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    Intro to Kung Fu

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    Today on Dangeous Black Minds we count down to the top five greatest Kung Fu movies of all time.

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    Co Host Monica Rosales of DocMiami.
    Special Guest: Mimi Chan
    Step into the extraordinary life of Pui Chan, a Chinese immigrant who overcame challenges in early childhood… and eventually made a life for himself.… One that would touch the lives of many others around the world. It all started with a simple dream… and today, the dream lives on. This family-authorized biography follows the path of a young boy who learns the value of hard work and perseverance through kung fu training, escapes the harshness of political oppression, bravely ventures out on his own, and embraces opportunity in a new land. Watch Pui Chan from the beginning, as an eager martial arts instructor in 1960s Boston, Massachusetts, open his own Kung Fu school, and start to spread the tradition, always maintaining the original fundamentals and values he learned as a boy.
    Pui Chan would finally realize his dream of building the first authentic Chinese martial arts temple in America as a tribute to his kung fu master. The now highly recognized Grandmaster Pui Chan, 6th generation successor of the Wah Lum Kung Fu System, is one of the pioneers responsible for bringing traditional Kung Fu to America, and leads an internationally renowned martial arts school and system across the world.
    Fifty years later, Pui Chan's eldest daughter and successor Mimi Chan confronts a new set of challenges, trying to keep the traditional values alive in an increasingly modernized era.
    Narrated by Mimi Chan.

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    The Kung Fu Movie Show

    in Comedy

    One thing I like to talk about more than zombies is Kung Fu movies.

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    Live Podcast Interview With Kung Fu Vampire

    in Hip Hop Music

    Underground sensation Kung Fu Vampire will be joining us live on the Strange Music Podcast today, June 6 at 4:00PM CST, to take your calls and answer your questions!
    Following our live interview with Potluck, Kung Fu Vampire will drop in to discuss his spot on Potluck's Underground Rebels Tour and what fans can expect from his live performances.
    We'll also be talking to Kung Fu Vampire about his relationship with Tech N9ne and Strange Music as well as his appearance in E-40's "Zombie" music video featuring Tech N9ne and Brotha Lynch Hung.
    Interview begins at 4:00PM CST!

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    SIDEKICK TALK RADIO #29 Doug Wong Kung Fu

    in MMA

    This Weeks special guest will be Master Doug Wong. Master Kung Fu teacher and legendary martial arts instructor to the stars
    SIDEKICK TALK RADIO with the best information on martial arts worldwide.. Special guest and celebrities share their stories of success and character.
    Also listen in to our newest addition to the show - IN THE CORNER - with Timmy Prisk. Talking about all the action and information on MMA and UF Fights and fighters
    Join in on the show and your Host Allen Woodman as we bring you the world of Martial arts with History, stories and current events, every Sunday at 6 pm est and Wednesdays at 12 noon est
    Dont miss out on all the action
    Call in and speak to the host or guest durign the live on air show. Ask questions and speak to the special guest
    Call in to speak with the host
    (347) 237-4818

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    Kickin it with Kung Fu Vampire

    in Radio

    A full 2 hours of bomb shizznit coming from Tha Real McCoy, D-Evil,Neighborhood Nightmare,The MF'n Dirty,and Boy Blue LIVE in the studio!

    Shootin tha shizznit with the homies taking calls and playing music live listeners dont for get to come back 2 hours after the show for the bonus hour that dosent get aired live only archive listeners get to enjoy the bonus hour Whoop Whoop!!!

    dont forget to fallow here at www.blogtalkradio.com/wutitdofam

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    like us at www.fb.com/WutItDoFamRadio  and dont forget to donate under the more tab to keep this show paid for so we can stay on the air 5 dollar donation get you to swesome custom friendship bracelets and a raffel ticket for a share in Juggalo Inland ... and join the group at www.fb.com/groups/WutItDoFamRadio ....and whoop us at www.juggalobook.com/wutitdofamradio

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    Something Cinematic :Kung Fu Panda 2 review

    in Movies

    Join Timdiana as he previews and reviews the latest films to hit the silver screen.This edition of something cinematic, Timdiana reviews Kung Fu Panda 2. Did it live up to the first one. find out.

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    Kung Fu Panda Jeremy Hill

    in Sports

    Fantasy Football Episode 59: Rotoworld's Evan Silva @EvanSilva visit's Matt Kelley's @fantasy_mansion fantasy funhouse to discuss running backs and the overarching RB evaluation process. 

    Josepth Randle is short-term play, not a long-term solution. 

    Lance Dunbar, Dri Archer, and Antone Smith deserve more touches.

    Deconstructing Jeremy Hill's success.

    Play Tobinbo Gerhart and stack your Jaguars in Week 16.

    Great power backs don't need great workout metrics.

    Advanced metrics provided by PlayerProfiler.com. 

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    The Gary Clyman Chi Kung Dot Com Show:

    in Lifestyle

    Welcome to a spider web of great information and provacative presentation. You are about to hear wisdom from the man who "popularized" the phrase "Condensed Breathing" and systematized a Western understanding of "Cultivating Jing". He is the most senior adept of the Temple Style Tai Chi System: Temple Underground Radio and Magazine presents.. "The Gary Cyman Chi Kung Dot Com Show".

    Today we will continue the discussion on the 7 Levels of Mastery in the Temple Style Kung Fu System. We will sum-up level one, to include first section sequence.  Then we will discuss subsets and categories of the learning process.

    Sifu Clyman has been practicing and publishing Martial Arts for over 40 years. He has published many times in mainstream periodicals such as "Inside Kung Fu Magazine". He has trained 1000's of students and sold 1000's of books and videos. His workshop that is called "Personal Power Training" includes his Chi Kung practice. His Western interpretation of scholarship, innovative organization of information and specificity of process sets him apart from his peers in the Temple Style Tai Chi Community. In fact, by evidence of his Chi Kung DVD sales to the martial art community, he may be one of the best.. A Lion that helps us find the Tiger within....

    Get ready for an awesome ride down the Clyman Highway. He takes on all discussions in the esoteric world of Chi Kung. Old school stories will to pique your interest and satisfy your internal alchemy curiosity. Sifu Clyman's way is a Southern Chinese Hei Gung method that is rarely discussed in our community. Prepare for some wild stories and powerful informtion on internal Alchemy.... Welcome to the "The Gary Cyman Chi Kung Dot Com Show".

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    Modern Combat Masters: w/ Sifu Earl White, Ijo Ija Academy of Kung Fu

    in Sports

    Wednesday, September 17th, 6 pm Pacific/9 pm Eastern:

    Join GM Darrell Sarjeant and Hanshi Daniel Vena, as they welcome Sifu Earl White of Ijo Ija Academy of Kung Fu.

    Call in to learn a bit about "Sifu Earl White's method of "Ijo Ija"....."To fight, To dance".  (646) 716-6825

    Sifu White is direct lineage in Wun Hop Kuen Do under WHKD founder Professor Al Dacascos, and along with his extensive experience in Filipino and African martial arts, has developed "Ijo Ija". Don't miss this episode where we learn not only about the martial methods of Ijo Ija, but the spiritual aspects as well.