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    720 Degree Tennis - Mathew Leonard - Racquet Comedy

    in Sports

    Mathew Leonard - Comedic Tennis Journalist - Gives us the Real Scoop.

    Bill Patton is “The Most Inquisitive Tennis Pro in the World.” and if you think it might be you, Bill says “Why do you say that?” So that he can go ahead by one point.  Bill is a 26 year veteran of the Tennis Industry. He is a USPTA Elite / PTR / MTM Tennis Professional.  Bill still does some private and high school coaching but now has shifted his focus to Writing, and Tennis Products that make the game better for others.  Bill's Amazon Book Page. You can follow Bill on Twitter,  Facebook, and WordPress



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    The Stream: Mathew Sydney's 'Chosen'

    in Music

    Patti Lucia (artist, independent thinker and owner of Mother Earth (https://www.facebook.com/motherearthsanctuarycafe in Lake Worth) interviews Mathew Sydney (http://mathewsydney.com/ ) about his latest project, the rock opera, 'Chosen.'  Tune in and find out what Mr. Sydney has been up to over the past year.  Get a sneak peak at the new tracks and a taste of the inspiration behind the project.

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    Positive Radio Network: Open Mic Night

    in LGBT

    Join Aaron tonight as he opens the microphone to discuss everything that you have on your mind. Call in at (929) 477-1195. For the  entire hour Aaron will be taking your phone calls and talking about all of the hot topics. The good, the bad and the ugly. Have you had something that you really wanted to say but didn't know where to say it or how to say it. Call into the show tonight and sound off on-air. 

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    Diagnosed at 21: "Making a Message Out of A Mess" with Adrian Castellanos

    in LGBT

    Adrian Castellanos is a 22 year-old HIV/AIDS advocate/activist. He was born and raised in the Southern-most part of Texas, known as the Rio Grande Valley. A border area of Texas to Mexico and South Padre Island. Adrian studied art and fashion briefly in Texas before he moved on to becoming a hair stylist in his home town.

    At 21, Castellanos' path was redirected when he was diagnosed with AIDS. While he spent two weeks in a hospital room, he decided to "make his mess his message". Since his diagnosis on March 26, 2014 he has gone on to receive a Youth Initiative Scholarship to attend USCA in October 2014, acquire a position with the Valley AIDS Council (the only HIV/AIDS Agency in his area) Janurary 2015, and receive a separate scholarship to attend AIDSWatch in April 2015 where he lobbied Congress regarding HIV/AIDS issues.

    Adrian now spends his time doing free HIV screenings at two universities in his area and for the community with his agency. He also participates in outreach and education efforts to raise awareness within his community. Castellanos utilizes social media to deconstruct stigma and engage with as many people as possible. He is just out of his first year of diagnoses but already has a strong outlook on what he plans to do for the fight to end the epidemic. 

    Click here to follow Adrian on facebook and twitter.


    You can  find Mathew on Twitter at @mathewrodrigeuz and Aaron @aaronlaxton.

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    Suleka Mathew

    in Entertainment

    Suleka Mathew joins us ot talk about her role as Dina Tomlin, best friends to Martin Walraven, on ABC's show Red Widow.

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    The Transgender Community & HIV: From Their Own Mouths

    in LGBT

    We've heard the statistics, and know the truth. Transgender people are not only disproportionately impacted by the HIV epidemic -- when it comes t our data, they're often not even counted! In the eyes of our government, they are an invisible population. With transwomen of color 49x more likely to contract HIV than the general population and many transmen being intimate with gay men, this is a population that should be a part of an HIV prevention, treatment and care agenda. This week, we will focus on the transgender population and how they are working to prevent HIV and take care of themselves. We will be joined by people on differnet points of the transmasculine/ transfeminine spectrum. 

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    You can follow Mathew Rodriguez on Twitter at @mathewrodriguez. 

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    Meister Eckhart:A Mystic Warrior of our Times: Mathew Fox

    in Spirituality

    My guest Mathew Fox is perhaps the greatest writer on Meister Eckhart that has ever existed. No one paints as broad a portrait of the master as Fox does in his new book "Meister Eckhart:a mystic Warrior of our Times"

    Though he lived in the thirteenth century. Meister Eckhart's deeply ecumentical teachings were in many ways modern. He thaught about what we call ecology, championed artistic creativity, and advocated for social, economic, and gender justice.  All these elements have inspired spiritual maveric Matthew Fox and influenced his Creation Spirituality. Please visit www.MathewFox.org 




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    How Asking God Before We Do Anything Is The Way To True Power! Mathew 6:33

    in Christianity

    Mathew 6:33 really came to mean something entirely new to me today in church while listening to my pastor preach a powerful message on laying down our self and picking up our crosses. 

