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    Westchester On the Level with Narog and Aris

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    The featured BlogTalkRadio broadcast of Westchester on the Level with Narog and Aris opens the February 2nd  broadcast day at the top of the 10am EST hour with Wednesday Co-host Dan Murphy, Rising Media Group Editor-in-Chief, and fellow Co-host Hezi Aris, Yonkers Tribune Editor, in discussion over hyper-local concerns.

    Top Class Limousine business owner John Khader speaks to us about his business model and the service that was established in Yonkers years ago, how it has flourished, and how it continues to grow and why.

    Hezi will review and analyze national and international news arena during the final hour of our broadcast day.

    Your participation is shamelessly solicited; share your perspective; ask a question, be heard! Place your call to (347) 205-9201. You are only asked to please stay on topic.

    Listen live or on demand: http://tobtr.com/8269195 


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    Antigua 365 Beaches

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    Dawn from the Island of Antigua and grow up with a family background in Travel, So I created Antigua365beaches because of my love for my Country and it is the only  Island in the World that boasts 365 white sandy beaches, one beach for each day of the year! I created my own Vacation Packages from an islanders perspective growing up in this beautiful Island, and I also create customized all-inclusive Destination Weddings, Honeymoons, Tours, Retreats and a host of other services with local vendors to designed with our clients in mind and we can accommodate group travel as well for our guests when traveling to Antigua. Absolutely! I can travel with our guests to Antigua and prepare their meals. The basic vacation Package includes, breakfast, lunch and dinner for 7 days and we include a mid-week buffet on the beach that includes, fresh fish, lobster, chicken, and a variety of local side dishes Of course we include Steel-drum music to help our guests to relax and enjoy our local music. We have several beautiful Villas, th Century. Our Wedding package includes airfare, a Cottage or Villa, Limousine, and Food. See our Packages on the web-Site. In addition we provide a sunset cruise by boat that is self-contained, fully equipped suite below deck that can accommodate couples,we provide dinner by Candle-lite with food, fresh flowers, and soft music. An all-inclusive. Airfare, Accommodations, Food, Catering, Music, Tours, Concierge and other needs. Special Arrangements for payment. Yes, we have a variety of payment plans that can be arranged to suit the needs of our Clients and guests. We also accept Visa, MasterCard, Discovery, and American Express. The number to call is 1-888-221-13441-888-221-1344 FREE. Visit www.antigua365beaches.com.  I see www.Antigua365beaches.com  reaching many audiences and expanding, Nationally, Internationally, and Globally.

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    The Koch Spy Network

    in Politics

    The political network helmed by Charles and David Koch has quietly built a secretive operation that conducts surveillance and intelligence gathering on its liberal opponents, viewing it as a key strategic tool in its efforts to reshape American public life.The operation, which is little-known even within the Koch network, gathers what Koch insiders refer to as “competitive intelligence” that is used to try to thwart liberal groups and activists, and to identify potential threats to the expansive network.Politico

    Former GOP chair Steele said, "the growth of the Koch network raises questions about “the relevance of the parties. And a lot of people answer by saying they’re not relevant anymore, which is why you’re seeing a lot of this activity outside of them. These organizations have the ability to raise unlimited money that the parties can’t. And at the end of the day, the party can’t compete with that.”

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    MAYDAY!! Monday and Guest Entrepeneur and Detective Michael Colella

    in Politics Conservative

    The government which was instituted for the people constantly sneaks in more freedom choking regulations in hopes ‘the people’ will either not notice or follow along with their schemes and scams. 

    As guardians of freedom,The Wake Up Mission Show is watching the deconstructionists 24/7/365 as they work 24/7/365 to deconstruct OUR Country, OUR Constitution and OUR Liberty.  

    While the mainstream puppets represent propaganda and distorted news,The Wake Up Mission Show loudly sounds the alarm utilizing only trusted sources of information to reveal the truth. 

    Links to the articles can be found on our sites

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    Today's scheduled guest is Michael Colella.

    Michael is an entrepenuer and owner of a limousine company. He is also a private detective and owner of a detective agency.Now he focuses on the “art of living” and teaching people the three tiers for being financially successful.

    He is also a black belt in Aikido and speaks Italian as well as English.

