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    Michelle Dawnn - Finding Clarity Through Vision Mapping

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    “Each of us is equipped with unique abilities. When we recognize and honor the value of those abilities, we can achieve a positive self-image, and a positive self-image contributes to a more joyful, purposeful life.” ~ Michelle Dawnn

    Are you seeking greater clarity in your personal or professional life?

    This week’s Entrepreneurial Adventurer, Michelle Dawnn, believes a clear vision is the catalyst to get you back on track and keep you on your divine path. Michelle is sharing how her highly effective Vision Mapping technique can help you identify and focus on the unique abilities and qualities you bring to the world.

    Michelle is a Certified Coach who has a sincere passion for helping others embrace their God given talents as they acknowledge their worth and true beauty.

    Growing up surrounded by adversity, she understands the emotional struggle between feeling undervalued and learning to recognize the true power of authenticity. Michelle realized that we are not meant to live lives of discomfort and disappointment.

    Today Michelle teaches clients how to unleash their personal power by assembling visual images that sing to their heart and proudly displaying them as a reminder to concentrate on the areas of their lives that are most meaningful. How wonderful is that?!

    Please connect with Michelle via her website, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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    ITR/Feng Shui Life Mapping

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    Transform your life by transforming your space! Did you know that your home and office carry energy and everything you put there impacts what you manifest in your life? The design and organization of your space has a causal effect on the Law of Attraction. This week, I’ll be interviewing Salvatore Manzi. Feng Shui Coach, Speaker, Author, & Creator of Feng Shui Life Mapping, Salvatore Manzi has spent the last decade helping people redesign their lives by redesigning their space.  Salvatore has conquered spatial challenges from urban high-rise condos to remote forest cabins in his 75 moves across around the globe. And his book provides an innovative approach to Feng Shui combining Creative Visualization, the Law of Attraction, and Feng Shui to demonstrate how simple shifts in one’s environment can lead to a transformational experience on every level. Salvatore will be taking your questions and as always, I’ll offer some intuitive reading.

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    Use Mapping Data to Make Better Broadband Policy

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    This session helps state officials and project teams involved with broadband more effectively capture and manage broadband mapping data. Equally important, we explore how the apparatus for gathering coverage and availability data can be put to greater use for economic development and other useful policymaking.
    Angela Bailey, Director of NC Broadband, a division of the North Carolina Dept of Commerce, and Jennie Stapp, Montana State Librarian and Montana GIS Coordinator Stu Kirkpatrick discuss lessons learned from their respective states’ mapping projects. They also explain how they turned this, combined with other state data, into policies and action.
    As we come to grips with the fact that stimulus money for mapping runs out in 2014, and some begin taking appropriate action, it is important that other states quickly follow suite. Our

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    Catch Your Spirit - Personal Time Mapping

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    Feature Guest:  Reverand Thabiti, creator, author, syndicated newspaper columnist and radio show host. Personal Time Mapping integrates a person's date of birth with universal laws structured in the ancient science of the standard deck of playing cards (a science that actually goes far back in history... there's far more to a deck of cards than poker!). And if you want to find out how accurate the card is just for you, take a look at Rev. Thabiti's popular book All About You, where the characteristics, values and personality traits of all 52 cards are illuminated. You'll be astonished at the accuracy.   

    The power concealed within the core of that remarkable theory has been incorporated into a dynamic approach to living called the Personal Time-Map System. The Law of Relativity means that wherever you are, there is always the time you are there, and that time and space must co-exist, according to Einstein. 'Where' a given person is right now can be mapped out geographically, but 'when' that person exists is a function of their Personal Time-Map. The Time-Map shows an individual's movement through time in the same way a map of a country would show that same individual's movement through space.

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    The Refractive Thinker® Radio Show: Research Results: TQM & Value Stream Mapping

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    Welcome to The Refractive Thinker® Radio Show hosted by the award winning and international bestselling author Dr. Cheryl Lentz, The Academic Entrepreneur™.

    Meet the scholars of the award winning doctoral anthology series: The Refractive Thinker®, where we focus on getting doctoral research off the coffee table and into the hands of business owners who can benefit from the results.

    Join us each week for 30 minutes of thought provoking radio, designed to discuss emerging topics in higher education and business.  We will meet today’s industry thought leaders and college professors leading the way. 

    This week’s guest is Dr. Judy Fisher-Blando, Professor, Author, and Consultant with Six Sigma and PMP certifications..

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    Rev. Thabiti - Your 'Personal Time-Mapping'

    in Self Help

    We feel like we’ve captured Superman who has lit a light to life, zipping and unzipping time-lines delivering support to each individual who takes a peek into Rev Thabiti’s Ancient Science breakthrough technology called your ‘Personal Time-Mapping’… it literally surpasses the abilities of Psychics and Astrologers instantly. 

    This system has been 22 years in development by Rev Thabiti, creator, author, syndicated newspaper columnist and radio show host.

