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    Funkin' on a friday nite

    in Music

    Some music to groove by while you at the crib or your boo's crib. You ain't gotta go to no club. Get funky where you at! Ya gonna hear some favorites and somethat you haven't heard. Welcome to The House of FUNK!

  • 02:00

    "Artistic Expressions" Featuring Myztifyan

    in Electronic Music

    Pinky grew up in Detroit, Michigan listening to the influences of Jeff Mills, Kevin Saunderson, Derrick May, Juan Atkins and other pioneering House and Techno artists. Being a member of a hip hop dance group in the 80's afforded Pinky the opportunity to absorb pure house and techno sounds and to incorporate the interpretations into pure body movements.

    Being present at the "Birthing" of the electronic genre, gave pinky a unique perspective on the gradual morphing of sounds that we call House and Techno respectively.

    Pinky began producing music in 2000 and has rapidly sought to create her own unique sound and style. Her musical range can fluctuate from Tribal, Vocal, and Deep House to Electro and Detroit Techno.

    Pinky is currently producing music in the realm of Deep House. Her music is introspective and carefree featuring soft synth lines and horns delicately sprinkled on top of complex and driving beats. Pinky2dye4's sound is unique, innovative and sure to pack dance floors for many years to come!

    Prince, George Clinton,Bootsy Collins,Shelia E., Art of Noise, Henry Mancini, Kraftwork, Pink Floyd, Yellow Magic Orchestra, Derrick May/Juan Atkins/Kevin Saunderson (Detroit 3) Started Detroit Techno in the 80's, Earth Wind & Fire, Larry Heard, J-Dilla, Jimi Hendricks, Little Louie Vega

    Myztifyan's hats & jewlery: http://www.artfire.com/users/2dye4creations

    Myztifyan's music: http://www.acidplanet.com/artist.asp?songs=66745&T=1726