    I have done so many things thinking I was doing the right thing, maybe trying to help someone and not even asking God " Should I do this?" before doing it. Recently I found out the hard way that being nice and trying to help even a believer can really come back to bite and hard. I just acted on my own thinking that this situation would help the other and I didnt even ask God before hand If I would have He would have told me not to do what I did that I am sure because no way would the LORD put me in a situation only to find myself stressed out and financially hurt in trying to do something nice for another believer.

    We all have done things thinking we are helping and we didn't stop to pray the Father and seek His face before doing whatever it was that we did and if we would have the promise firat that Mathew 7:7-9 

    Matthew 7:7-9New King James Version (NKJV)

    Keep Asking, Seeking, Knocking

    7 “Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you. 8 For everyone who asks receives, and he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks it will be opened."

    And Mathew 6:33

    Matthew 6:33New King James Version (NKJV)

    33 But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you."

    God righteousness ways are to ask Him and whenever He guides He also provides and wherever he is Liberty and grace is also there. Join me for 45 minutes to unlock the scripture and help you walk a more powerful anointed, obedient walk with the Almighty!

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    Chris Brown Speaks on Rihanna & Mathew Knowles Speaks on Beyonce Elevator-Gate

    in Pop Culture

    The ratchet shxt you love is back! It's been 2 weeks and we have a LOT to cover! Join the #SundayDinnerCrew b/k/a #HolliewoodAndFriends (Hollie Wood, Venor & Miss Juddy) tonight at 8pm ET. as they give you the latest #HotInTheBlogs topics as only they can!


    Somebody let them tiddays out!! Or did she? Jill Scott becomes latest victim of nude leaks.
    Did Cee Lo Green put his foot in his mouth with his controversial comments on rape?
    Chris Brown finally opens up about that infamous night with Rihanna.
    Is Mathew Knowles just chatting or is there truth behind his latest comments made about daughter Beyoncé and elevator-gate?

    We'll get to the bottom of that and a WHOLE LOT MORE!

    Including #RecklessAndRatchet and #WhatBlowsMine? Where you, the listener can call in and tell us what's that one thing that just gets under your skin.

    Tune in tonight at 8pm ET!

    You can call 646-716-8544 just to listen or press 1 to be a part of the show and speak your mind on the topics.


    Are you an artist? Do you know an artist? Submit music to the be played on the show holliewoodandfriendsradio@gmail.com

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    That "fucking" show: A Show About A Close Encounter... of the sexual kind!

    in LGBT

    For some fucking is something that is done for fun and for others is it is something that is a dreaded. During this epidose we are going to discuss all things sexual! Whether you like to sleep in the top bunk, bottom bunk or maybe you like to romp around in both. What are some things that we like to do adn how do we like to do it? Does PrEP factor into the conversation about PrEP expecially when we put on our "Kinky Boots" or when someone is "showing us the ropes?"

    Mark S. King has been writing about living with HIV since testing positive in 1985, the week the HIV antibody test became publicly available. His blog, My Fabulous Disease, was a 2015 GLAAD Award nominee. Prior to becoming involved in AIDS work in the 1980's he owned and operated Telerotic, a phone sex company for gay men.

    During this week's episode we are going to talk about all things sexual, freaky, kinky and everything in between.

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    What's Happening in Indiana, and How Can You Help?

    in LGBT

    With the passage of a new Religious Freedom Restoration Act in Indiana, it is now legal for businesses to discriminate against someone on the basis of sexual orientation. Since the announcement of the passing of the bill, many activsits have had differing views on how to address the issue. In this episode, we will go over the events in Indiana in the past few days, and speak to Indiana natives about how the community can best come together and help our LGBT brothers and sisters who live in Indiana. 

    19 States have 'religious freedom' laws like Indiana however Indiana is the only one being boycotted. Click here to see a map of the states where these laws are in place currently.

    To follow Positive Radio Network on Twitter, check out @PRNTweets. 

    You can follow Aaron Laxton on Twitter at @aaronlaxton. 

    You can follow Mathew Rodriguez on Twitter at @mathewrodriguez.