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    K9 Konversations - Breed Specific Legislation is not just a problem in the US

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    Imagine if you were subject to all kind of restrictions when you went out in public simply because of your race color or religion. Would you rebel and say "why should I wear handcuffs and leg irons in public when I have done nothing wrong?" I know I would! Well my friend, if you would rebel, if you would stand up and say "that simply isn't right!" then you are against BSL! What is BSL you may ask? Well, during today's show we will be discussing BSL (Breed Specific Legislation, also known as Breed Discriminatory Legislation.) and why this type of law is problem legislation. BSL laws are not just a problem in the US, they are a problem globally.  

    Some countries have significantly tighter restrictions on certain breeds of dogs than the restrictions we see in the US and Canada.  We'll be looking at those restrictions, how they affect dog owners, and how we can all work together to overcome this blatant discrimination of dog breeds that is based purely in ignorance.  As always, please feel free to join the conversation by calling (646) 716-6583.

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    Today Kevin and Mike will discuss Current second amendment news and legislation from current pro gun legislation to what is on the table, this will be a packed show fully loaded with everything guns and gun rights.

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    The Story Behind the Dyslexia Legislation

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    Our host Dr Richard Selznick author of School Struggles and The Shut Down Learner tonight discusses the legislation behind Dyslexia. 

    Dr Selznick's guest is Mrs. Beth Ravelli is a child advocate for dyslexia and children with reading disabilities. Mrs. Ravelli successfully lobbied to have NJ Bill S 2400 voted into law forming the NJ Reading Disability Task Force. She was honored  to have been appointed as the sole parent by the NJ Assembly President to be appointed on the NJ Reading disability Task Force.  In 2014 after 9 years of advocating with her daughter Samantha, numerous trips to the Education committee, Assembly Floor and Senate Floor they succeeded together with Senator Van Drew and Assemblyman Nelson Albano in passing Bill S-2442 which was signed into law in NJ by Gov. Chris Christi on Jan 16, 2014. This New Dyslexia law now makes it mandatory in NJ public schools to screen for dyslexia, as well as to train teachers in dyslexia.  

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    Minimum Wage Legislation, Discrimination, and Privacy (10.3.14)

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    It's Freedom Friday. Shane Krauser, the host of Liberty Storm, comes out swinging and talks about liberty, American exceptionalism, and the dangers of abandoning of our charters of freedom. Shane discusses the following:

    1. Discrimination and minimum wage legislation? What do our young people think and what are the facts?

    2. Privacy and the concerns for public safety are intensifying. License plate gathering, cameras on streets and busses, and drones in the skies make for interesting and important concerns for all Americans. 

    Facebook: Liberty Storm with Shane Krauser
    Twitter: Shane Krauser

    Find out more about how to get involved by going to Freedom Fires or Shane Krauser Enterprises.  

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    NAVAJO TALK RADIO - President Ben Shelly Vetos Navajo Fluency Legislation

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    NAVAJO TALK RADIO - President Ben Shelly Vetos Navajo Fluency Legislation:

    What is next for the Legislation?

    It is back in the hands of the Navajo Nation Council and we will get an official statement from the Office of the Navajo Pro Tem Speaker Lorenzo Bates.  We have also invited several Council Delegates to discuss their options.

    Also we will get an official statement from the Navajo Nation Supreme Court.

    And of course you can call in and discuss these issues and especially what your thoughts on the veto by President Ben Shelly.

    Call in number 347-989-0048


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    NAVAJO TALK RADIO: Navajo Nation Council Legislation on Language fluency

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    TOPIC: Navajo Nation Council Legislation on Language fluency.  On Thursday night, October 23, 2014, during the Navajo Nation Council Fall Session they passed Legislation on the controversial Navajo Language Fluency listing in the qualification listing on the Navajo Nation Presidential Qualification Listing.

    There are proponents as well as opponents of this legislation.  What does this legislation mean for the Navajo Nation in terms of any cultural realted clause on standing laws?

    What precedence does it set for future Navajo Nation cultural related, i.e., Navajo Preference, Navajo Nation Business Opportunity Act (NBOA), etc.?

    Will Navajo Nation President Ben Shelly sign the law on Monday?

    INVITED GUEST: Interim Speaker Lorenzo Bates to give us an update.  But he has not yet confirmed.  Also Honorable Council Delegate Russell Begaye has been invited and has not yet confirmed.

