or prospects) given the expense and time involved? If you don't attend industry meetings, what education marketing trends and K-12 sales opportunities might you miss?  Host Glen McCandless joins Saul Hafenbredl of C Blohm and Associates  to pose these questions to ed tech leaders from Promethean, Knovation, Apperson, CEV Multimedia, Filament Games and Arc Capital Development. 

    EdNET, EdNET Insight and the EdNET Conference are wholly owned  trademarks of MDR, a D&B Company, and are used with permission.

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    English Manorial Records for 17th Century American Immigrants with Peter Foden

    in History

    Archivist, paleographer and historical researcher Peter Foden joins Jane from the United Kingdom today to talk about using English manorial records to track your colonial American family, whether they were in New England or Virginia, to their roots in England. Peter will discuss what types of records can be found in the manor records, how to use the records, what information can be found in the records, and the challenges in using these records from the 17th and 16th centuries -- including the penmanship and language. (Many of the records are in Latin!) 

    Peter has worked in local authority archive services in Shropshire and Staffordshire, in education, and in business (the Oxford University Press and Boots the Chemist). He is currently providing archive consultancy services to a stately home, among other freelance activities listed on his website. He is a member of the Archives and Records Association (UK & Ireland).



    Denis Stuart, Manorial Records 

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    EdNET Insider #3: Education Marketing and K-12 Sales for Common Core Standards

    in Marketing

    Here's EdNET* Insider #3 about the Common Core State Standards and their impact on companies that sell products and services to K-12 schools. Host Glen McCandless, joins Saul Hafenbredl of C Blohm and Associates  to ask senior managers at the  EdNET 2014 conference important questions about strategies you need to consider now. Hear from SETDA's Geoff Fletcher, Lillian Kellogg, VP at Education Networks of America, consultant, Dan Caton (former president at McGraw Hill),  Randy Jennings president of Educational Technology Partners and Jieun Choe + Mike Morley, from Triumph Learning.  Get expert education marketing and K-12 sales insight! 

    *EdNET, EdNET Insight and the EdNET Conference are wholly owned  trademarks of MDR, a D&B Company, and are used with permission.




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    EdNET Insider #2: Student Data Privacy. A K-12 Sales Opportunity?

    in Marketing

    Here's part two of the four-part EdNET* Insider series. We're giving you the inside scoop on hot topics discussed by K-12 industry leaders at the EdNET 2014 conference.  Your host is Glen McCandless, and on the scene at EdNET is Saul Hafenbredl of C Blohm and Associates. They pose questions about selling to schools admidst the student data privacy firestorm, and you'll get valuable sales and marketing perspective from K-12 market leaders who are on the front lines of this political debate. You’ll get words of wisdom from SETDA's Geoff Fletcher, from Lillian Kellogg, VP at ENA (Education Networks of America), and from Brian Healy, VP of education sales and marketing for student assessment solutions provider, Apperson Inc. No matter what kind of product or service you sell to school administrators, you can turn the student data privacy challenge into a K-12 sales opportunity for your company. Check it out! 

      *EdNET, EdNET Insight and the EdNET Conference are wholly owned trademarks of MDR, a D&B Company, and are used with permission.

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    EdNET Insider#1: The Buzz About Open Educational Resources (OER)

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    Late September in Baltimore at the EdNET* 2014 conference, hundreds of the education industry’s movers and shakers spent two days discussing trends, opportunites, and challenges that everyone who sells to schools is facing. This show is the first of a four-part series, the EdNET Insider. During program #1 host Glen McCandless and Saul Hafenbredl of C Blohm and Associates get the inside scoop from leaders who are shaping the school market right now. You’ll hear industry veterans Randy Wilhelm, Lee Wilson, Dan Caton, and George Warren provide valuable perspectives and sage advice for a big trend that caused a stir at EdNET – one that is affecting everyone: Open Educational Resources (OER) – that's free stuff being offered to schools.  Make no mistake, competing with free products and services is a reality, and having a sales and marketing strategy in response to this trend is essential for your survival. Listen up! 

    *EdNET, EdNET Insight and the EdNET Conference are wholly owned  trademarks of MDR, a D&B Company., and are used with permission.

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    The new report from MDR with Kathleen Brantley

    Presented by  MMS Education

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    MDR: Holy S#%! 3 Hours of Fantasy Baseball!?

    in Sports

    A very special edition of Matt Dahl Radio; LIVE FANTASY BASEBALL COMMENTARY.
    Matt Dahl & Joe Jennings talk you through their league's live Fantasy Baseball draft, pick by pick, with plenty of highs and lows throughout.
    Listen in for insight on Fantasy Baseball, a clue as to what you should do for your upcomming draft, and hear a lot of bizzare picks as well.
    It is a 3-hour extravaganza of MDR! Sit back and enjoy the ride, baseball fans!

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    The EDNET Opportunity with MDR

    in Education

    Welcome Dr Nelson Heller and Anne Wujcik of MDR and EDNET, the premier conference  for the industry .

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    Matt Dahl Radio: White Smoke Rises, We Listen to MDR

    in Sports

    After our 3-hour event on Monday, we bring you the official Episode 106 for MDR.  Selection Sunday is right around the corner and March Madness is upon us!  How weird is it that this will be the FINAL Big East tournament?  In the NBA the Heat remain hot and Melo starts complaining again... here we go.  But we continue to inch closer towards baseball, and David Wright has been the man in the WBC.  Have we been watching though?  Then the Road to WrestleMania continues and wrestling fans have to be thrilled that all eyes are on CM Punk vs. The Undertaker.  Plus we give a look back to some highlights from the 3-hour Fantasy Baseball podcast, and have a whole lot more fun.  Tune in for Episode 106!