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    To Be Beyond Limitation

    in Spirituality

    To be beyond limitation is to be “One with Our Creator.” To be one with our Creator we must simply let go of the notion that we are separate, and our preconceived ideas of what our Creator is and what we are. I use the word simply; because it truly is simple, it is a choice. It is our preconceived ideas that cause us to complicate the process. The fact is we are already one with our Creator; we appear to be separate because of our preconceived ideas around separation and what is possible. When we recognize the truth, we see beyond our limitations and are able to realize infinite possibility.
    A false perception about our physical reality arises from the disconnection perceived through a belief that we must compartmentalize, analyze, and judge everything within our physical senses. The truth lies not within our physical perceptions, but within our ability to remove ourselves from ego mind and open ourselves up to our true being (Spiritual Higher Self). Read more... http://www.lightworkerusa.com/?p=185
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    Beyond Limitation is Allowance

    in Spirituality

    Walking within a place of allowance is where we will find our ability to overcome limitation. Todays show will touch on how we block our growth and our joy by attempting to force an outcome.
    I am going to provide you with some steps that will help you move from a place of force to a place of allowance. When you follow these steps you will find yourself overcoming limitations of all types, including those you have accepted from others. 
    If we relieve the stress from our minds by allowing what is to be, we are then able to transform the outcome into something desirable. It is when we push against what we don’t want that we bring it to us, and when we covet what we do want that pushes it away.
    Yes, beyond limitation is allowance of all that is intended for our highest good and the highest good of those around us. I have posted the Steps to Allowance on the blog at http://www.lightworkerusa.com for you to download if you choose.
    Join me for what is destined to be an informative and spirit lifting show. 
    Journey On,
    Rose Louise

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    Hypnotherapy Overcomes Self Imposed Limitation

    in Spirituality

    Overcome trauma's and ways of being that no longer serve you from the past through Hypnotherapy, with Now Voyager Hypnotherapy with Danny Cabrerra.
    Danny will be my guest and share answers to questions you may have about Hypnotherapy. Danny has a Psychology degree from Ottawa University in Arizona. He studied hypnosis from New Beginnings Wellness Institute also in Arizona. He studied under the tutelage of Dr. Edwin Druding, a direct disciple of Milton Erickson, the father of modern hypnotherapy.
    Danny established his own private practice in Phoenix Arizona in 1996. He has done extensive hypnosis work at Phoenix Shanti, a center for people with A.I.D.S. and alcohol/drug rehabilitation.
    Danny believes that as human beings we all have the power within ourselves to change. To change regardless of whom we are or what circumstances have happened to us in the past. Once the conscious mind has made the decision to change, the tool of hypnosis is all that is needed to convince the subconscious mind of that change.
    Hence his slogan; Your Mind is the Greatest Vessel!
    He believes that we can proceed with life in a positive productive manner, no matter what our wants may be. - See more at: http://nowvoyagerhypnotherapy.com/about-us/danny-cabrera/#sthash.LpgMVKJP.dpuf
    As always I have posted my commentary on my blog site - 

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    Removing Lack and Limitation

    in Self Help

    In this episode, Pat Council will share ideas for removing lack and limitation.  If you want to soar and build a quality life, this is the show for you.  Get the truth about what it really takes to bring the best into your life, whether that involves people, a life's calling or more money.  

    The book featured in today's episode is:  The P.O.W.E.R.: Using What You Have to Achieve Success.  Click for information.

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    Claims in Decedent’s Estates

    in Legal

    What happens when someone dies and they owe you money? Or, if you are the executor or administrator (representative of the Estate), how will you know who to pay out of the estate to decedent’s creditors? In this podcast, attorney Jennifer Burt explains the specific rules that dictate how and when claims are filed against a decedent’s estate. She also discusses the seven different classes of claims.

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    My Journey to Beyond Limitation

    in Self Help

    I invite you along on my journey through the depths of some of my lowest moments as I pulled myself up from the muck and mire, out of the darkness of depression and chronic illness into pure Love Light. It did not take work; it took making a choice, then trusting that choice. It took self-honesty and a willingness to surrender my beliefs about myself and the world around me to my Universal Creator/God/I Am Presence/Jehovah. That means I made a choice to surrender all of my preconceived ideas about whom and what I Am, what God is and what God is about. I had to open my mind, my heart and my spirit to that still small voice that so desired to speak with me from within. I also had to change the way I lived my life. Instead of living my life in a state of fear, grief, and regret, I had to recognize my part in that creation without self-judgment, or self-incrimination; I had to see it and know how that type of thinking brought me to where I was at that moment. Changing my way of life did not mean to me that I had to go find a church or religion of some sort to make it happen, although I did allow Spirit to lead me through a few doors of different religions which did help me. I took away from each space a valuable truth that was meant for me. To retrain the brain, is a task of learning how to let go, how to allow, and how to modify our behaviors. I now live naturally within a space of allowance and Universal flow of energy. I take supplements that strengthen my body and I am in constant contact with my Creator through meditation. Come along with me on this journey to Beyond Limitation! Rose Louise 