    Share your thoughts.  Call in. 

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    "BSL" Breed Specific Vs Breed Neutral Legislation

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    Breed Specific Vs Breed Neutral Legislation

    Your host: Michelle, Chris & Barbie

    Featured Guest Speaker: Jeff Theman Producer/Director of "Guilty 'Til Proven Innocent"

    What is a breed-specific law (BSL)?

    What kinds of dogs are included in these laws?

    Why not just enforce the laws we already have?

    What are the most common types of breed-specific laws?

    How does a city enforce a breed-specific law?

    Call in with your questions, suggestions & comments. (347) 215-8016

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    New Franchise Legislation: Point/Counterpoint

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    "In the '90s, we witnessed efforts by franchisee rights advocates to introduce federal franchise legislation to protect franchisee interests in their relationships with franchisors. In connection with the FTC reviewing and amending the FTC Rule on Franchising, similar efforts were made to add a relationship component to the amended rule. These various efforts failed and we have been through a period of relative calm with respect to proposed franchise legislation. 

    However, in recent months we have seen a resurgence of legislative efforts – this time at the state level – that may change the playing field.  Whether it is due to the challenging economic environment, a perception that franchise agreements are more one-sided or other circumstances, these recent efforts seek to tilt the balance in favor of franchisees by restricting franchisor practices that are deemed unfair, protecting franchisees’ equity in their businesses and empowering collective actions by franchisee groups." ~ Erik B. Wulff, Esq. 

    Join my guests, Attorneys, Erik Wulff and Robert Purvin as they discuss differing views on these efforts to increase franchisee rights.  This will be a count/counterpoint type of discussion.  To the extent appropriate, I will add the perspective of the landlord and how these changes may effect their leases.

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    The ABC's of Legislation

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    Please join our host Pam Kroskie and her guest Paul Schibbelhute. Paul is the legislative chair and New England Regional Director for the American Adoption Congress.
    Rhode Island is the latest to pass legislation to allow adoptees to access their OBC.
    On July 1st 2011, Governor Lincoln Chafee signed into law S0478 Sub A which restores the human right for all adult adoptees 25 years of age or older born in Rhode Island to obtain a non-certified copy of their original birth certificate.  On July 1, 2012 adoptees will be able to request their OBC from the Rhode Island Vital Records Office. 

    The Rhode Island Vital Records Office has made available at the following link information regarding the new law and made available the contact preference form for birth parents to fill out.

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    What's Right About Men? - Yes Means Yes Legislation in California: Really?

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    This Week on "What's Right About Men?" - Yes Means Yes Legislation in California

    On this week’s show we will be discussing how turning our collective back on bad behavior has resulted in the new Yes means Yes legislation passed in California.  Have we really reached a point where legislation is required for couples to engage in sex?  How has egalitarian consciousness lead us to this point? And what, if anything, can be done about it?

    Callers are welcome -We Want to Hear From Our Audience!   

    Call in number: 1-347-205-9869.  And here's an idea - If you want to participate in the conversation, but cannot make it to the LIVE show, please email your questions to:  rightaboutmen@gmail.com 

    See our new website at:  www.rightaboutmen.com


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    Politicians Role in America's Economic Boom, Pass Legislation

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    Politicians role to help usher in America's economic boom is to pass legislation assuring business start up measures are for safety reasons. Business start up obstacles like fees and unrealistic stardards stifles entrepreneurs and potentially hurts the economy.

     An economic boom is ripe and in the making. Plant the seeds of the fruits you desire and work to grow prosperity. Prepare your goods and services for market, beginning today. An economic boom this time around results in prosperity for all when we get the corrupt elected officials get out of the way of citizens.

    The way for those who are starting businesses is to contact your elected official and have a discussion about the state of the economy and how your plans are suffering as a result. Chances are you won't make face to face contact, but you can communicate by email, twitter, letters and visits to leave material if no more.

    Contact elected officials for their community schedule and attend the townhalls and be rpeapred to asked questions related to your concerns. The term economic boom has to do with an explosion of spending resulting in profits for all who produces goods and services. Those who are prepared, hard working, risk takers will see better days and pleasure in the years to come.

    Prepare your place in the economic boom or you will be wishing you had this time next year. The big picture here is a united America, investing in goods and services in this land of opportunity. With hard work, risk taking, investing, and unity we'll see prosperity in places never before imagined. Let's get ready to prosper America. Get your elected officials are involved.

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