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  • 01:45

    Psychic Readings By Cassandra Mae

    in Spirituality

    Cassandra Mae ~ Tarot Intuitive, Soul Coach, Reiki Practitioner
    Psychic Readings Tonight! Call in to receive a reading!
    Like what you hear? Come on over to my website and book a reading with me!
    Casssandra is a highly gifted empath, intuitive, and clairvoyant. You will get an accurate, beautifully detailed reading. Compassionate, deeply caring, yet always honest. Get the reading you want and deserve. You won't be disappointed!

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    Psychic Readings With Cassandra Mae

    in Spirituality

    Cassandra Mae ~ Psychic, Tarot Intuitive, Reiki Healer, & Lightworker.
    Psychic Readings Tonight! Call in for a reading!
    I'm clairvoyant, intuitive, and empath.
    Book a private reading with me by visiting my website:
    Email: readingsbycassandra@yahoo.com
    Find me on Facebook at:

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    MISTRESS SEXY MAE LIVE: Toys & Fetishes

    in Entertainment

    Tune in TONIGHT 3/26 at 9pm est.to Mistess Sexy Mae Live on Phone Fantasy Radio. Join hostess Mistress Sexy Mae with Lakrush Hearts as we have a stimulating discussion about "Sex Toys & Fetishes". We will be exploring the spectrum of toys available, a look into the world of fetish for men and women, and much more.


    LISTEN & COMMENT BY PHONE 805-830-8320 | http://www.phonefantasyradio.com


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    Maggie Mae Gallagher Returns as My Guest Author on April 6th

    in Books

    Whoohoo! Maggie Mae Gallagher is back! And she'll be reading from her brand new paranormal romance, Remember Me.

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    Does Madea have a long lost sister? Let's just find out when we see Hadey Mae!

    in Entertainment

    Coming to The Nikkology Network Show, Thursday, April 9th, 10 p.m. EST we will meet Hadey Mae, who mae be related to Madea as her long lost sister.  Call in and get your laugh on 

    760-888-5778 or log in via www.niccolebowles.com 

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    in Romance

    Tune in Tonight 4/30 at 9pm est. to Mistress Sexy Mae Live on Phone Fantasy Radio. Join hostess Mistress Sexy Mae with Lakrush Hearts for a candid discussion "Love On The Line". Where we take a look at online dating, the benefits and hidden dangerous that's lurking across the global network called the world wide web. Have you found your soulmate from online dating? Please call in and share your story with us.

    LISTEN, COMMENT & CHAT BY PHONE 805-830-8320 |

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    Daja Mae, Indie - Indie/Electronic musician, Actress & Stuntwoman

    in Electronic Music

    Tonight Pop Art Painter Jamie Roxx (www.JamieRoxx.us) welcomes Indie-Electronic Singer Deja-Mae to the show. 


    Free Mp3 Single Download via Soundcloud: 


    Deja was practically born to be a performer. The daughter of Norman Howell, a well-established stunt man/coordinator/director and stunt double for Kevin Costner, Deja traveled from location to location growing up, so it’s no wonder that she thinks of a movie set as “home.” As a little girl, Deja fell in love with the idea of performing. It would be the film “Dances with Wolves” where Deja would get her first taste of performing. She continued to participate in the ‘family business’ throughout her adolescence, but soon realized that stunts were not enough, as the life of an actress brought conflicted emotions. Having grown up on movie sets, she understands the life of an actor can be isolating, unfulfilling and unpredictable at times. With a longing to touch people’s lives through performing, it makes sense that Deja has branched out into other areas of creativity, such as music.
    Deja has made sure to keep music a large part of her life, which earned a residency at Hollywood’s Bar Lubitsch. Deja not only sings, but she also plays acoustic guitar and piano.

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    MISTRESS SEXY MAE LIVE: Welcome To The Champagne Lounge

    in Entertainment


    Tune in TONIGHT 3/19 at 9pm est. to Mistress Sexy Mae Live on Phone Fantasy Radio. Join Mistress Sexy Mae for her debut "Welcome To The Champagne Lounge" Where we are sipping on good conversation and more. Not for the faint at heart cause we are grown sexy freaks ready to explore everything. Don't Miss The Show!!!!



    CALL0IN 805-830-8320 (Press #1 To Speak)

    CHAT & COMMENT http://tobtr.com/s/7436207

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    MISTRESS SEX MAE LIVE: Dispelling The 'Leave It To Beaver' Syndrome

    in Entertainment

    Tune in Thur. April 23rd at 9pm est./8pm cst. to Mistress Sexy Mae Live on Phone Fantasy Radio. Join hostess Mistress Sexy Mae with Lakrush Hearts for a provactive discussion on Dispelling The Leave It To Beaver Syndrome. We are taking a look at men's percpective about women in the work force vs women in the kitchen. Is it intimidating or sexy? What do you support? ad much more.

    CALL-IN 805-830-8320 

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    MISTRESS-SEXY-MAE LIVE: Spicing Up Your Relationship

    in Entertainment

    Join hostess Mistress Sexy Mae with Lakrush Hearts for a stimulating conversation about Spicing Up Your Relationship, How To Tell Your Partner They Ain't Hitting It Right & more.

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    Special Guest: Amanda Loveland, Lisa Mae, Angel Ray

    in Lifestyle

    Guest: On at 10:00 am

    Amanda Loveland Amanda is well known for her unconventional approach to building businesses, which fosters dramatic and consistent financial results for entrepreneurs in record time. She is the founder of Wealth University, an online school for entrepreneurs who want to make money AND make a difference, and the creator of the Genuine Sales system which empowers people to sell in their own unique way. 

    Guest: on at 10:30 am

    Lisa Mae Lisa Mae is a Creative Visionary, Speaker, & Social Innovator that is committed to impacting humanity on a global scale.She is founder of Wonder Women Tech, a conference celebrating women in STEAM, two hackathons--Hacks 4 Humanity and Wonder Women Hacks, and EqualityTV, a digital media and e-commerce platform highlighting marginalized and underrepresented communities. She has also launched various social campaigns like the ‘Love, Hugs and Inspiration Campaign', '21 Days of Fearlessness' and '40 Days of Kindness.' She is passionate about human rights and issues surrounding gender equality, LGBTQ, and racial equality.

    Guest: on at 11:00 am Angel Ray ANGEL RAY is a Mexican producer, singer songwriter who released two albums; ‘Si tu no
    estas’ (‘If you are not here”) in 2007 and ‘Unico’ (“Unique”) in 2012. A third album is
    scheduled to be released later this year after the single “‘ES TU AMOR” (“It’s your love”)
    released January of this year.
    Borned in Veracruz, Mexico, Angel was influenced by his parent’s love for music. He is the
    youngest of five brothers and three sisters.
    At 16 Angel lost his mother to cancer; this caused him to move to the US. Angel only took
    refuge in his faith and music.
    Angel’s third album, not yet titled, was arranged and produced by BMI award winner, Salo