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    Master Teacher Monday

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    Listen to the Master Teacher Dr. Malachi Z. York as he teaches on where is your faith

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    Interview with Jean Salch - Reiki Master, Teacher, and Shaman

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    Join Michelle Meleo to explore the inherent powers of the Body, Spirit and Psychic Mind - This interview will broadcast live on youtube/google+ from 10 am to 11am EST.

    This weeks topic: Interview with JEAN SALCH - Reiki Master, Teacher, and Shaman
    Jean Salch offers her services on line and in person in Vermont and the New England areas. She received her certificate to practice and teach Reiki in 1998. All can benefit from this ancient healing art. Universal Life Force Energy flows through her hands, which then flows into the client, sending a gentle, comforting feeling of peace and tranquility. It is similar to the effects of receiving a massage with additional healing benefits.
    Jean is a Healer, and offers many services, as well as classes and workshops. She also has the gift to connect with and channel the divine Mother Mary. On today's show, she will be talking about her ability to help connect the divine path to ego and will send healing divine energy to your water - be sure to have a glass or bottle of water handy for this inspirational interview!

    Call (713) 955-0351 between 10:30 and 11 to ask questions or to receive a personal healing from the mother Mary, channeled through Jean!

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    Violet ReikiRadio - Guest Kathie Lipinski, Reiki Master Teacher, RN, Hypnotist

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    Kathie Lipinski, RN, MSN, CH is a Wholistic Nurse; Master Teacher of Usui Reiki and Karuna Reiki®; an Usui and Karuna Reiki Master Teacher, Jikiden Reiki practitioner, Senior Licensed Teacher with the International Center for Reiki Training, Certified Hypnotist, and studied Past Life Regression therapy with Brian Weiss.

    Kathie has 22+ years’ experience working with and teaching Reiki and other energy-based healing techniques. Kathie has a private practice Healing From the Heart NY LLC, where she uses various energy–based healing techniques to help individuals identify and heal imbalances in their lives.

    She is currently teaching Reiki to nurses at several major New York City hospitals. Because of her extensive background in nursing and Reiki, Kathie has been a guest lecturer at many Reiki and Health Care conferences. She was a contributing author in “Conversations in Complementary and Alternative Medicine: Insights and Perspectives from Leading Practitioners,” Chapter 20: Reiki, and is a regular contributor to Reiki News Magazine.

    Kathie can be reached by email at Kathiekaruna95@aol.com or through her website, www.reikihypnosis.com




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    Toni Bull Bua: CEO and Master Teacher of Bua Acting for Life

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    Our Host: 

    Svetlana Kim, Speaker, Author of White Pearl and I: A Memoir of a Political Refugee, Certified Hypnotherapist (CHt), and Consultant.www.SvetlanaKim.com 


    Our Guest: Toni Bua is CEO and Master Teacher of BUA ACTING FOR LIFE, a powerful and healing playground for actors and others who wish to combine body mind and spirit in their art… and in their lives. Toni and her husband and twin flame, Gene Bua, met while starring on the CBS daytime drama "LOVE OF LIFE" and have been creating together ever since. They wrote composed directed and produced many famous award winning musicals including the longest running musical of its time, “Pepper Street,” plus “Across from Cindy’s Corner,” “Second Wind” and their newest “When I Dream”… as well as many songs for feature films.  Toni is also the President of Here’s To Life Foundation, sponsoring at-risk teen and others through art and entertainment. Toni lost her Gene to Parkinson’s last year, while surviving her own ‘breast cancer adventure’ as she calls it. She hopes her spirit, humor, and positive outlook on Mother Earth’s challenges reaches out to others and uplifts and shifts their own. The Bua’s and their creations have been honored by the White House, The United Nations, and six California mayors.

    Toni Bua 

    CEO  and MASTER TEACHER OF BUA ACTING FOR LIFE. (www.buaactingforlife.com)

    Co Create with Gene Bua: 1977-1979 New York City. 1980- present Los Angeles.

    President of Here’s To Life Foundation (www.herestolife.org) sponsoring at-risk teens, people in recovery and others, through art & entertainment.

