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    Forgiveness & Reconciliation with Father Leonel Narvaez

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    Father Leonel Narváez is a Consolata Missionary Priest, philosopher, sociologist and the Director of the Foundation for Reconciliation in Colombia. He is a graduate of Cambridge University in England and Harvard University and has authored several books on forgiveness and reconciliation.

    Together with colleagues from Harvard University, he developed the concept of the Schools of Forgiveness and Reconciliation where those who have been victims of violence learn how to forgive and use pro-social behavior to resolve inter-personal conflicts. Over 82,000 people have been trained and are part of an international network spanning over ten countries.  In 2006, Father Narvaez won the Unesco Peace Education Prize Special Mention, and in 2007 he received the Order of Democracy by the Congress of the Republic of Colombia for his reconciliation efforts.  http://fundacionparalareconciliacion.org

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    RA: Discurso de Leonel José Gomes no munícipes do Lobito

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    Rádio Angola (RA): Tivemos o privilégio partilhar o discurso integral do Leonel José Gomes, Secretário Executivo Nacional da Convergência Ampla de Salvação de Angola (CASA-CE) e deputado à Assembleia Nacional, na palestra realizada sábado, dia 26 de setembro, no municipio do Lobito.

    Por Florindo Chivucute e Eduardo Ngumbe
    Perguntas e sugestões podem ser enviadas para info@friendsofangola.org. A Rádio Angola – uma rádio sem fronteiras – é um dos projectos da Friends of Angola, onde as suas opiniões e sugestões são validas e respeitadas.

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    RA: Entrevista com o Secretário Executivo Nacional da CASA-CE-Leonel José Gomes

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    Rádio Angola (RA): Tivemos o privilégio de entrevistar Leonel José Gomes, Secretário Executivo Nacional da Convergência Ampla de Salvação de Angola (CASA-CE) e deputado à Assembleia Nacional, sábado, dia 26 de setembro, no municipio do Lobito. Entrevista conduzida por Eduardo Ngumbe

    Por Florindo Chivucute e Eduardo Ngumbe
    Perguntas e sugestões podem ser enviadas para info@friendsofangola.org. A Rádio Angola – uma rádio sem fronteiras – é um dos projectos da Friends of Angola, onde as suas opiniões e sugestões são validas e respeitadas.

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    Al Fink's Wednesday 3/04/2015 6 pm-9pm ET Local Live Music Talk Show

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    Al's BNC Live Local Music Talk Show 03/04/2015

    We are going on the Air tonight at 6pm Eastern.

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    Career Talk with Coach Trina Ramsey: Your Desires Can Set You Free!

    in Self Help

    Have you heard about The Desire Map by Danielle LaPorte? She is an inspiring free thinker, author, motivational speaker and coach who has turned the whole idea of goal setting and getting what you want on its head! With The Desire Map, she poses the question, "How do you want to feel today?" as an inquiry and an ethos for living. And that makes all the difference!

    Join Career and Life Coach Trina Ramsey as she discusses this exciting new approach to self-development with fellow coach Stacey Herrara.  Trina and Stacey both led book clubs earlier this year on the Desire Map. It’s helped them both grow tremendously, and they want to share their insights with you.  Hopefully some of their participants will join the conversation as well. And if YOU’VE had experiences with the program, we’d LOVE to hear from you!  

    Stacey Herrara is the Connection Coach.  She believes that relationships and connection are the key elements to living a happy + healthy life. She says, “Everything in life revolves around the relationships and connections we make. And when we feel disconnected from ourselves we become disconnected from everything and everyone in our life.” Visit Stacey online at staceyherrera.com.


    Trina Ramsey is a career and life coach, specializing in personal transformation and career transition. With 20 years of experience in business and management, Trina's is a "people person" and a change agent. Trina started her business, Perspectives Plus Coaching in 2009 after spending 15 years as a nonprofit fundraiser and experience running her own interior decorating business. Trina is and committed to supporting people in living fearless, full and authentic lives. For more on Trina visit trinaramsey.com.