    Here are some of the ways you can use Personal Time-Mapping:

    You’ll receive immediate answers to your most important questions
    Know when and how things will change for you or anyone else.
    Make better personal, legal, business, and financial decisions.
    Experience illuminated directional guidance to navigate and maneuver more successfully as you move through each new time period of your life
    Have the upper hand or superior advantage in your situation.
    Remove anything clouding your ability to make Right Decisions.
    Locate yourself on anybody else’s Time-Map and SEE YOURSELF from their point of view.

    and the list goes on ……

    Check out Rev Thabiti’s websites:  http://www.power.com and http://www.power.org

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    New Year's Resolutions Suck. Try This Instead...

    in Spirituality

    Resolutions suck.  I invite you to take the BOFF approach to mapping out your future! 

    Download your THREE FREE goddess gifts when you sign up for my newsletter...just  think of this bundle as your Inner Goddess ToolKit for daring to remember your sacred self! You can find this toolkit at www.thegoddessdiaries.org


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    Priya ke saath Astrophysics ki baat

    in Culture

    Our guest today, Priyamvada Natarajan, is a Professor in the Departments of Astronomy and Physics at Yale University while also holding a lifetime appointment as an Honorary Professor at the University of Delhi, India.

    Professor Natarajan arrived in the United States from New Delhi to pursue her undergraduate studies in Physics and Mathematics at MIT. After going on to complete her Masters degree in the MIT Program in Science, Technology and Society, she got her PhD in theoretical astrophysics from the Institute of Astronomy, University of Cambridge in England. She was the first woman in Astrophysics to be elected a fellow of Trinity College.

    As a theoretical astrophysicist, she is interested in cosmology, gravitational lensing and black hole physics. Her research is focused on exotica in the Universe - dark matter, dark energy and black holes. She is noted for her key contributions to two of the most challenging problems in cosmology:  mapping the distribution of dark matter and tracing the growth history of black holes.  She is deeply invested in the public dissemination of science, a fervent proponent of numerical literacy, and is also a published poet. She has written for the New York Review of Books, CNN, Washington Post, The Huffington Post and her research has been featured in many news outlets including the BBC, CNN and most international newspapers and media.


    Priya is the recipient of many awards and honors in the US and India and it is an honor for us to have her on our show.

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    Episode #206 Guest Shirley B Providing an Attunement in 6 and 8

    in Spirituality

    Please join Dave the Mystic with guest Shirley B on Monday, December 1st at 8PM Mountain as they discuss number codes, frequencies and attunements in the 6 and 8 energies.  The new six and eight energies are the new energies of the Aquarian age and deal with the infinity loops of our personal soul mapping  as well as the evolution of the soul of the earth. We will discuss the energies of the six and eight . 

    This process was suggested in a channeled reading and further downloads to Shirley have provided the detailed approach.  Attunements will be provided for the listeners as a group time permitting..  If time permits, Dave and Shirley will provide healing work for callers.

    Shirley is an intuitive reader, a medium and an energy worker.  It is always a pleasure to have her on the show.  She reads and works with each individual as a part of the collective consciousness. She has been doing readings for 15 years and is clairvoyant and clairaudient. Shirley works with intuitive information, past lives, generational miasmas, crossovers, energy clearances, subconscious programming and the understanding of spiritual roots. She is able to facilitate enhancements. Her goal is to give each individual the tools to work with their own ascension. She has been a Certified Matrix Energetics Practitioner for two years. Her approach is one of transformation to create mapping within the Spiritual, Physical and Emotional Bodies that lead to increased consciousness, abundance and awakening to our true selves.

    Shirley lives in the Denver area and can be reached by email at poet444@gmail.com

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    Emotional Healing with Voice Mapping

    in Spirituality

    Matt Kramer (www.MKVoicemap.com)  is a facilitator who helps his clients use voice mapping to better understand what is behind and beneath their emotional condition and then uses a frequency feedback process to release the emotional charge.  In this interview Matt shares what voice mapping is and how it works, what conditions or situations it can improve, and more. Schedule a private session with Matt in Austin Feb 17-19, 2012 (details at www.lightbodyinfusion.com) by calling 512-358-6035.
    Awakening in Austin showcases the diverse and powerful community of holistic, metaphysical and energy practitioners in and around Austin, and brings the best of their knowledge to you. Awakening In Austin is a project of http://HigherSelfEnterprises.com  and hosted by Sara Pencil Blumenfeld. To be interviewed, recommend someone be interviewed, or comment on the show, please email awakeninginaustin@gmail.com.

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    AMERICAN MENTORS: How Your Bank Must Work

    in Relationships

    Last week we started some asset mapping of brick and mortar in America’s birthplace.  We’ve been looking for ways to sustain community building efforts and reverse what the president termed, a gulf of mistrust.  W shared a timeline to economic inclusion and talked about ideas to empower, invest in and engage economically disadvantaged Americans as bankers.  Getting ready means learning some basics about protecting your money and financial information. It will be helpful to know the types of accounts available and we’ll need to look at 21st Century tools and techniques for protecting critical information about you.  Join us for an introduction to banking and this episode on How Your Bank Must Work.

    JOIN US!  Saturday, 12 noon Eastern, 11 am Central, 9 am Pacific as your American Mentors chart a course toward economic inclusion.


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