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    The Fine Art of Paleontology - Fossils and Limestones

    in Education

    On Monday October 13th at 8pm est, 7pm cst and 5pm pst,  join New Mexico Museum of Natural History's field paleontologist Ken McKeighen and Ken Boorman as they discuss limes...tone, how it forms and the fossils found in it. Ken McKeighen has studied the limestones of the Ordovician, Silurian, Devonian, Mississippian and Pennsylvanian from the Midwest to the southwest. This will be an interesting and informative discussion for fossil hunters and rockhounds. Also tune in for a huge announcement regarding new things on the Under The Sea Radio Show !






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    Black Wall Street, The Play with Executive Producer, Walter E. Puryear!

    in Education

    Tonight join The Gist of Freedom with host Roy Paul as we talk with the executive producer, of the play Black Wall Street,  Walter E. Puryear!  Running at The Andrew Freedman Home, 1125 GrandCouse Bronx, NY starting Thursday September 18th thru Sunday October 5,204.

    BLACK WALL STREET   by Celeste Bedford Walker

    In 1921, in a small community in Tulsa Oklahoma, there was a Black paradise called Greenwood.  This community consisted of Blacks, Indians, and Jews, who respected and did business with each other. In time the town was soon known as Black Wall Street.  In a mere 36 block section of town, these African-Americans owned and operated up to 600 thriving businesses. One of the most popular of these businesses was Old Lady Boleys’,(fictional) an eating establishment which is where our play begins. One Sunday evening, the town’s more influential citizens gathered to have their pictures taken for the local newspaper; in honor of the community’s 20th anniversary. Before the play ends, the entire community of Greenwood is completely burned to the ground. In a 12 hour period, a major Black economic movement is halted.

    Walter E. Puryear is the Mid-Bronx Council’s project manager for the Andrew Freedman Home. When the home opened in the Bronx in 1924, it looked like a limestone luxury liner sailing up the Grand Concourse, a grandiosity that advertised its odd function: a privately endowed retirement home for the formerly well-to-do, those who might have lost their money but not their manners or manorial tastes.

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    Lacrosse Talk

    in Sports

    Hosted by Dan Matthews and Max Freter, "Lacrosse Talk, is North Americas first and most comprehensive show dedicated to the sport of Lacrosse.  This week's guests include:

    Chris Marshall (MCLA), Terry Foy (NCAA), Joe Spallina (HC New York Lizards), John Galvin (HC MCLA D1 National Champions, CU Buffaloes), JB Clarke (HC NCAA D2 National Champion, Limestone Saints), John Christmas (Encore Brand)



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    Aquascaping 101: Driftwood and Caves Aquascaping Part 2

    in Pets

    Join Aqua Alex, CrayfishmanJames, and the Aquascape Doctor Mr. Russell Sakay as we have a discussion on rock and cave aquascaping in your aquarium at home! Many aquarists like to decorate your aquarium with rocks and caves so come learn how you can decorate your aquarium with rocks and caves like an aquascaper!

    Our discussion tonight will include: 

    what rock is good and what is harmful or even dangerous in aquariums

    how to test for PH on decorations like rock and such

    limestone test

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    College Lacrosse Talk

    in Sports

    Jared Welsh will speak with NCAA Men's and Women's lacrosse coaches and discuss the state of NCAA lacrosse on this weekly show.  The show will also cover the changes in the Top 25 rankings each week. Coach Tucker and Coach Clarke from Limestone Women's and Men's Lacrosse teams joins the show this week.

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    What's So Great About the Egyptian Pyramids?

    in Paranormal

    Did you know that many pyramids in Egypt were covered in white, red and black polished limestone?  This week on Conundrum with Cougar and Slider, we take you to Egypt and look into the mysteries surrounding not only the Great Pyramid, but many other pyramids along the Nile River.  Join us this Thursday, April 10th at 5:00 PM Eastern, 4:00 PM Central, and 10:00 PM UK.

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    Interview with Author Lynne DeMichele

    in Writing

    Author Lynne DeMichele speaks with host Patrick Morgan about her book Limestone County Almanac.

  • 02:08

    The Big Perm Show - Episode #4 - Bill Magnuson & Shane McSimov

    in Entertainment

    Come and join the chaos this Sunday night @ 8 p.m. cst / 9 p.m. est !! 

    Our first guest is a rapper and Peoria native that has found crazy success in the rap game. Joining us will be Bill " Dolla Bill " Magnuson. We'll discuss his Peoria roots as well as his career. While we chat we'll introduce you to his work as we spin tracks from his " Legalize it " EP as well as " Peace, Pot & Microdot ".

