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    Motivational Mondays "The Power Hour" with Evangelist LaShaun O'Bryant

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    Let's Evangelize... Meet Evangelist LaShaun Gabriel O'Bryant, Hostess of Motivational Mondays... The Hour of Power


    Monday Nights @ 8pm EST
    Call In Discussion Number 718-664-9186
    Chatroom: www.blogtalkradio.com/sisters4life

    "As virtual ministries, we can reach and establish His kingdom and complete His work all over the world. We look forward to bringing forth a host of guest and ministries leaders as we hope to create a lightened pathway to God’s purpose.  We are prayerful that the messages delivered through this radio program will help others to walk out the word of God in ministries, lives, jobs, in families, and as leaders. We aim to build and strengthen other’s faith from the word of God. "

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    Ask Ms. Bodacious with Chanta "Shasee" Davis

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    Ask Ms. Bodacious...with guest speaker Cassietta Jefferson

    Hostess Chanta "Shasee" Davis is owner and founder of Bodacious Body Care. LlC. She is currently married to a wonderful and supporting husband who has the heart and backbone of the business. Together, they share two wonderful sons who help when necessary and spend the money! Bodacious Body Care is a naturally based bath and body company that specializes in using organic and vegan ingredients to make exfoliating scrubs, whipped body butters, hair products, deodorants, and soaps. 

    Cassietta Jefferson, guest speaker for this week's feature is an author of "Christian Chick Lit," perhaps better known as contemporary Christian literature for women have stories that are generally romantic in nature and contain elements of love, faith, and family. As she is thankful for the gift of writing, her prayer is that my novels will, in some way, inspire and encourage her readers.

    Be sure to tune in to receive daily "Bodacious Tips" for loving yourself and bodaciously living life!

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    Motivational Mondays with Sisters w/Purpose

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    The mission for Sisters With Purpose Blog Talk Radio is to help establish God’s Kingdom here on earth, and to speak the true unadulterated word of God. As virtual ministries, we can reach and establish His kingdom and complete His work all over the world. We look forward to bringing forth a host of guest and ministries leaders as we hope to create an enlightened pathway to God’s purpose.  We are prayerful that the messages delivered through this radio program will help others to walk out the word of God in ministries, in lives, at jobs, in families, and as leaders. We aim to build and strengthen other’s faith from the word of God.

    We welcome the opportunity to pray for others and establish a prayer line throughout the world. We pray to strengthen the body of Christ with equipment, armor, and understanding while building faith, hope and abundance in the lives of our brother and sisters. 

    And with that said, let’s go and be about our Fathers business in the Name of Jesus.               

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    The Bodacious Movement with Chanta "Shasee" Davis

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    “I am living proof of what a lot of people wouldn’t think of homelessness.” Damien Haussling

    If anyone has any preconceived stereotypes of the homeless, make sure they meet Damien. He will dispel any stereotypes you have. He got an 800 on the math section of his SATs in high school. He double majored in both math and psychology in college and was even accepted to a PhD program for statistics. 

    One of the many reasons Damien’s speeches have been such a success for the Speakers’ Bureau is that his story couldn’t be further from the stereotypes that surround homelessness. He is living proof that homelessness can strike anyone at any given time. 

    Thus far, Damien has spoken at a public middle school, Catholic middle school, and the Night of Monologues event. He thought that the Night of Monologues was such a success that he hopes to repeat the event multiple times per year. He enjoys telling his story because he is able to meet new people, expel stereotypes, and sometimes receive financial reward for speaking. Damien is the current Speaker's Bureau Coordinator.

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    What's Your Fetish w/La Tonia Renee "Q & A"

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    Q & A with La Tonia Renee


    Is the Obama family safe under the watch of the C.I.A.?


    Arer we finally receiving justice with Jordan Davis?

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    S2S Presents Strongman's His Name, What's His Game with Dr. Carol Robeson

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    Please join us as we speak with Dr. Carol Robeson. Dr. Robeson has decades of experience with assisting others to maturing into spiritual warfare.

    Dr. Carol Robeson is an author, teacher, minister, graphic artist and book publisher as well as mother to two grown daughters and grandmother to four. She graduated from Northwest College of the Assemblies of God in 1961 and graduated with a Ph.D. in Theology from Vision International University in 1996.

    Carol was a missionary and evangelist for 20 years with her husband , Jerry.Together they established many churches in Latin America, with some now running 6000-10,000. Jerry and Carol had weekly and daily radio broadcasts and television programs for 20 years and they produced and directed over 1000 Christian television programs in Latin America and the US. 

    They maintained a fulfilling teaching ministry abroad and in the US over the last 19 years. In 1983, Shiloh Publishing was established by them to print their ministry materials.

    Since Jerry's death in 1999, Carol continues to minister in conferences, retreats, and is the CEO of Shiloh Publishing and Action Publications. She is actively involved in AGLOW.

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    The Bodacious Movement with Chanta "Shasee" Davis

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    It's that time again. The Bodacious Hostess Chanta "Shasee" Davis will present The Women's Round Table.