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    Hosted by criminal defense lawyer Elizabeth Kelley, AuthorChats features in-depth interviews with writers about their recent works.  In this episode, she talks with Richard A. Stack, professor of Communications at American University, about "Grave Injustice: Unearthing Wrongful Executions."  As Diann Rust-Tierney, Executive Director of the National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty writes: "Professor Stack has written a smart and engaging book on capital punishment.  Using the unforgettable stories of real people, he drives home the many ways in which the death penalty system is broken in the United States.  He then inspires us with examples of six very different people who have turned hope and vision into realty, tragedy into triumph, and forever changed the landscape of the capital punishment debate."  http://www.elizabethkelleylaw.com

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    Mobile Integrated Healthcare/Community Paramedicine

    in Health

    We'll have Ralph Herrara talking with us about Mobile Integrated Healthcare/Community Paramedicine (same thing, different package) and how we see EMS in the future.
    We'll also have an interview with Dr. Bryan Bledsoe that we recorded at EMSWorld Expo in Las Vegas.
    We're sponsored by EMS Manager. Go over to emsmanager.net for your FREE trial of this incredible, easy to use EMS employee scheduling and management software. Let them know you heard about them on 1-Union-801: The Webcast.

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    Rev. Harris Dr. Kennedy Leonel F. Bustamante

    in Politics Progressive

    A sea of people wearing red T-shirts and waving flags marched through southeast Fresno neighborhoods on Sunday shouting "si se puede" in support of immigration law reform and to honor labor leader Cesar Chavez.
    Thousands of people -- undocumented farm workers, their American.

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    6/6/12-Dr. Hildy - Heavy Metal Detox and the IHS 'LION'

    in Health

    This week on One Cell, One Light Radio, Dr. Hildy™ hosts a very special show on heavy metals. Unfortunately, for those of you hoping for a discussion on Black Sabbath and Metallica, you’ll have to keep waiting. These are literal heavy metals, but like their musical counterparts, some of them are doing their best to pollute our minds and bodies.
    In the first hour of the show, Leonel Canepa will join Dr. Hildy™ and they will discuss heavy metals such as iron, cobalt, copper, mercury, plutonium, lead and zinc and their effects on our bodies.
    While some of these are essential to our health, such as iron, others can cause serious health issues when present in high levels. Some metals are extremely toxic, even in the most minute dose, whereas others have very low toxicity, even in high doses. However, dependent on the dose, all metals can become toxic to the body. Iron can cause severe oxidative damage, copper may compromise liver function and visual acuity, selenium and arsenic have been known to be used to murder people and so on. MORE>>>>>


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    Jose Luis Herrara from Peru 10am pst on NFTS

    in Self Help

    Thursday Sept 29/11 at 10am PST - Nicole whitney interviews Jose Luis Herrera, a Peruvian native, was born into the 10,000 year old tradition of mountain and jungle wizards and mystics. During the last 27 years he has traveled extensively studying the different medicine traditions of the Americas with particular interest in his native Andes and Amazon. He's a trained naturalist, explorer, author, and mountain guide. Formally educated in Engineering and Systems Sciences, Jose Luis' close connection with the Apus (mountain spirits) led him to climb many mountains in Peru and Bolivia. Extensive expeditions, studies, and experiences make him one of the foremost experts in Peru. www.AndeanInstitute.org and www.RainbowJaguar.org
    Thursday Sept 29/11 at 2pm PST PST - Nicole Whitney interviews near death experiencer KATHY BAKER - A ROOM NEARBY - During what should have been a routine Caesarean section surgical procedure to deliver her child, author Kathy Baker left her world as she knew it. Something went wrong with the anaesthesia, and very quickly she flatlined. For a full 8 minutes, Kathy was clinically dead before being brought back. With startling clarity, she recounts her death experience in detail; then the sensations and sights she witnessed as she left her physical body and entered an ethereal world… www.ARoomNearby.com

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    Writers Sanctuary Presents Juan Felipe Herrera

    in Poetry

    Join Writers’ Sanctuary Host Kim McMillon as she interviews poet Juan Felipe Herrera on Wednesday, June 29th at 11:00 AM, PST. If you wish to ask a question of our guest, call (718) 508-9717.

    During the last three decades Juan Felipe Herrera has received numerous awards and fellowships including various National Endowment for the Arts Writers' Fellowships, four California Arts Council grants, the UC Berkeley Regent's Fellowship, the Breadloaf Fellowship in Poetry, and the Stanford Chicano Fellows Fellowship. With twenty-one books in total, during the past ten years, Professor Herrera's publications include fourteen collections of poetry, prose, short stories, young adult novels and picture books for children. His literary endeavors have garnered the Ezra Jack Keats Award, the Hungry Mind Award of Distinction, the Americas Award, and the Focal Award. Herrara is also a community arts leadership builder with youth-at-risk and migrant communities, and an actor with appearances on film and stage. The Upside Down Boy, a musical for young audiences based on his book, was well received in New York City in 2004.