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    How to Diagnose & Treat Lyme Disease Naturally

    in Health

    Recently, I've started muscle testing my clients to see if their bodies have been exposed to Lyme and surprisingly most of my "chronic and should have gotten better sooner" folks are testing positive! But lyme disease is tricky. Those who have been diagnosed with Lyme often go through months of misery and misdiagnosis before finally realizing they have Lyme. With the rising numbers of those now being diagnosed with Lyme, it's important to begin taking a closer look at this debilitating illness to learn how to catch the warning signs early and how to treat it quickly.

    I've invited an Lyme expert Dr. Steven Davis to come on my show to chat about:

    Why is Lyme so difficult to diagnose and (treat even with Antibiotics)?

    What symptoms are the biggest indicators that someone has Lyme?

    Are antibiotics a must in treatment? Are there more natural options to balance the energy so that the immune system works better to kick out the pathogen?

    What protocols can be used to treat Lyme?

    To learn more about Lyme please visit http://drddc.com/pages/video31.html

    *Don't forget you can tune into the recording any time after the show airing!


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    LYME RAGE!, A Mother's Struggle to Save Her Daughter from Lyme Disease

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    On Monday, November 2, 2015 at 8 PM Eastern time, Dr. Jess Armine will interview Mindy Haber LCSW who authored the book, "LYME RAGE, A Mother's Struggle To Save Her Daughter from Lyme Disease".

    Mindy's daughter Sophie developed neuropsychiatric symptoms at 9 years of age that her family doctor was unable to explain. As her symptoms worsened, doctor after doctor refused to treat her even though her symptomatology got progressively worse.

    Finally a healthcare provider was found that was willing to treat Sophie appropriately and her recovery began. Join us and discover the results of her treatment and the bravery and perseverance of her mom in the face of significant adversity from our healthcare system.

    I read the book and could not stop alternating between anger and crying. This must stop!

    You can obtain Mindy's book at www.lymeragebook.com

    Join us for this fascinating story.

    Dr. Jess :-)

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    Lyme Disease and Remedies on Herbal Prepper Live

    in Education

    Lyme Disease and Remedies!
    Herbal Prepper Live
    on American Preppers Radio!
    Sundays 7:00pm/Est 6:00pm/Ct 5:00pm/Mt 4:00pm/Pt
    Live Listen and Chat go to: http://prepperbroadcasting.com/listen-chat/

    Lyme disease is a complex disease to treat, and a painful one to live with. Just mention Lyme, and watch people’s faces as they react. Lyme disease is painful, can cause confusion and fatigue, and it can kill any attempt to focus. Worse than that, Lyme disease is responsible for many cases of arthritis, neuropathy, and heart beat irregularities. Thankfully this is less common, but Lyme disease can be fatal when attacking the heart, lungs, and nervous system.

    Read More→ HERE

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    Lyme Disease

    in Spirituality

    Marie Langlie and Beth Jacobson, hosts of Divine Goddess Radio, will be joined by Paula Quinlan, a Healthy Living Coach, Educator and Speaker.  Paula reclaimed her life from chronic lyme disease the natural, healthy way.  May is Lyme Disease Awareness Month in Minnesota and Paula will be sharing her knowledge of this disease and educating listeners on prevention and care.
    Paula's contact information:
    612.719.0228   http://paulaquinlan.com   Our contact info:  divinegoddessradio@gmail.com
    Beth Jacobson 651-900-4136
    Marie Langlie 651-303-0555
    Our blog:  http://divinegoddessradio.wordpress.com/

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    Interview with Tina Mendoza about her journey with Morgellons and Lyme disease

    in Health

    Tina Mendoza from Los Anegeles will be my guest this afternoon at Radio Lyme. Tina will talk to us about her struggle with Moregellons and Lyme disease. 

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    Lyme Disease, The Epidemic Truth

    in Health

    Mary E., will be joined by Michael Urbano and Cheryl Savage to expose the reality that is plaguing millions of Americans annually. This unknown epidemic is wreaking havoc on unsuspected victims. Tune in to hear the start of a 3 part series. Be informed, be forewarned. 