    His website is http://www.michaelcolella.com

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    The Hard Politics Of America

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    We must educate ourselves on the issuses and the candidates if we are to make informed choices. 

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    All the rage

    in Entertainment

    Todays Hype:

    Welcome, my name is liz and this is my series called " all the rage" I wanted to start with todays hype, which is what i call it when you wake up in the morning and theres a new thing going on.



    So Whats To come:

    East London exhales after unexploded World War II bomb is defused

    12 firefighters among 50 dead in Chinese port city explosions

    Hackers’ $100 Million Insider Shop Sold Data on Demand ??



    Celebrity Gossip

    Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen divorce rumors surface

    Gabrielle Union, Rob Lowe Lend Their Voices to ‘Lion King’ Spinoff

    Beyonce Covers Vogue's September Issue: Photo, Video




    pRICE 4 lIMO: We offer luxury Limousine & Party Bus rentals in every city in the United States!

    VEGAS TICKETS: Tao Night club


    VegasTickets.com knows what happens in Vegas.




    My Links:






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    kyle's conversation

    in Current Events

    This week on the conversation my thougths on the Up and coming Indianapolis 500 this weekend.  Can people in DC change there mind? I know liberials can be so preaching of tolerence, but they usually end up being the least tolerent.    So if Bruce Jenner was a young kid he could belong to the Girl Scouts of America I will explain my thoughts. I don't believe the GOP is behind all the attacks on Hillary so who is? People need to read the whole story not just the head lines many examples I will explain. Also Cannabiss one step forward two steps back, it kills cancer, sorry it is a gateway drug.  The first church of pot is real in Indiana I will explain along with the new RFRA. So join me this thursday at 11 for the conversation your apart of. 

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    Local Loco Friday

    in Politics Conservative

    Smells Right to Me, Mocker in Chief, Fed Workers Dumb like Stump, BS on Stilts, Nancy Pelosi Mafia, IRS is Evil, ISIS & Mao, Mary Fields, FDA & Marijuana, Iraqi is Done, Cougars Offend Women, Limousine Liberials, Mexican Invasion,

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    Robert Hollywood Moreno known as the Miracle Man

    in Women

    Robert "Hollywood" Moreno is a Co-Host, Master of Ceremonies, Performer, Producer & Featured Guest Speaker

    A veteran of Film, Television & Stage, Robert enjoys being a Co-Host and MC for the Celebrity Red Carpet Events. He has MC’d the last two Strategies for Success Women’s Conferences for the Menifee Valley Chamber, In Menifee, CA.

    Robert has lived and performed all over Europe, his favorite home has always been southern California. He started an event Production company with some partners that included Limousine Tours to Fantasy locations along with escorting groups on Luxury Cruises. He also lived on the Big Island in Kona, Hawaii working with many resorts there. He later went to  St Thomas and the Virgin Islands. While there he was filming Weekend at Bernies II as a featured dancer and character actor. The Island tour got extended for about a year while he was performing on The Bold and The Beautiful Soap Opera. After a few months filming was completed and he stayed on for a time to work with the Tourist and Film Division in St Thomas, along with some of the wonderful cruise lines. He returned home continuing to develop as a veteran speaker, singer and emcee. 

    He has been involved with many local projects as Emcee/Producer including working with the last 2 Nafe Western Regional Conferences, A Nafe National Conference, Extravaganza 1 & 2 for the GFWC Menifee/Sun City Women’s Club and more. 

    Check out his website at www.roberthollywood.com 


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    how to find a and know what to look for by renting a limousine

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    The Wake Up Mission Show w/ Chelene Nightingale & special guest MICHAEL COLELLA

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    The Wake Up Mission Show with Chelene Nightingale welcomes Michael Colella, a very successful IBO/Team Leader with WakeUpNow; He is also the President/CEO of Limos Without Limits,Ltd which offers eccentric vehicles such as a 1947 & 1950 Rolls Royces, 1941 Cadillac Fleetwood Factory Limousine and a 1935 Plymouth Roadster. Limos Without Limits, Ltd. services over 650 weddings a year and they are considered to be wedding specialists; Michael holds a Masters Degree in Criminal Justice; He is a former private investigator and as such was Former Pres/Dir of Colella Investigation Services, Inc; Michael is a 1st degree black belt in Aikido.