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    Computer America - WITricity ; Plustek!

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    Computer America

    Hour one:

    WiTricity. Grant Reig, Director of Product Management.

    WiTricity provides a unique solution to consumer electronics devices of all sizes and power requirements, including automatic wireless charging of mobile electronics such as phones, laptops, game controllers, wearables - in homes, cars, offices, public hotspots, and more… even while the devices are in use in some cases!  Also hear aboout direct wireless powering of stationary devices, like flat screen TVs, digital picture frames, home theater accessories, wireless loud speakers, etc. … eliminating the need for expensive custom wiring, unsightly cables and “wall-wart” power supplies. Plus direct wireless powering of desktop PC peripherals, such as wireless mice, keyboards, printers, speakers, displays, and more… eliminating disposable batteries and awkward cabling!


    Hour two:

    Plustek. Robert Fuchs, Marketing Manager.

    Our guest this hour is from Plustek, a manufacturer of consumer, prosumer and professional scanners. We’ve always been of the opinion that every computer owner should have a scanner these days, given their inexpensive price tags and the really useful features they offer. Tonight, you’ll hear about Plustek’s eScan A150. Joining us is Robert Fuchs. Robert is the Marketing Manager for Plustek.

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    Sunrise Social Media Networking Secrets for Entrepreneurs

    in Social Networking

    Host Lori Wilk , Executive Producer and On-Air Talent for BYL Network's Money Channel and BYL University welcomes guest  Co-Host Arlene Paukert,National Vice President of Freedom Equity Group.Arlene specializes in empowering women to build a safe, secure, financial future, where they cannot fail financially. Her tag line is," A Man is Not a Plan," Lori and Arlene bring this hands-on social media event for entrepreneurs who join them live with their laptops, tablets, and mobile devices to Panera Bread in Royal Palm Beach. We'll be talking about how to use social media sites to expand your online business reach and influence. Arlene shares with us how to plan financially so we have stability and security. Join us and call-in with your questions 347.237.5638 . http://www.BYLNetwork.com http://www.Arlene.FreedomEquityGroup.com Follow Successipes on Twitter@Successipes 



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    The Italian Voice Radio Show,.

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    Good Evening Everyone tonight i figured i would do a show to feature my new Co-Host Jen Led from New York tonight will be her first night so i would like to have a great 2 hour show to welcome her to the Italian Voice Radio Show,So Call in tonight @347-426-3972 and get involved in the conversation with a brand new format and a new co-host ! So log into Blogtalkradio.com with you're Smartphones and or You're Laptops to listen to The Most Honest Talk in New Jersey with a touch of New York City Spice !

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    Sunrise Social Media Networking Improving Your Online Reach Live Event

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    #BYLNetwork presents a social media marketing event where entrepreneurs bring their laptops, tablets, and mobile devices and participate on many online platforms to increase their reach and influence. After some tweeting, blog posts pictures and video clips we talk about the results we've had and how our social presence is growing using this method. We started out at 6:15 AM at a Panera Bread and waiting for them to open. People started to see what we were doing and joined in the fun. The entrepreneurs and executives asked for more events and they wanted them to be in other places. We agreed to grow and now the next thing happening is the evening events at Sundown. Join us for this live show at 347.237.5638. Follow Lori Wilk on Twitter@Successipes. Like our new Fan Page http://www.Facebook.com/LoriWilkPresents . For Lori's complete social presence go to http://www.Appearoo.com/LoriWilk. Lori Wilk is the host of Successipes which will be airing on http://www.BYLNetwork.com on their Money Channel starting in April 2015. My guests today from my Sunrise Social Media Networking group who are joiniing me on today's show include: Lance Berkowitz, President of http://www.CelebritySportsAuctions.com ; Harold Blotcher, an Enrolled Agent- best described as a Tax Expert; http://www.HaroldJBlotcherTaxes.com and Alan Hagel, http://www.UBizToday.com

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    Flipping Your Tax Check - Double or Nothing?

    in Culture

    Today's Episode: Tax time is always a very desired time among many people. We often forget that just as quick as we get it, it can dissappear if we're not careful. There are ways to turn your tax dollar into wealth that will not only last you all year, but will give you a cushion for a rainy day and we're teaching you how! Join us live Wednesday, 1/28/15  7:30 CST! we're available on Ipods, laptops, tablets, and mobile (our call to listen feature-347-327-9682). Don't miss it!

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    Skippy & Regina Show !

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    Welcome to The Skippy & Regina Show i figured i would schedule a show for tonight to hear what people's issues with this big Snow Storm that will be making landfall this week,so get to you're cellphones and laptops and call in @347-426-3972 and join the conversation with the hosts of the Most Honest Talk in New Jersey,Tonight will be a 2 hour show for all the people having stress issues with this weather and shopping problems,i wanna hear form my people and let's get to the bottom of this shit!

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    Skippy & Regina Show !

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    Tonight we will be having another show for a hour,open callers night.i wanna get some callers to call in with some of their issues on their minds so call in @347-426-3972 and be live with Skippy for the hour call in show,we have a storm coming in this Friday & Saturday Nor'Eastern Storm and loving it So get to you're Laptops and Smartphones and log in or Call in and chat live with Skippy and let's get you live on the air ! Really just want to do a show because i am getting to like this every night !

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    Skippy & Regina Show !

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    Welcome to the Skippy & Regina Show,Tonight we will be talking about Movies and Psychic Abilities and how close i am to filming my first movie with the best crew out their in the movie industry ,So get to you're Smartphone's and you're Laptops and log in or call in @347-426-3972 and get live with the most honest talk in New Jeresy! Tonight we are holding a 2 hour broadcast for you the listeners to get involved in the conversation,bring you're issues to Skippy & Regina and maybe we can solve them for you and make you happier for the night !!

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    Job Search Community Event Invite

    in Work

    Saturday, February 14

    at 10:10am

    81st Avenue Branch Library- Study Room 1

    All Are invited to a Free Event ..

    Resume Critiques, Job Leads, How to Fill Out A Job Application, Mock Interviews , LinkedIn, Indeed and many other job search tips 

    A guest speaker will give a presentation on Cleaning up ExFelons Criminal Records

    Bring Your Laptops and Your Resumes

    Host- Patricia Mitchell


    Check out our Facebook Group---Jobs and Job tips are posted daily https://www.facebook.com/groups/helpineedajob/

    Here is the link to the Free Community Event https://www.facebook.com/events/837619242967756/

    2014 -14 people received jobs

    2015- 3 persons in the group have received jobs in January 2015 already

    Our goal is for 100 people to receive jobs in 2015.. 

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    Skippy & Regina Show !

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    Good Evening Everyone Welcome To the Skippy & Regina Show .,.tonight we will be having a Open Mic NIght for our Listeners to voice their opinons on what is troubling you and what you wanna get off you're chest call in at 347-426-3972 and press 1 to talk to the Hosts,The Most Honest Talk In New Jersey on the Web,Sometimes it's Difficult to get issues off you're chest without some sort of outlet to bark@ so log in @Blogtalkradio.com and get to you're laptops and or you're Smartphones and give a listen or just press 1 and let's talk about it,

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    How To Track A Stolen/Missing Computer

    in Technology

    Gregory Evans the author of the 1st book on Laptop Security, creator of missingcomputeralert.com and LocatePC talks about what you can and can not do when it comes to tracking a stolen or missing computer.



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