    The Round Table Topic: Domestic Violence

    Call In Discussion Number: 718-664-9186
    Chat Room: www.blogtalkradio.com/sister2sistah

    Domestic violence, also known as domestic abuse, spousal abuse, battering, family violence, dating abuse, and intimate partner violence (IPV), is a pattern of behavior which involves the abuse by one person against another in an intimate relationship such as marriage, cohabitation, dating or within the family. It can be experienced by persons in heterosexual or same-sex relationships. 

    Forms of domestic violence include physical, emotional, verbal, economic and sexual abuse, which can range from subtle, coercive forms of abuse to violent physical abuse that results in disfigurement or death.

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    The Bodacious Movement Presents "Hurt to Heal" with Paster JoAnn Farley

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    Call In Discussion Number 718-664-9186
    Blag Talk Chat Room www.bolgtalkradio.com/sister2sistah

    Dr. Jo Farley is Founder of From Hurt to Healed Ministries, and Senior Pastor and Chief Apostle of the Christ Institution Church. From Hurt to Healed Ministries has been changing the lives of people since 1997. Coming from hurt, to healed, to wholeness has been the testimony of those affected by FHTH. Dr. Farley proclaims the awesomeness of God, in the fulfillment of a prophecy given to her in 2002, The prophecy stated that God would put a key in her hand and give her a Church. Four years later, the prophecy came to pass. The building is an historic Church, and the was the first African-American hospital in Baltimore's. Dr. Farley's prayer is to continue to serve God, her family, and the Body of Christ.

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    True Happiness is Possible In a Broken Body. Are You More Than Your Reflection?

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    Guest speaker, Carla Towns is a twenty-one year old independent author, poet, and business-minded Entrepreneur. 

    Writing since the tender age of seven, her work is mostly based on her experiences in life, and how she dealt the loss of her mother as a young girl, and afterwards changing living arrangements several times. From ages sixteen through eighteen she was in foster care which she says was one of the single hardest battles she’s had to overcome - even now that she lives on her own. 

    Carla was diagnosed with Infantile Cerebral Palsy after her mother gave birth to her, due to three strokes which led up to her brain Injury. Doctors said that Carla would not be able to talk, hear, speak or breathe on her own. They were wrong! She can do all but one of those things and doesn’t see it as a roadblock. 

    Because of the Cerebral Palsy she is wheelchair bound; but she refuses to be held back. Carla wakes up with a smile, with dignity and a plan to reach out to other individuals overcoming their individual challenges –whether they be able bodied or in wheelchairs. She has a passion for life and fights toward equality for everyone. 

    On May 2011, Carla was aired on her local news where she spoke to a crowd of individuals with developmental disabilities. She both encouraged and inspired the crowd. She was quoted saying “Just because [we] don’t look the same doesn’t mean we don’t have the same heart.” Carla says that she will keep writing and continue to inspire others.

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    Sister2Sistah Presents Lifestyle Changes Inside and Out

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    Can lifestyle changes really improve people's health? The evidence for the importance of healthy lifestyles is now overwhelming. Let's talk about it! Please join the conversation with Sister2Sistah and guest speaker Shameeka Hunt. 

    The creator of KeepMeTight® shapewear didn’t have time to agonize over her midsection after having 2 children. As a wife, mother and businesswoman, her days were spent worrying about project deadlines and spit-ups, not crunches and sit-ups. So she did the math, 2 kids + 2 C-sections + 1 busy career equals a mommy who needs her body back and fast. But how? Like most women, she turned to shapewear to fix her problem.

    After an exhaustive search, she discovered that finding a good shaper for the tummy area was a challenge. The fabric quality, comfort level and amount of support weren’t always on the mark. Realizing the need for everyday shapewear that smooths the most stubborn pooch or muffin top, stays in place and feels natural - the idea behind KeepMeTight® was born!

    Through months of research, fabric analysis, and rigorous product testing, the wife and busy mother of two designed a prototype of the first KeepMeTight® product - the Hour Glas. The Hour Glas and all products to follow are adjustable, breathable, made with cotton, and is super comfortable. KeepMeTight® proved to be the founder’s best creation, well, besides her beautiful babies!

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    The Bodacious Movement Presents Understanding Our Finances with Robin R Haynes

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    Robin Haynes of Understanding Finances. ..will be our guest on The Bodacious Woman Movement; Home of The Women's Round Table

    Our topic of discussion: "Teaching individuals and small businesses how to budget and manage their finances more effectively"

    Robin’s area of expertise: accounting, bookkeeping, budgeting, business development, finance, investments, life insurance, and personal development

    Robin holds a Bachelors of Science Degree in Accounting from Morgan State University. Her first published project entitled “The Fundamentals of Finances – Applied to Everyday Living” has been designed to help readers navigate the complicated and sometimes frightening world of finances. Along with her partnerships to combat financial illiteracy with organizations such as Hearts and Homes Inc., New Beginnings Youth Development and Coaching Program and Mt. Zion Baptist Christian School, she also an adjunct professor at the Community College of Baltimore County teaching various financial topics such as fundamentals of finances, and entrepreneurship just to name a few. Robin has partnered with Traphic Magazine as a columnist discussing various financial topics. She is also currently working on the second portion of the Fundamentals Series which is scheduled for release spring 2015, and is also preparing to obtain her CFP (Certified Financial Planning) certificate.

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