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    Joanie likes Spending my time with you/James 2:1-14

    in Religion


    Lets study the Book of James together. 


    1 .Is it backed by God's Word
    2. Genuine fatih goes hand and hand with works
    3. Does you faith show results
    4. It comes from the heart not the head..




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    Brenden Bendorf -- He likes comedy

    in Radio

    Sitting down with Brenden Bendorf, improv master

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    Nobody Likes A Bully!

    in Current Events

    On this installment of The Forbidden Fruit, we will look in the shameful dilemma of bullying. We will look at traditional avenues of bullying, like in our schools, but we will also focus on how bullying has taken to the airwaves of cyber space. Has bullying become an epidemic or has it been with us forever?

    To help us examined this shameful act, we welcome to the show Lauretta Ali-Abdullah and Muhammad J. Adullah. The are the producers of the documentary movie, "Bullying: A Shameful Dilemma which was completed in 2012. The premier for this much needed film will be November 15, 2014 at 7pm. Venue to announced later.

    This should prove to be a show you don't want to miss. I think that at sometime in all of our lives, we either have been the victim of bullying or knew someone who was....and if you were the bully, then shame on you.


    Let's talk about it here on the FRUIT.

    Call in to listen and/or talk to us at 347-202-0492 or use SKYPE if you like.

    Please write us at AppleBrain@Live.com

    Please LIKE us on facebook at facebook.com/theforbiddenfruitradioshow

    You can find us on iTunes and www.Stitcher.com

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    Who likes post season baseball?

    in Sports

    Dan the Man's excited because he's off for the Weekend! But the Big will be live with Mr Fantasy almost all Weekend long!  With one of his weekly blogs coming out every Saturday morning, he's a busy busy Man.  Yet he Still has time to prep you for who you should start in your fantasy team?  Did you join one of our 20 team leagues?  Did you survive the drafts?  Are you beating Mr Fantasy?  We need to Know! But it's all for fun.  So go follow us on Twitter, like our Facebook page?

    Sports Time Radio - All sports, all the time.


    @danzeeeman @burketime @mrfanofsports 

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    Instagram Likes

    in Entertainment

    Tune in Now

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    Dear Barack Hussein Obama... Nobody Likes you. (news & comment)

    in Entertainment

    On this program, we are too far left for the left. 
    The podcast is undergoing some changes and we're ready to rock. 

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    Love in Your Face

    in Relationships

    Crystal used the term on a recent show and gave me the idea for this relationship topic: how can you ignore 'love in your face'?

    What do you do when you have "love in your face" and you don't want it?  It can be for one of many reasons you choose to ignore love when it's knocking at your door.

    You're enjoying the single life.
    You're focused on your career or school.
    You don't like the person who likes you.

    The list goes on.  I'll run some scenarios by my Show Legends to get their opinion on why some people ignore what could potentially be a good thing.  These things and more on the Talk 2 Q Radio Show!  "No experts.  Just opinions."

    Show No. 436

    Scheduled for 90 mins.


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    Suns Talk Radio: A Tough Stretch

    in Sports

    With the Suns entering the hardest stretch of the seaon thus far, Phoenix will need to stay energized as it takes on the likes of the Washington Wizards, Golden State Warriors and Memphis Grizzlies among many others. Host Zach Parnes will break down the week ahead, while also focusing in on PJ Tucker's recent offensive slump. We will also be unveiling plans for our next episode which feature another very special guest! Tune in and share your opinions, or join the conversation on twitter! @SunsTalkRadio 

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    in Spirituality

    I have hosted my spiritual radio show for 6 years now daily shows with over 2,500 shows and have interviewed well over 1,000 guest in spritual community! From new Pyschic Mediums to the ones you see on TV and without a doubt Medium Vincent Pace is a top 10 Medium! He personally brought in my parents who died when I was only 13 & 16 years old and told me how my dad died and the time he died! Vincent has done excellent connections every show for almost 2 years on my show! Vincent is the "real deal" he does not ask you questions and then gives you information on what you told him. Vincent likes when you just let him jump in to what the spirits are telling him and is a straight shooter , telling you excactly what the spirits are telling him.  I would strongly encourage you to contact him for a private reading, you will not be disapointed. http://www.onelightguidesall-vpace.com/

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    in Entertainment

    This week on SONG THERAPY The Crew dives into "ALL I DO IS THINK OF YOU" by TROOP

    What happens when love takes over your mind?

    “SONG THERAPY” is Today’s Hottest & Progressive Music Platform Created to Heal the Pain and Soothe the Soul. So Sit Back, Relax and Unwind as we take you on this Therapeutic Musical Journey. It’s Time for you to join the Crew on the First Ever Virtual Couch. Remember no one likes to go to Therapy, but they love to come to SONG THERAPY!!!!


    Call in / Listen every Tuesday @ 9pm est/ 6pm pst 347-855-8964. See you on the virtual couch!

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    Online Dating Struggles: The Nigerian Factor!

    in Relationships

    So tonight we'll be discussing on ONLINE DATING IN THE NIGERIAN COMMUNITY. Does it work? Are folks "internet shy" when it comes to the New Age Dating procedures popularized by the likes of 'Match.com', 'Eharmory' and 'Christian Mingle'? 

    Abeg pls who get info on Najia Dating Websites, I wan join ??????

    Have you dated online? 

    How did it go? 

    True Love or Scam? 

    Did you meet a creep?

    What are the rules of Online Dating 

    All these and more!! Join Moby, Captain & crew at 8pm Central Time as we dish on this. 

    Let's swap tales! 

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