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    The Lynched In America Series–Black communities-Lynching #133-The lynching of Black wealth.

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    It’s crazy when I hear some Blacks,
    That have to defend whites.
    Whether white arabs or white muslims,
    Or white hebrew isrealites.

    Whether white christians or white catholics,
    I hear some Blacks defend them all.
    But when it comes to our Black people,
    Some Blacks condemn their own Blacks, so they fall.

    They say it’s not the fault of whites,
    That Blacks must look at one-another.
    That the demon is not the white man,
    That “the demon is a brother”.

    Some Black actors promote adultery,
    And promote the killing of Black people.
    Some Black business men promote white companies,
    Making white men’s wealth get steeper.

    Some Black comedians call Black people the “n-word”,
    So white people, all can laugh.
    Some Black doctors push white medicine,
    “Like crack”, you do the math.

    Some Black educators promote white history,
    Creating Black “educated fools”.
    Today’s Black families seem more inferior,
    No wonder white folks rule.

    Most Black graduates look for white companies,
    To make money, to buy white stuff.
    Most Black health care workers, don’t want to become doctors,
    They say, the work is just too rough.

    Most Black inventors, now just want a check,
    They’re not trying to change Black’s life.
    Most Black judges, promote white justice,
    And wield their gavels like a knife.

    Some Black male entertainers are dressing up like females,
    And they tuck their manhoods between their legs.
    Some Black female entertainers, are dressing like hookers now,
    Letting Blacks and whites take them to bed.

    Many Black children are acting like idiots,
    Walking around like little “sambos”.
    Where the Black...

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    A Black Panther (P.B.C.O.C.N.) Poem By NEETTA BLACK


    “Is it their Black pride that they hide?”

    A Black Panther (P.B.C.O.C.) Network Poem By NEETTA BLACK
    visit: http://bhcaberi.htmlplanet.com

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