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  • 03:09

    KTL RADIO presents THE MISEDUCATION of the NIGGA ft Dick Gregory

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    Join us tonight on KTL RADIO as we welcome back to the program, our esteemed elder, Mr. Dick Gregory. In anticipation for his return to Baltimore, Maryland, which he will be doing tomorrow, Mr. Gregory is going to share some insight about the events that have captured the attention of the world, recently in Baltimore, and abroad.

    If you know our brother, you know he has some exclusive info that will make you think and question everything you previously thought you knew.

    Tune in a 9PM EST and tell a freind to tell a friend, CLASS IS IN SESSION!!

  • 01:09

    KTL RADIO presents THE DIVINE FEMININE ft Dr Shahrazad Ali

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    Join KTL RADIO for the distinquished honor of welcoming Dr. Shahrazad Ali to the program for the very first time. In anticipation of her upcoming lecture in NY on March 15th we will welcome the doc to the program to dialogue about an array of topics directly affecting women in our "collective" community. 

    Some may know her from her appearances on the HIDDEN COLORS documentaries, other may be familiar with her body of written work, or some may recognize her from TV, on Dr. Drew but nonetheless come thru tonight and get reacquainted with Dr. Shahrazad Ali...CLASS IS IN SESSION. 

    TUNE IN for the TUNE UP. 

  • Klarque Garrison of "Survive 365"

    in Books

    Mr. 365, D. Klarque Garrison, host of the blog, Survive 365, and the blog talk radio show, Survive 365: The Conversation of Survive 365 discusses his book, How to Survive the Next 365 | Your Lifeline to a Better Life.

  • 02:19

    KTL RADIO presents ETHER ON THE HORIZON ft Bro Hashar & Danyahla

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    JOIN KTL RADIO as we welcome back Bro Hashar & Bro Danyahla to the platform to do a brief presentation in preparation for their upcoming lecture in Brooklyn, at Nicholas Bookstore this coming Sunday, March 1. 

    The nature of that lecture, as well as tonight's brief dissertation, will be to address the claims of King James ethnicity and sexual orientation. Bro Danyahla will be bringing forth some compelling info to counter claims to the contrary in regards to what we "think" we know about this historical figure heavily steeped in controversy. 

    Bro Hashar will be joining him and introducing information outlining the presence of Hebrew Israelites on the Trans Atlantic slave routes. He will be kicking down the doors of the Vatican and unearthing these truths for all to bear witness, once and for all. 

    Tune in tonite to this explosive presentation as both of our guests set the record straight. 


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    Join Us Tonight on KTL RADIO as we welcome Master Teacher Delbert Blair to Discuss. Decode. Decipher the myriad of events occurring in the World at this very interesting time..
    Be sure to have pen & pad handy bcuz Dr.Blair will surely be dropping a ton of BOMBS!!!

  • 03:59

    KTL RADIO presents The Cozmophyzix of BMOOR ft Ever Reese & Ra Akhu

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    Join us on KnowTheLedge Radio as we take a Cozmological look at the chain of events that have transpired recently in Baltimore, Maryland.

    We will be joined by our resident Cozmophyzixians Ra Akhu & Ever Reese.

    As the saying goes, "As Above, So Below" so what exactly is going on in the skies up above that speaks directly to the activity in BMOOR? And what indications are present to point to the next "hot bed" of activity in this "Season of Change?"

    Tune in tonight, bring a pad & pen because once again, CLASS IS IN SESSION

  • 03:32

    KTL RADIO presents IT TAKES A NATION.. ft Wesley Muhammad

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    Join us tonite on Know The Ledge Radio as we discuss, dissect and do the knowledge to the escalating drama on the streets of Baltimore, Maryland. What exactly is the media not reporting you? How is this slanted reporting being used to sway the national conversation in one conversation while leaving out the totality of the topic at hand?

    At a time like this when our people are looking for leadership and direction what role can we individually play? What role can we play as an organization? What exact role is the Nation of Islam as an organization playing in the midst of all the drama? What are the details of the historic truce between the Bloods, Crips and BGF?

    We will be joined by our brother, Wesley Muhammad to discuss these topics and more, and set the tone for intelligible conversation as opposed to the gibberish being presented and erroneously labeled as "news."