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    Navigating Transformation: Interview with Reiki Master-Teacher Yolanda Williams

    in Spirituality

    Join Joy as she interviews Reiki Master-Teacher, Yolanda Williams on navigating transformation on the spiritual path. 

    Yolanda is certified as Master Level in Usui/Tibetan Reiki and Karuna Reiki® through the International Center for Reiki Training.  She is also certified in levels Shoden and Okuden of Jikiden Reiki through the Jikiden Reiki Institute.

    More importantly, Joy and Yolanda became instant friends during a Color Wisdom card certification course and have since supported each other with their own gifts of healing and intuition.

    Join Joy and Yolanda as they discuss the journey of transformation. Yolanda will share her wisdom and insight on what being a seeker entails, and how her work as a Reiki Master and Teacher has assisted her in her personal journey as well as the service she provides to her clients and students.

    You can sign up for Yolanda's newsletter at yewchi.com and receive access to FREE webinars and a FREE Manifesting Workbook!

    And  to learn about YOU and your chakra energy, be sure to sign up for Yolanda's online course, Be Your Own Energy Healer, available on dailyom.com

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    Q&A with a Student of the Master Teacher Sobeck

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    This session is with a student of the master teacher Dr. Malachi Z K York in queastions and answer. These questions were generated by some of the nuwaubian brother and sisters.  These questions caught my attention and now i have the the God Sobeck explain and re-answer these questions in detail.  

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    Violet ReikiRadio - Guest Pamela Miles, Reiki Master Teacher & Author

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    Pamela Miles’ Reiki is considered by many to be the country’s foremost Reiki expert, Miles traces the origin and development of the practice, detailing how and why it restores and renews the human body in ways we’ve only begun to understand. For those who seek Reiki treatment, Miles provides information on how best to choose a practitioner, and for those who wish to be trained in Reiki, she offers step-by-step guidance, including comprehensive information on First-Degree, Second-Degree, and Master Training. For the advanced practitioner, Miles offers in-depth insight into continued practice. For physicians and health-care professionals, and anyone interested in the health benefits of Reiki, Miles offers information on current and forthcoming research that will lead to greater integration of this healing therapy into conventional medicine. A pioneer in bringing Reiki into mainstream medical practice, Miles uses her unique background to explain how Reiki complements conventional medical treatments, hastens recovery from invasive surgical procedures and eases the symptoms of conditions such as AIDS, cancer, insomnia, depression, anxiety and more, as well as the side effects of medications and chemotherapy. Miles also explains why Reiki is safe for children and the elderly. With compassion, wisdom, and the accumulated experience that comes from nearly twenty years as a Reiki practitioner, Pamela Miles empowers readers by showing them how simple it is to take an active role in their own health care.

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    Lisa Williams Certified Master Teacher MC Medium!

    in Spirituality

    Over The Rainbow ....Your AfterLife Connection! ...Hosts Rose Fulhorst and Lillian Suarez are joined by Lisa Williams Certified Master Teacher MC Medium! Come learn more about connecting to the Other Side and Call In for FREE Mediumship Readings....

    Listen to THIS an ALL our PAST SHOWS, here: LifeScapeRadio.com/PastShows

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    The Greek word for teacher “didaskalos” means master, teacher or doctor. As a teacher you are one who communicates knowledge, guides, makes known or relays facts. You are likely more in-depth than the average Sunday school teacher. You have the Spirit-given capacity and desire to serve God by making clear the truth of God’s Word with accuracy.


    this is my MEROS

    today we look at Strong's Number:   3313 =  THE GREEK WORD "MEROS"


    a part

    a part due or assigned to one
    lot, destiny

    one of the constituent parts of a whole

    in part, partly, in a measure, to some degree, as respects a part, severally, individually
    any particular, in regard to this, in this respect


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  • Q&A with Sobek -a student teacher of the Master teacher Paa Nabab Yaanuwn

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    Q&A with Sobek -a student teacher  of the Master teacher Paa Nabab Yaanuwn, answers three questions posed to him.


    Question 1: When it was written free your ancestors" What exactly is meant by that? 

    Question 2: How can you explain sound right reasoning is excatly?

    Question 3: Caller Questions?

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