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    Jeremy Briggs, Kristen Merlin, Rescue Kid, Cilver & Bruised But Not Broken!!!

    in Music

    Jeremy Briggs - Northern California native with a soul drenched in Southern Rock...Team Shakira on Season 6 of The Voice..Check out his music & more @ www.facebook.com/JeremyBriggsMusic

    Kristen Merlin - High Energy Solo Acoustic/Full Band Artist from Boston...Team Shakira on Season 6 of The Voice..Check out her Blind Audition Song "Something More"...& more @ www.facebook.com/KristenMerlinMusic

    Rescue Kid - Pop/Rock Band from South Florida..Re-releasing first EP now titled "Re-Ignite" on March 25th...The EP will feature: 1 brand new track, 3 Acoustic Tracks & guest vocals from Jordan of The Ready Set...Check out their music & more @ www.facebook.com/RescueKid

    Cilver - Rock band from New York..New EP "In My Head" out now.. Currently on tour with Sick Puppies, Lacuna Coil, & Eyes Set To Kill on the "Revolver Hottest Chicks In Hard Rock Tour"...Check out their video for "In My Head",tour dates & more @ www.facebook.com/Cilver

    Bruised But Not Broken - Metalcore band from Charlotte,NC...Debut full length "Fragment" Out now on Standby Records..See them live on March 14th @ Tremont Hall in Charlotte,NC...Music & More @ www.facebook.com/bbnbband

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    Billy Meier, Merlin, King Arthur, Keridwena,Holy Grail

    in Spirituality

    Bily Meier, Merlin, King Arthur, Keridwena,Holy Grail

    Merlin was considered a Druid prince. He was also a bard, a doctor, a teacher, a prophet, a historian and ultimately the king and prince of druids of the Demetier tribe from South Wales. A druid was a member of the educated, professional class among the Celtic peoples of Gaul, Britain, Ireland during the Iron Age.

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    Red River Radio's No Limits with Barbara M. Hodges

    in Books

    Happy Holidays.  I hope the season finds you filled with cheer.  My guests for December are Robin Tidwell and Joanne Lécuyer.

    Robin’s career began at eight when her grandmother insisted she read Gone With The Wind before she took her to see the movie.  Inspired by Margaret Mitchell, she began scribbling her own stories and went on to become the editor of her elementary school paper, as well as a columinist in high school.

    Joanne Lécuyer is a Canadian indie author who loves writing positive fantasy/ fiction books for kids - chapter books for ages 7-10. Her books include:  Kaptain Vamp, The Witch, the Cat and the Egg, The Witch, the Cat and the Water Dragon, and My Friend Merlin.

    I know it's a busy time of the year. I hope you do come by, and along with me, discover more about these talented ladies. 

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    End Emotional Eating & Enjoy the Holidays Without Sacrificing Your Waistline

    in Self Help

    Do you feel out of control around food? Do you eat when you feel stressed, sad, or disappointed in yourself?

    You already know all the things you “should” to be doing. You say them to yourself almost every day:

    …“I know I should be eating better”…

    …“I know I should exercise more”…

    …“I know I need to make more time for myself”…

    And in the end, it all comes down to this: “I know what to do, I’m just not doing it.”

    Are you ready to release the struggle and finally feel at peace with food – and with yourself?

    If you daydream about how amazing you’ll feel once you finally get your eating under control but end up on the couch with a pint of ice cream, don’t miss this month’s show. My special guest, Kristen Kancler, will share the 4 secrets to end emotional eating and enjoy the holidays without sacrificing your waistline.

    On this show, you’ll learn:

    •    Kristen’s 3-step plan to curb holiday cravings – before they start
    •    How to turn yourself around when you’re triggered and headed straight for the egg nog
    •    The #1 mindset to enjoy the holidays without ending up stuffed, exhausted, and 5 lbs heavier
    •    The 3 biggest fears that keep smart, determined women from losing weight



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    Messages from Merlin

    in Spirituality

    On this show the wizard Merlin came forward and shared with us some information about healing on an energetic level. Merlin was known as a great spiritual teacher and healer. He shared tips with us on how to direct our healing abilities through our hands, thoughts and heart.  


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    April Rough Trade 2015

    in Entertainment

    Do you want to come play in my sandbox?

    I'll be finalizing my plans for my April projects so if you want to play a long and write your own version of my idea -- tonight's the night to listen up. So far, I've talked Ladyholder and Cinna Minion into playing with me ;-)

    Discussion Topics:

    Arguing with TROLLS
    Sherlock Holmes
    Sherlock BBC
    Harry Potter


    Me, You and Steve:

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    Kristin Levine, Wizard of Paws, is our guest

    in Lifestyle

    Kristin Levine, who is one of the top pet lifestyle experts in the nation whois renowned as the WIZARD OF PAWS. She's working with the AKC (American Kennel Club) to help pet parents reduce anxiety on their perfect pooches and feline friends during the holidays. She'll also provide tips on anyone getting a puppy or kitchen for the holidays.   Levine is author of a best-selling book call PAMPERED PETS ON A BUDGET, who can answer all of your holiday pet questions in this PURRRfect holiday interview.

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    The Tufts Get Going! "The Ol' Switcheroo!"

    in Entrepreneur

    9 am Wednesdays, "The Tufts Get Going!" host Rosanna Tufts

    "The Ol' Switcheroo!" No, not a bait-and-switch -- On today's show, I have a guest host who is going to interview ME, instead of the other way around! Kristen Edens, better known as "Kris the Scribbler," is interviewing business owners for her upcoming book, "The Shy Girl's Guide to Business Ownership," and some of my answers to her questions will probably make it into her final edit!

    Kristen Edens, from St. Louis, is a freelance writer and owner of Kris the Scribbler, a copywriting and editing service for businesses. She helps business owners create success with words and relationships so they can better help their clients. She is currently researching and writing a book to help business owners and entrepreneurs discover the solutions to building a stronger, more successful business. You can find her at www.kristhescribbler.com

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    Live Happier & Healthier With Your Pet

    in Culture

    Joyce and Aaron interview Kristen Levine of KristenLevinePetLiving.com. Live longer, happier, and healthier with a loving pet!

    Joyce Joneschiet (Jonah-shite) Principal interior designer of Encore Living Interiors and Publisher of Encore Life Magazine hosts Encore Living Radio with her co-host Aaron D. Murphy, a licensed Architect, President of ADM Architecture and Managing Editor of EmpoweringTheMatureMind.com. 

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    New Roses For 2015 - Star Roses - Kristen Smith

    in Gardening

    We are excited to welcome back to the Rose Chat Podcast Kristen Smith of Star Roses and Plants with the latest news from "rose hell" and  to talk about Star's new rose introductions for 2015! Here's the lineup! 

       Eyeconic Lychee Lemonade
       Fired Up
       Mercury Rising
       Tahitian Treasure

    We'll also be chatting with Kristen about some colorful container combinations for fall and how to keep them protected from the frost. 

    About Star Roses & Plants
    From the Peace rose to the revolutionary Knock Out® and Drift® Roses, Star® Roses and Plants/Conard-Pyle has been a pioneer in the field of plant development and introduction for more than 100 years.  Founded in 1897 as a retail mail order firm specializing in roses, Star® Roses and Plants/Conard-Pyle, has evolved from a wholesale container nursery to a leading genetics company involved directly in breeding roses, perennials and woody plants, and introducing plants from other breeders around the world.

    Visit the Star Roses  Website: http://www.starrosesandplants.com/

    Stay informed on upcoming broadcasts via e-mail: http://eepurl.com/nINYz

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