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    Is the road to marriage equality a path to martyrdom?

    in LGBT

    Have you read any of Rob Watson's gay dad letters?  If so, you'll know Rob takes to task those who use their faith as a tool to legally discriminate.  

    In the next 30 minutes, Rob and Soul (your host) talk about:

    are we turning basic respect into a priviledge
    are public business owners who challenge state accommodation laws modern day martyrs? 
    who those denied marriage equality face what other races have faced for centuries -  blatant discrimination
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    Marriage Equality in Illinois

    in Legal

    Through landmark legislation that passed in Springfield, IL last November, Same Sex Marriage has come in effect as of June 1, 2014. With this new legislation comes many questions and even more gray areas that have yet to be discussed or tested by the court and employers.  Questions such as: 

    What benefits are there for same sex couples?  

    How may business be affected by marriage equality? 

    Now that there is marriage equality, how will these couples be impacted in the courtroom in case of a dissolution of their own?


    To learn more about these questions and more, tune in to this podcast with Family Law attorney, Jenet Pequeno of Lavelle Law, Ltd. 

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    LH #203: Marriage Equality & Political Mishaps

    in LGBT

    On Sunday 25 January 2015 Corwin and Phil talked marriage equality and political mishaps. Particularly the marriage equality case in Nebraska. As of the time this show went live it looked like the judge scheduled to hear the case had postponed the hearing pending the ruling from SCOTUS on similar cases before them this session. Phil has since learned that it was merely a postponement of a hearing to allow same sex marriage in Nebraska pending his final decision. That hearing has been rescheduled and Corwin and Phil will be talking more about that on 1 February.

    Lavender Hill airs live every Sunday morning at 11am Central. Approaching four years on the air, Lavender Hill is Nebraska's only LGBTQIAA news and talk program on community radio. Thanks to the continued support of KZUM and listeners, Lavender Hill will be celebrating the four year anniversary the same time that KZUM celebrates 37 years on the airwaves! 

    You can find Lavender Hill on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

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    Marriage Equality

    in Entertainment

    Marriage Equality is a hot issue right now.  But should it be?  Why is the government even involved?  Why are so many people on the wrong side of history?  These questions and more next Pavement.  Wednesday at 1PM EST

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    The Error of Marriage Equality

    in Lifestyle

    When the was drawn between State and Religion that was an earmark for destruction.  What amazes me is those so called churches that are for this so called "Marriage Equality" when we as the body of Christ is suppose to be living and following the way of the same Holy Bible, the same words, the same words in red (to depict the words of Jesus), So how do you justify condoning this so called "Marriage Equality"?

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    Historic Marriage Equality Rally

    in Entertainment

    A journalist is lucky to capture a momentous occasion in history, maybe once or twice in his or her career. This is one of those occasions. On June 26, 2013, movers and shakers and every day community leaders and members converged in the heart of downtown Palm Springs, California to celebrate the pro-Marriage Equality rulings which came down from the Supreme Court of the United States. Nicholas Snow captured and broadcast the event live, presented here as an encore for posterity.

    Check out Nicholas Snow's HIV Memoir, Life Positive: A Journey To The Center of My Heart, and visit his web site.

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    MayDay Georgia Marriage Equality Means Love For All

    in Entertainment

    Today History is Made! As the Statewide Georgia Marriage Equality Initiative Campaign launched by LouddMouth Radio Host Sonny & Jazzie invites the 21,000+ LGBTQ & Same Gender Loving Couples to Rise Up and be counted by taking action and going to their local counties on May 1st to apply for Marriage Licenses. Join in as other activist,organizations, LGBT allies and participating couples reflect on their personal experiences of this historic movement. 

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    Marriage Equality Minnesota Style

    in Politics

    Same-sex couples will be able to marry legally in Minnesota starting at midnight tonight. For some, it's the culmination of years of waiting or fighting for marriage equality. For others, it's a milestone they thought would never arrive.
    Minnesota became the 12th state to legalize same-sex marriage following a momentous two-year political battle. But tonight the spotlight will be on the couples.MPR

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    Liberty Unfiltered: Marriage Equality & Robert Sarvis

    in Politics

    From out of the cesspool of partisan politicians, sycophants, and cronies, where the voices on the right and left do nothing more than parrot their respective talking points, one voice stands apart, crawling from the underbelly of the filth, standing up against the cancer of social conservatism and the overbearing nature of fiscal liberalism. That voice belongs to Steve Long, bringing his libertarian, and often sporadic, perspective on everything from politics and current events to pop culture.


    Tonight, Steve will be talking about the recent SCOTUS ruling that essentially made bans on same sex marriage unconstitutional. He will also be speaking with Robert Sarvis, former Libertarian candidate for Governor of Virginia and current Libertarian candidate for U.S. Senate from that state. 

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    Aniyah Untucks Marriage Equality

    in LGBT

    On today March 26th 2013 the supreme court will hear it's first case in the fight for marriage equality. Join your hosts Aniyah Layshon and Father Teresa as we discuss these cases and the possible rammifications following.

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    Marriage Equality In Minnesota

    in Spirituality

    Full at length discussion on marriage equality and same sex marriage in Minnesota