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    Mass for the Dead, One Person Dominican Rite/Chant

    in Christianity

    We all face the possibility of death which is all around us at any moment. It is inevitable. We may escape for a time in fear and trembling, but eventually death comes and will not be denied. Thank God in the Holy Sacrifce of the Mass for the Passion, Death, and Resurrection of Jesus His Son on the Cross to save us from sin and everlasting death, the fires of Hell and lead the Faithful from death to eternal life, from Purgatory in to the Beatific Vision shared in the Communion of Saints.

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    The Holy Rosary of Our Lady of Fatima: The Sorrowful Mysteries

    in Christianity

    Fr. Christopher, O.P. of Glory Latin Mass Radio and Blog Talk leads the First Saturday Rosary and Devotions at the gate of hell, the Planned Parenthood late term abortion facility on the I-45 Gulf Coast Freeway, Houston Texas, the largest late term abortion facility in the Western Hemisphere. Established through the collusion and public silence of local bishop Cardinal Daniel Dinardo beginning in 2006 to provide logistic support for child sex slave trafficking, the Cardinal through Catholic Charities and Catholic Relief Services currently provides logistic support for child sex slavery by covertly trafficking "victims of child sex slavery" from Central America in accordance with GW Bush's 2008 Wilberforce Act. 

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    First Saturday Fatima Votive Mass Dominican Rite/Chant

    in Christianity

    We celebrate a Votive Mass in reparation for sins committed against the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the Sacred Heart of Jesus in accord with Our Lady of the Rosary, Our Lady of Fatima First Saturday Devotions.  The Rosary and prayerful Litanies are recited at the Planned Parenthood on the I-45, the largest late term abortion clinic in the Western World outside Maoist China. The largest in China and second largest sister clinic in Houston are both owned and operated by Planned Parenthood International in accord with the UN, US and China governments for world depopulation. Cardinal Dinardo was instrumental by his silence as the local bishop and tacit approval behind the scenes in the foundation of this clinic to give logistic support to child sex slave trafficking of which Houston has for decades been the world's hub. Cardinal Dinardo was a member of Tilman Fertita's child sex slave trafficking syndicate.  Lisa  Benitez, a fund rasier and an event coordinator/manager for Planned Parenthood Guld Coast, and founding member of Planned Parenthood Young Leaders as well as the LGBT Human Rights Campaign was given a Mass by Cardinal Dinardo, a supporter of Planned Parenthoo I-45.   "A mass was held to celebrate Lisa's life December 31st at the Co-Cathedral of the Sacred Heart."

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    The Feast of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, Votive Mass Dominican Rite/Chant

    in Christianity

    A feast of deep joy, a sweet gift of the Holy Spirit, as a blest Priest and Religious, to celebrate in thanksgiving, thanks giving-the Eucharist- that is the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus sacramentally exchanged for our stoney sinful hearts in this Sacrifice of the Mass. I am so deeply grateful and joyful to be a Priest and Religious an be chanting the Dominican Rite mass. Pax Christi tecum!

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    The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass: Dominican Rite and Chant

    in Christianity

    Today I said a Votive Mass for the Propagatio Fidei, The Spread of the Holy Gospel throughout the World. Especially praying for an infant this morning being handed over to her parents by doctors who feel powerless to save her life.  I chanted the best I have done ever and gave a fine harmony. Unfortunately I had forgotten to turn on the recorder after I had turned it off for a moment to edit out background noise. Humility, humility, and humility. Providentially such a blunder, though a machination of satan through me, allowed me to reflect that the Holy Spirit saves, not  beauty in my own beholding of self (the sin of Lucifer) through the Sacrifice of the Mass and the prayerful chant. I accidently erased this mass from the phone recorder and do not know its title. Again, humility, humility, humility. 

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    The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass

    in Christianity

    The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is offered for the intentions of Pope Francis, that as the Vicar of Christ he may be obediant to the Mandate of Heaven, Our Lady of the Rosary, Our Lady of Fatima, and consecrate in union with the bishops through the world Russia by name to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. We remember the souls in Purgatory, those who have died, asked special intentions for health and protection from evil as well.

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    Privileged Votive Mass of the Holy Rosary of the BVM Dominican Rite/Chant

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    Our Lady of the Rosary, Our Lady of Fatima told the three children to pray her rosary daily to be saved from the fires of Hell and lead all souls, especially one's own to Heaven especially those in most need of God's Mercy like International Bankers and the Illuminati,  Barak Obama and Jeb Bush

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    Votive Mass of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus First Fridays Dominican Rite/Chant

    in Christianity

    Mystical devotion to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus has origin in the Passion Account of the Gospel of St. John. The crucified Christ's human heart after His sacrifice (death) on the cross is pierced by a Roman soldiers lance and "blood and water" flow out- two actual symbols of life, now raised to the level of the supernatural in the sacramental life of the Mystical Body, the Church to give Eternal Life, through the Sacred Humanity and Most Holy Wounds of Jesus, Our Lord and Saviour.  There are precursors of devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus in the history of the Church especially in Medieval Times (The Five Wounds of Christ). At the end of almost 150 years of suiscidal and murderous "religious war" destroying Christendom between baptised Christians, Catholic and Protestant, which transformed religion into politics, nationalism, and ideology, St. Mary Margaret Alacoque, a French Nun, gave definitive form through personal revelations from Christ to universal devotion to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus in the Church with her Jesuit confessor, St. Claude Columbiere.

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    Mass of Thanksgiving Deus Providebit! Dominican Rite/Chant

    in Christianity

    Eucharist in Greek means "well or greatly blest."  In Ancient Greece only "the gods were blessed."  The God/Man Jesus Christ God calls those who pick up their cross and follow Him "blessed" in dying to self by living the Beatitudes. We are blessed with the grace of Holiness when we share in the Eucharist-which St. Thomas called the greatest prayer of the Church Militant on Earth.

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    Votive Mass of the Most Holy Rosary of Our Lady, Our Lady of Fatima

    in Christianity

    The Order of Preachers is the Order of Our Lady, the Order of the Most Holy Rosary. Our Lady of Fatima urges us to pray the Holy Rosary daily for the salvation of souls, those most in need of God's mercy to be saved from the fires of hell.

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    Fourth Sunday of Advent Dominican Rite and Chant

    in Christianity

    The Dominican Chant of the Advent Season is very beautiful and spiritually compelling. It is the intrinsic nature of chant which is inherently religious and contemplation provoking to be so. I aggree with the homosodomite murderer of the Liturgy, Rembert Weakland, O.B. only in this, that the loss of Gregorian Chant from the Latin Liturgy (which Weakland as Benedictine could not help but lament) had a profoundly mangling and disorientating effect on the greatest prayer of the Church on earth. It is not the loss of the Latin language for the vernacular that is most devastating. The Latin language is used in the Novus Ordo as well to no effect. It is the deletion of Gregorian Chant from the liturgy and its replacement with modern "evil A" MH 445  fast paced music that has gutted the spirituality of the prayer not producing Beta Waves in the brain.