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    Innate Genius!

    in Spirituality

    How do we recognize and be in the flow of our own innate genius? Do we actually have a fear of our own mental ability? Is it possible that we fear the idea of an infinite mind? What if we held the false belief of limitation of mind? Is the belief system the very thing that blocks most of us in full utilization of the mind? What is genius any way? Are not all equal? Do we make learing more difficult than it actually is? It is my thought that we are all genius's but we have a difficult time in the acceptance of that. It is my sense that says we are all infinite creatures that have the belief that we are limited because we have a body. It is my sense also that ttells me that we are more afaird of how small we are than how great that we can be or become. We humans remain stead fast in the idea that we are onoly physical in our nature. In truth we are only living as half of our selves with this kind of mind set. We are leaving out our soul selves or that part of us that is divine, or the true self. When we truly come to know ourselves and our true nature we step into that infinite idea of the human. This was our original intention to be this. Join Liara and Steven for another great show. Call in and join to share your perspective on the topic. 718-664-9735

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    Where Did All The Money Go? A Look At The Planetary Financial Story

    in Spirituality

    Join Sonia Nadina as she sheds light on the spiritual reason why the majority of humanity are still enduring financial limitation and challenging living conditions. We are the result of generations of limitations which has imprinted within our psyche the idea that we have to work hard for our living. Unfortunately, we pass this knowledge on to our descendants. 

    Sonia shares and teaches through personal and examples. She is an emotional healer, life coach and author.  

    Generate Happiness through Positive Affirmations.  

    The Power Of Money, How you see money is how you see yourself.

    Oneness, Separation, Integration, Reincarnation.

    Website: www.soniahaynes.com email: contact@soniahaynes.com 

    Phone: 1 -778-786-1301 / 1- 343 - 320 - 0711

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    We Insist!

    in Motivation

    How many times you have been sure that the problem, the limitation, the difficulty going on in our life is real and cannot be changed? What are we insisting is "just the way it is" - that is actually an invention and does not have to stay the same? If our point of view is creating our reality, what if we could change our point of view and thus change our entire life?...this may seem way esoteric and out there, but what if it is actually practical? Explore what else is possible that you may have never considered with Heather Smith and Stephanie Richarson, in another episode of The Good Girl's Guide to Being Wrong and Happy!

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    CBM with Greg- Guest Zach Rehder - Unconditional Love!

    in Fitness

    What is Unconditional Love?

    What does it mean to have it for someone, something, or even yourself?

    Is it uncomfortable to think about it?

    Greg is talking with Zach Rehder on Thursday April 7th about that and more!

    Zach Rehder, creator of Vibrational Alignment Healing, is an international teacher, speaker and healer.  Through a series of awakenings, he has become a channel for messages and energies that heal, unlock and awaken. This enables individuals to dissolve barriers and free themselves from negativity, lack and limitation.  Many clients have experienced amazing, unexplainable healings and awakenings through Zach’s sessions and classes.

    Join Greg and Zach as they explore the topic of Unconditional Love!

    Thurday April 7th

    12pm Denver   2pm EST  8pm Eastern Europe

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    Intuition, Imagination &Dreams

    in Spirituality

    Intuition, Imagination, and dreams are all very real. We are conditioned into not trusting in these very metaphysical ideas, yet at the same time they are very real. Logic is not able to explain any of them for they reqwuire no use of logic. Logic is for three deminsional use and these three ideas are ultra deminsional in their purpose. We are more infinite than we have been taught to believe. Being an intuitive I feel that when we do not use these tools then we are actually blind to life and our true reality. Every single human has intuitive ability. Every single person has an imaginative ability that they do not use. Dreams simply are not literal but they do have meaning. When one uses their intuition then they may see issues in advance. When we use our imagination then we have true creative power. When we learn how to operate with our dreams then we are comunicating with our soul so that it may guide us in life by knowing how to interpret these messages. Logic cannot work in any of these internal realms and has the ability to block them in truth. These are divine gifts to which God gave us to use to see more clearly. Join Liara and Steven for another wonderful conversation on being human. 718-664-9735 call in and talk with the hosts of this show.