    Michael Urbano  I am 34 years old and went misdiagnosed with Torticollis.  A.K.A. Cervical Dystonia.  Which is a neurological issue that keeps your head stuck in either a left, right, up, or down position.  Fighting it is nearly impossible.  You become a prisoner of your very own body. The next step neurologists told me is Deep Brain Stimulation.  Brain surgery procedure to fix the neurological issue, tremors, spams, etc... January of 2014 I discovered that I have Lyme Disease.  Which is causing my neurological mumble jumble. My issue with Lyme Disease is doctors can get in trouble for treating it. 

    Cheryl Savage lives in Portland Oregon and is a mother of twins. After years of battling back against multiple medical issues, it was discovered that she is infected with lyme disease and multiple viral/bacterial infections that are passed through tick bites along with the lyme infection. She wishes to expose her nightmare and hopes that in doing so others will be able to get the help they need. 

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    Survival Medicine Hour: Doxycycline, Lyme Disease, More

    in Health

    In this episode of the Survival Medicine Hour podcast, Joe Alton, MD, and Amy Alton, ARNP, discuss Lyme disease in detail, Doxycycline as n antibiotic for survival settings, research on date syrup that suggests it has more antibacterial activity than Manuka honey, and the unusual case of Dr. Ian Crozier, Ebola CDC patient that developed active virus on the inside of his eye months after he survived the disease. Finally, a sneak peak at a project that the Altons are involved in that's a departure from survival medicine...


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    Hotez discusses US Science Envoy appointment; Lyme disease protest

    in News

    My first guest, who has been on the show previously in 2013 (Chagas disease) and2014 (Leishmaniasis), was Dean for the National School of Tropical Medicine at theBaylor College of Medicine and the President of the Sabin Vaccine Institute, Dr Peter Hotez.

    Dr Hotez came on to talk about his recent appointment by the U.S. Department of State as U.S. Science Envoy. We also talked about anticipating the next “Ebola” and his concerns about ISIS controlled territories and the risk of a serious outbreak.

    During the second half of the show, MaydayProject co-founder, Josh Cutler joined me to talk about Lyme disease advocates disagreements with theInfectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA) over diagnosis, treatment and the existence of “chronic Lyme” or “persistent infections”.

    Mr. Cutler also talked about the upcoming protest scheduled later this month at the IDSA headquarters.

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    Lyme Disease with Dr Tania Ash

    in Health

    What is Lyme disease?
    What are co-infections?
    Why aren't people properly diagnosed and treated?

    Listen in to learn all this and more.

    Dr Tania Ash has special interests in chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, tick-borne illness and chronic mould exposure. 

    She is renowned for frequently providing the final port of call for her clients by addressing the root causes of her clients’ chronic illnesses.

    Above all, Dr Tania is passionate and committed to empowering her clients to have vitality breakthroughs and to extend longevity with quality of life.


    The lovely Amara Campbell is inspiring, supportive and encouraging. BUT she is gravely ill with chronic neurological Lyme disease. She is literally fighting for her life.

    Her family has set up "The Amara Campbell Foundation" to help raised much needed funds for her medication and treatment.

    They have even organised chocolate drives, auctions for gorgeous frocks, wine and more.

    PLEASE donate to help save Amara... and to give her the chance to write a new chapter in her life, simply entitled "Wellness."

    To find out more, visit their page on social media.

    To donate from Paypal, please send money to amaracampbellfoundation@gmail.com

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    The Story Of My Lyme Disease Diagnosis

    in Health

    I'm going to share this story for the thousands of others who have gone undiagnosed, misdiagnosed or mistreated and are now looking for a way to feel better and recover their health.

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    LYME DISEASE....the 411 !!!!

    in Health

    Do you have lyme? How do you know? All the tests conflict?

    What do I do if I have Lyme? I can't take the antibiotics!

    In response to many requests, on 6/23/2014 at 8PM Eastern, Dr. Armine and Shawn Bean, Nutritional Biochemist, will discuss Lyme Disease with emphasis on proper diagnosis and alternative therapies.

    As many of you know, aside from working at Our Center, Shawn works with Leslie Fein, MD, LLMD one of the finest Lyme doctors in the United States!

    Lyme disease is a hot topic these days and the disease can express in 1000 different ways....Let Dr. Armine and Shawn help you wade through the muck and mire!  Join us at 8PM Monday 6/23/14.


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