    Shane Mac a.k.a. Shane McSimov will join the party to finish up the first hour. As a best selling Author, award winning musician, ceaseless entrepreneur & Limestone graduate, Shane Mac has built quite a remarkable and inspiring life for himself. We'll introduce you to Shane and see just how many irons he has in the fire this month !

    Kicking off hour number two we'll introduce you to the newest member of the " Big Perm Collective " ...... my homeboy Nappy. In the next few weeks we'll roll out a new segment called " Nappy's Nuggets - Music News & Info. From A Discerning Hippy ". 

    At about quarter past the hour we'll catch up with Dj McFly to talk about the Chalice Dubs: Masquerade Fever at the Canopy Club coming up on Saturday, March 15th. Who knows what else we'll get into !!

    Later in the second hour we'll introduce yet another member of the " Big Perm Collective ". Frederick Gautier a.k.a. " Rico " will be an integral part of the team. Not only will he and Vic Nasty wax poetic about the sports world in a yet untitled segment ..... he'll also bring a vast knowledge of videography to the table. the possibilities are endless with this guy around !

    In honor of Sam Kinison we'll be spinning clips of his work throughout the night. So strap in and get ready for a sh*tstorm !!

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    John Anthony West: Pre-Dynastic Egypt and the Sphinx

    in News

    This is Earth Ancient Premier podcast, the first in a series of weekly programs. Our first program features John Anthony West. John will highlight his work following the amazing redating of the Sphinx.

    Who is John Anthony West? Dr. Robert Schoch was the Geologist who examined the Egyptian Sphinx on the Giza Plateau, and later redated the rock body of the sculpture to a significantly older period. The inspiration and driving force behind the discovery was John Anthony West. West had studies the Sphinx, its enclosure and many of the regions buildings, and was convinced that the world's largest man-made sculpture was from an earlier pre-dynastic people. He was the driving force behind Schoch's work and others.
    In 1993 his work with Robert M. Schoch, a geologist and associate professor of natural science at the College of General Studies at Boston University was presented by Charlton Heston in a NBC special called “The Mystery of the Sphinx” that won West an News & Documentary Emmy Award for Best Research and a nomination for Best Documentary. The documentary contends that the main type of weathering evident on the Great Sphinx (pictured) and surrounding enclosure walls could only have been caused by prolonged and extensive rainfall during the time period from 10,000 to 5000 BCE and was carved out of limestone bedrock by an ancient advanced culture (such as the Heavy Neolithic Qaraoun culture).

    This challenged the conventional dating of the carving of the statue circa 2500 BCE. West suggested that the Sphinx may be over twice as old as originally determined, whereas Schoch made a more conservative determination of between 5000 and 7000 BCE.

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    The Incomparable Thriller Author Sandra Brannan visits Authors on the Air

    in Books

    Authors on the Air host Pam Stack is exceptionally happy to welcome one of the thriller genre's favorite authors, Sandra Brannan.  In her own words:  I am one of nine kids and grew up in the woods between three quarries.  Not quite like being raised by wolves as my parents are quite sophisticated and kind and good.  But I won't lie.  I wanted to be raised by wolves, envied Mowgli, even though I adore my siblings and parents. I am an engineer with an MBA who played college basketball and worked at McDonalds to put myself through school, then got a great job building 747's and 767's for Boeing.   Transferred with the B1B program back to my hometown of Rapid City, SD and decided to leave aeronautics and instead work with the family business.  In a limestone mine.What's my point to readers?  If I were you and heard that some engineer, miner, MBA, jock-type westerner was writing gritty suspenseful mysteries, I'd probably say 'PASS, NOT INTERESTED'.  But I have to say, I definitely understand what it takes to pull me out of my life and make me lose a night of sleep.  In a good way.  And the answer is a very well written storyline with characters I want to go drink a beer with, so I could find out more about him or her.  That's how I write.  I love my characters.  I love every day heroes who shine more than my protagonist (unfortunately for my editor, who I love).  I want to learn more about each one of them.  And they constantly surprise me with their choices, with what they do and who they meet.  I hope you enjoy them, too!   This is a copyrighted podcast of the  Authors on the Air Global Radio Network LLC. 

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    The Canyon Dwellers!

    in Education

    They Were Preppers on American Preppers Radio! Wednedays *7:00pm/Est *6:00pm/Ct *5:00pm/Mt *4:00pm/Pt Live Listen and Chat go to: http://prepperbroadcasting.com/listen-chat/ A factual story of history in America as we look at the Canyon Dwellers. An anchient civilazations living and thriving in the Grand Canyon. The split twig animal figurines give mute evidence of human history in the Grand Canyon. We will take a look at these hunters and magicians and how long they used the limestone caves probably disappearing before the opening of the Christian era. Tags: They Were Preppers, Grand Canyon, History

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