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    P Luna and Male Abuse Awareness Week 2012

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    Join us today as we reflect on Male Abuse Awareness Week   Special Guests: Petra Luna (P. Luna Foundation) & Paul McLaughlin (Founder of S.C.A.R.S:  Sexual Child Abuse Relief and Services Inc.)   We also explore the current events and trending topics:    - Jovan Belcher and suicide in the NFL - The brutal murder of Jordan Davis - Sequestration and Fiscal Cliff - and much, much, more!  

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    Stop Child Abuse Now (SCAN) - 972

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    Tonight's special guest host is Barbara Ochoa from San Francisco, a returning NAASCA family member who has been with us several times. That's because Barbara (aka Petra Luna) has a special mission, one which we share with her here at NAASCA. Each year for the past three years, Barbara has produced a series of events celebrating what's become known as Male Abuse Awareness Week (MAAW -- the first week of December). Each year, recognizing that young males have an especially tough time even talking about being abused as kids, Barbara reaches out to this frequently undeserved group with videos, music events, dance and special guest appearances (Help4Guys.org). She encourages victims of abuse to seek help, justice and recovery through her music and nonprofit organization, the P.Luna Foundation. Barbara will be joined tonight by her guest DeWayne Watts from Tennessee, the author of several books including the novels "The Boy in The Wood" and "David's Mark." He also writes a blog, www.DeWayneWatts.com, where one can keep up to date on all his current projects. DeWayne's parents divorced when he was 6 years old and over the course of his life his father married 6 or more times and mother perhaps 5 or more. In between 'step-parents' others came and went. While his books are not autobiographical, they do draw on his life's personal experience. Join us to discuss these and other issues pertaining to Male Abuse Awareness Week.

  • Spiritist Awareness: Sleep and Learning and much more

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    KR segment hosts (see below) take us in a journey of Spiritist Awareness!

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    Season 2 Week 13 "Its not about skill, its more about will"

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    This season in Madden has truly been a test for our entire league, with guys dropping out and others stepping up, its been a challenge to remain focus at times, but for some teams they have been geared up the entire season and have weathered the storms that have come. The Panthers still leads the league with an undefeated season, however the Rams and Niners are right on his trail in the NFC, followed by the Cardinals, Redskins, Cowboys, and Saints. Over the AFC the defending champs of the AFC Houston Texans remain steady @ 11-1, with his only loss a slim one to the Panthers, or he could be undefeated as well. The Broncos continues his dominance in the AFC West with a slim 2 game lead over the Chargers and Chiefs, the Pats went up 2 games over the Dolphins in last weeks win, and the Steelers holds a 4 game lead in the North. There are so many important games coming up in the next 3 weeks that the playoff picture should be much clearer. Don't give up, keep fighting, make the right moves, and try and make the least mistakes is my message to the entire league. Next season is going to be even better, and then Madden 16 comes out, so stay patient and stay focused. 

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    Unmasked. Teen Author, Hope Bolinger, on The Authentic Woman w/ Shannon Fisher

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    The Authentic Woman host, Shannon Fisher, is proud to welcome 17-year-old author, Hope Bolinger, as her guest this week to discuss her newly released novel, Unmasked. Hope has written everything from poems to short stories to scripts - and now has published a full-length novel (the first in a series). Hope wrote Unmasked when she was 16, during her junior year in High School in Hudson, Ohio. The book is filled with deep insight into human nature and timeless religious themes.

    Several of Hope's poems and essays have been published in anthologies, she is a journalist for N 2 Publishing, and her first original play was performed when she was in eighth grade. Now a senior in High School, Hope lives with her parents, older sister Grace, younger brother Daniel, Brazilian exchange student “sister” Fe, three dogs, and Twix the Wondercat (who has his own Facebook page).

    The Authentic Woman is a weekly radio show hosted by women's rights leader, Shannon Fisher, offering perspectives on the female experience in America. The show delves deeply into the worlds of writers, artists, celebrities, and community leaders. Shannon Fisher on the web: Facebook - Twitter -  Links to Previous Episodes of The Authentic Woman.

    This podcast is copyrighted and solely owned by the Authors on the Air Global Radio Network LLC.

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    We Speak with Butterfly about Loving as a Lesbian,Interracial Dating and more

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    Join us as we speak with Butterfly (Tamika Powell) from Upland, PA, about her life as a lesbian, mom, surviving abuse, interracial dating, growing up in a same-sex home and living with fibromyalgia.

    Butterfly will talk to us about how she dealt with her abuse growing up, coming out, and raising her family as a single mother.

    Butterfly also lives with osteoarthritis, anemia, and rheumatoid arthritis, and she will speak with us about how this impacts her life and the lives of her family members.  

    Butterfly has loved and lost, and we will speak to her on what has kept her going through the losses that she has experienced.

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    This week Czar of the Playbook Emory Hunt from @FBGameplan talking #NFLDraft and Womens Gridiron Join Erica Lynn Anderson and co hosts NKeshi Free Eric Brown as they discuss womens gridiron news and hot NFL topics 

    Every Sunday Dont Miss It

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    Top Star Hip Hop Radio presents Kings of King Radio with Grizzly Lil Cub

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    The only place where we slay demons and recieve eternal riches! love is all that matters man so anybody is welcomed! this week we will talk about cancer awareness and friendship! with 3 special guest from different parts of the nation!

    Call in 347-633-9588

    This is a Christian based radio show that spins positive uplifting music, talk about grace, and change hearts all in 2 hours each week!

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    Cary Crittendon Falsely Charged/ Also: Doug Franks /Florida Guardianship Issues

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    Join us this evening as we expose the persecution and false charges levied against Cary Crittendon in California.  Cary is currently held at Elmwood Correctional Facility charged with parole violations (non-specific).  A May 4th hearing has been scheduled to allow the prosecutor time to fabricate other charges.  The intent? To sentence Cary to a long period in prison for exposing the corruption of a sitting judge with a long history of corruption. 

    Later in the show:  Doug Franks will join us to talk about the recent victim's symposium that took place in Florida where families that had been targeted had an actual opportunity to speak at length about the abuses they had endured at the hands of predatory guardians and the infamous BAR Association, along with the corruption of the probate courts facilitated by hand-picked "judges". 

    Should be an interesting show!

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    "The Literary Corner" presents "The Recovery Corner" Host Authoress Tonya Wilson

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    Authoress Tonya Wilson of “The Time Is Now” sheds light On Issues Of Addictions, Recovery & Deliverance. On Sunday, April 19, 2015  @ 7:00 PM EST.  If You Need Inspiration, Answers, or Support, The Time Is Now! Her Guest Panelist This week is, TIFFANY ROBINSON....Tiffany Robinson grew up in a small town in Ohio. She went from being a popular High School Cheerleader to a Heroin Addict. Come join us as she shares her story of recovery and how she plans to Change the Heroin Epidemic. One child, addict, school, jail, prison, and community at a time.  The call in number for the show is 1-347-884-8924. You can also listen on your computer and chat with us at this link > http://tobtr.com/s/7528299

    The Recovery Corner is proudly brought to you by "The Literary Corner" we also provide a diverse platform to bring awareness to socioeconomic issues within our community, Christian Values, promotion of Small Businesses & Support of  Non-Profit organizations. Our Partnering NOP, The Theodore House provides invaluable services for people who suffer with addictions, mental health, homelessness & HIV. For information please contact: Ms. Tamikia Randall  www.theodorehouse.org

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    Damon Rosen's Insane Sunday

    in Politics Conservative

    A review of some of the week's under-reported news and events, completents of the wonderful world of Islam.

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