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    Honor Thy Author Friday-“Never Say Never…"

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    Topic: “Never Say Never…"   

    Guests: Author Maurice Bishop

                Author Pamela Wright

               Author  Darlene Harris

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    "BLINK Atlanta Magazines" Carole J/ "Pain Living In My Pen"Author Maurice Bishop

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    Maurice Bishop, a powerful, spoken word Poet currently serving in the United States Army, was raised in South Philly. Witnessing the death of his best friend in a drive-by and being kicked out of his parents’home made him realize he needed to change his lifestyle. He began transforming his thoughts and feelings on paper into poetry. He joined the Army in 2006, and traveled the states performing his poetry at Drexel University, World Live Café,YMCARecreation Center,The Free Library of Philadelphia at the Youth PoetrySlam (2006 Semi-Finalist), The Memorial Hall Talent Show and the Talil Chapel Christmas Concert while deployed in Iraq, and various churches in his community. In 2009, he released his first Poetic Muse, Blood on Paper.

    That same year,he encountered a great loss when he learned his son died of a Heart Murmur. Later, he learned of a fellow soldier,who was suffering from PTSD, committed suicide. These experiences took its toll, and Maurice began having nightmares,intense mood swings, and as a result began drinking heavily. He later found out he was also uffering from PTSD. 

    With all his struggles and experiences in life,he continued to write heartfelt poetry, and feels it’s his duty to do the will of God by traveling the states educating, informing, and inspiring God’s people through spoken word. Bishop accredits his healing to his Devotion and Prayer to serving God, and the unconditional love from his beautiful wife. 

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    Bishop Dr. Loyce McCullough, DD Radio Show

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    Bishop Dr. Loyce McCullough, DD Radio Show

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    Sunday Morning Sermons with The Bishop

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    come join the praise

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    Maurice Starr is an American musician, songwriter, and record producer. Though trying his hand at a solo career, he's best known for his work creating songs and albums with pop and soul bands such as Con Funk Shun, New Edition, and the New Kids on the Block.
    Originally from Deland, Florida, Johnson moved to Boston, Massachusetts, in the early 1970s. As an artist, Johnson was a member of The Johnson Brothers (not to be confused with The Brothers Johnson from Los Angeles, California) and the seminal electro group known as the Jonzun Crew with brothers Michael Jonzun and Soni Jonzun. In 1980, Johnson changed his name to Maurice Starr and recorded two R&B albums, Flaming Starr and Spacey Lady. Unsuccessful as a solo artist, Starr decided to create a band to perform the songs that he wrote.

    In 1982, Starr discovered the band New Edition on his talent show. The group produced a number of U.S. Top 10 R&B hit singles and a Top 5 hit in the Billboard Hot 100. Differences between Starr and New Edition caused the two to go their separate ways. Eventually the band split up. Two of the members, Bobby Brown and Ralph Tresvant, went on to have a successful careers as a solo act, while the three others formed the award winning group, Bell Biv DeVoe.

    After losing New Edition, Starr needed a new band to record his songs. In 1984, he created New Kids on the Block, a band consisting of five male teenagers, brothers Jordan Knight and Jonathan Knight, with Danny Wood, Donnie Wahlberg and Joey McIntyre. Starr produced New Kids on the Block to be a white version of New Edition as he stated I honestly believe that if they'd been white, (the group) would have been 20 times as big.[1] With New Kids on the Block as Starr's "voice", Starr won Songwriter of the Year in 1989.

    In addition to New Edition and New Kids on the Block, Starr also formed the boyband Perfect Gentlemen and discovered solo artist, Rick Wes.

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    Bishop Jaqueline Holland visits Sunday Evening Shout!

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    Sunday Evening Shout! In The Basement With JaVonne is an uplifting gospel music internet radio show. Not all music played is gospel, but is is all meant to uplift and empower. This is an all people affirming show and stands firm in the belief and promotes equality, justice, and love is for all.  In this segment we have a special guest joining us, Bishop Jacqueline Holland. As an avid believer in the equality, freedom and liberation of all people regardless of gender identity, race, or sexual orientation, Bishop Holland has served faithfully in the Unity Fellowship Church   Movement for more then 20 years. During this time, she has provided training and mentorship for numerous clergy. Many of these clergy who are currently serving in the UFCM, have had the privilege of sharpening their gifts under her tutelage and are effective leaders in various UFCM churches.   


    Bishop Holland is the recipient of numerous awards and accolades for her service in the Newark, N.J. community.  She is an advocate against discrimination and violence towards LGBTI&Q persons of all colors. I feel extremely blessed to have her visit us for a little extra Sunday Evening Shout!

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    Ed Brodow, Scott York, Timothy Stenovec, Russell Bishop, Iran Nuclear Deal

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    Ed Brodow teaches the art of negotiation to the professional negotiators at Microsoft, Goldman Sachs, Learjet, Zurich Insurance, the IRS, and the Pentagon. He is the bestselling author of Negotiation Boot Camp: How to Resolve Conflict, Satisfy Customers, and Make Better Deals. Ed has appeared as negotiation guru on PBS, ABC, Fox News, and Inside Edition

    Timothy Stenovec technology reporter at The Huffington Post in New York, where he covers streaming media, mobile devices and wearable technology. He appears regularly on TV, radio and HuffPost Live, The Huffington Post's live streaming network

    Russell Bishop recognized expert in personal and organization transformation, Russell has helped thousands of individuals around the world discover how to create balance and success in their personal and professional lives. His seminars, coaching, and consulting expertise offer individuals and organizations a new approach to integrating personal and spiritual values into their personal and professional lives. Russell is an internationally regarded speaker, educator and consultant.  His corporate clients include Fortune 500 executives in aerospace, healthcare, pharmaceutical and biotechnology, information technology, telecommunications and oil and gas

    Scott York fitness expert with 30 years of experience and has been certified by NASM, ISSA and others

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    MLK Movement

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    please join us tonite

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    New Direction Virtual Service with Bishop Dr. Andrew Watkins, Sr., Ph.D

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    New Direction Virtual Service with Bishop Dr. Andrew Watkins, Sr., Ph.D

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    maurice starr presents

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    another like no other

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