    The ambivalent attitude amongst our people will also be addressed, question is, what side are you on? Or are you capable to understand the broad spectrum of diverging points/cases being made without being judgmental?

    Tune in tonight and our lines will also be open to hear testimony from residents of BMore, reporting from the frontline.


    Tonite's episode is dedicated to ALL of our brothers and sisters who have succumbed to senseless violence. RIP AC Clayton aka Brotha Sharif.

  • 03:28

    KTL RADIO presents KEEP IT TRILL PT 1 feat D Miller El & Free El Bey

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    Join KTL RADIO as we welcome back our resident B-Boys, Miller El & Free El Bey, the founders of the Moab'bit Association. We will discuss at length, the Economy of Life in the Electrified Age, Jesus' travels as detailed in the Circle 7, Prophet Muhammad's merchant life, the ancient Silk Road and the influence on both, Mansu Musa and his influence on the Silk Road trade.

    As the conversation has shifted to economics and self dependency, join us as we have an EPIC conversation on merchantilism and the in roads that lead to the digital highway of economic solvency. 


  • 03:59

    KTL RADIO presents THE WAR REPORT ft The Cozmophyzixians

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    There's a war going on in the Heavens no man is safe from. 

    Here on Earth, we can clearly see the manifestation of these conflicting planetary energies at play. 

    What lessons can we extract from the Great Teacher/Disciplinarian, Saturn?

    What does Mars have in store, as we see military personnel spill into the street and we are witnessing the militirization of authority at an alarming rate? Do the Heavens support this build up? Has it just begun or is it at it's apex? 

    More importantly, as beings on this planet, under the planetary influence of these vast bodies above us, what can we do? 

    Is man a willing or unwilling participant in this celestial slow waltz?

    Join us as The Cozmophyzixians led by RaAkhu return to continue a conversation that was started on this platform in October 2012, when Saturn first went in Scorpio. We will demonstrate that none of what you have seen thus far are isolated incidents, but they are all connected by an ethereal thread line to leads right into the present and extends right into the future...the LAW OF 44 is in FULL EFFECT! 


  • 03:58

    KTL RADIO presents Vibrational Sound Healing & Defense ft Brotha Levi

    in Spirituality

    Know The Ledge Radio in conjunction with Black & Noble present VIBRATIONAL SOUND HEALING & DEFENSE ft Brotha Levi. 

    There's a war going on outside no man is safe from...because there are silent weapons being utilized in this queit war, so people who only correlate noise with chaos are none the wiser. 

    The constant bombardment of propaganda being projected daily via TV and other forms of media are distorting your frame of reference and altering your reality, making you everso more readily susceptible to programming. 

    There is a science to sound, so as everything is in motion, everything is vibrating creating sound and frequency. 

    How do you defend against that which you can't see and are not trained to identify? What wall can you put up against this assault on your senses? 

    Tune in tonight as Brotha Levi debuts on KTL RADIO to sound the trumphet on a plethora of topics to open your ears, open your eyes and open your mind to a new reality. 


  • 03:21

    KTL RADIO presents THE SYSTEM OF RACISM ft Dr Frances Cress-Welsing

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    Join Know The Ledge Radio as we welcome the Mighty Matriarch for the first time, Dr. Frances Cress Welsing!

    As a renowned psychiatrist specializing in the root cause of extreme racism against the Afrikan people of the world, Cress postulates in the "Cress Theory of Color Confrontation" that white supremacy is due in fact to the numerical inadequacy and genetic deficiency of the caucasian race. For over 50 years Dr. Welsing has contributed to the justice of melanated individuals authoring The Isis Papers; The Keys To The Colors.

    In her initial appearance with us she will prepare us for her powerful lecture for the Sunposium series at Ta-Merry Temple with a presentation entitled The System of Racism (White Supremacy) And A Scientific Black Agenda. In this groundbreaking discussion she will explore the movements necessary for Afrikans to embrace the innate genetic superiority we possess thus removing the restraints and dependence of the current structure. 

    The age old tradition continues, as the elder brings forth the word. May you see the value in this divine opportunity and be ready to receive.


    *flyer design & words provided by KT the Arch Degree