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    Co-operative Multiplayer Live # 108- The NX has its Fallout

    in Video Games

    This week, there's big news coming about the Nintendo NX, Destiny 2 apparently exists and is being developed, Square-Enix wants to keep doing remakes, Harmonix confirms Rock Band 3 will export into Rock Band 4, and EA wants to make more new IP's too.

    However, we start by discussing what we've been playing, which for Marc it was completing Life is Strange and Tales from the Borderlands. Sean beat Minecraft: Story Mode Episode 1, played some Blood Bowl 2, and both Sean and Marc played some Tales of Zestria as well.

    The guys then go through all of the big news that happened in gaming since last week, which includes everything in the headline, and even more including: The September NDP info, Konami shooting down Hideo Kojima rumors again, Blizzard making their own E-Sports division and a whole lot more.

    We end things by looking at the new releases and if we'd buy any of them.

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    Audio Article: Konami Reaches a New Slot in Gaming

    in Business

    By Shana Sager

    Making its move on the industry just a handful of years ago, Konami Gaming Inc. continues to expand its footprint and prominence. In this rare look at Konami's executive team, hear about the company's heart from the minds that have structured its success.

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    GameUP E3 - Konami

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    On the first E3 Special of GameUP, we took a look at the Konami Pre-E3 conference, at least when we could actually see it (thanks Konami).
    We saw news on the 3DS port of Metal Gear Solid 3, Pro Evo Soccer 2012 and some footage from the upcoming Silent Hill: Downpour game. We also had a behind the scenes gilmpse of the new Silent Hill movie, Silent Hill: Revelation 3D and confirmation of a Silent Hill Collection coming soon, with Silent Hill 2 & 3 getting HD updates, and Silent Hill: Book Of Destiny for the NGP.
    A new IP was also showcased in Neverdead where (you won't believe this) YOU NEVER DIE!!! Who knew?!? (sarcasm). Certainly an intriguing looking game and need to see more of it to get a clear view of the concept.
    Hideo Kojima also made an appearance showcasing his new idea of 'Transfarring', where you can take your save game from your PS3 and transfer it over to your PSP and vice versa. This feature is enabled at first in Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, which will be coming to PS3. this was later confirmed with the reveal of The Metal Gear Solid HD Collection, bundling Metal Gear Solid 2, 3 & Peace Walker with HD graphics, and a similar HD Collection for the Zone Of The Enders series, Zone Of The Enders & Zone Of The Enders: The 2nd Runner. The PS3 versions will all feature 'transfarring' but the HD collections will also me making their way to the XBOX 360!!!
    Finally, he only gave a side mention to MGS Rising for 2012 (a secret appearance at one of E3's major conferences perhaps?) but also showcased off his newly developed 'FOX engine' with the graphics on it looking more realistic than ever before. This engine will hopefully be used on a multi-platform basis.
    AND FINALLY... teased right at the end of the conference was a new Contra game from Konami, so overall, an optimistic look ahead for Konami, AND THANK GOD FOR NO MENTION OF DANCE DANCE REVOLUTION!!!

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    Audio Article: Konami Reaches a New Slot in Gaming

    in Business

    By Shana Sager

    Making its move on the industry just a handful of years ago, Konami Gaming Inc. continues to expand its footprint and prominence. In this rare look at Konami's executive team, hear about the company's heart from the minds that have structured its success.

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    GATE 4 Superior Strategy in Star Wars Force Collection

    in Christianity

    Award-winning Artist and Master Gamer Carl Childs will teach tactics and robust strategy to give you consistent victories!  "Playing games, especially Star Wars is a wonderful experience!"  "Winning consistently has a full treasure chest full of prizes."  "I'm going to help you get more and win more starting today!"  Star Wars copyright 2015 Lucasfilm LTD & TM.  Copyright 2015 Konami Digital Entertainment.  A special thanks to the creators and owners of all the Star Wars Universe games and merchandise!  Thank you Android fro creating the platform, your tablets and phones, so we can play this game!

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    GATE 4 Star Wars Force Collection (Card Spotlight) Pt2

    in Christianity

    Award-winning Artist Carl Childs will share key strategy and card maximization in the LucasArts game Star Wars Force Collection (SWFC) by Konami.  "A special thanks to Mr George Lucas for creating the Star Wars Universe!"  "Additionally a special thanks to the composer Mr. John Williams, who composed all of the musical scores for Star Wars movies."  We give great credit to all of the actors, actresses, stage crews and anyone that played a part in creation, filming, for the movies, cartoons, and games on all platforms." Tonight's episode is sponsored by Carl's Gallery.  We are saying Happy Birthday to all of our March birthdays.  March is the greatest month to have a birthday!  A special hello to all of our East/West  USA coast listeners, Canadian listeners, German and French listeners.  Hello Wisconsin! Hello Southern France!

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    Horror Play 28 (P.T.)

    in Video Games

    We know you're all a little bummed after the cancellation of Silent Hills, we are too. Whats even worse, is the playable teaser was also taken off the PSN network. Luckily our very own Adam Jetmore still had the P.T. downloaded on his playstation. So you know what that means. We're playing and reviewing the 2014 Playable Teaser to Silent Hills. 

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    16Bit Assassins Episode 111: The Hype Machine Cometh

    in Video Games

    Ladies and Gents, another Friday, and another exciting episode of the 16Bit Assassins, On Episode 111 we talk about why you shouldn't break an NDA, and then whine about your console getting banned, Konami goes mobile, while the man responsible for one of their best titles goes Kickstarter, Rock Band 4 teases 6 songs from their set-list, while Guitar Hero Live, hits back with 24 tracks of their own, Sony's Playstion Store's Flash sale threatens wallets, and the official E3 schedule has been released, Spider Man casting news, why the season finale of Arrow disappoints, DC Legends trailer shown and the Flash looks to end it's season on a Paradox, plus, some exciting news on things to come, all this and the usual NSFW commentary on episode 111, The Hype Machine Cometh

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    That's What He Said S05E03-Joss' FU To Lou

    in Comedy

    Avengers: Age of Ultron had its big US premier this week, and Lou going to bring us a spoilerific review! Lou and Freddy also have news on Konami, Arkham Knight, Star Wars, The Joker, the iPad, and Superman Lives! Plus we'll have a TWHS Topic on the current state of tech sales and much, much more! Give us a call during the live show at 323-693-3811 and join the fun!

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    GATE 4 Star Wars Force Collection (Card Spotlight) Skill Cards 3*,4* & 5*!

    in Christianity

    Award winning Artist Carl Childs will share keys to success in playing the LucasArts game by Konami.  Tonight due to our friends in Europe there is a Request to spotlight cards from the game.  "Tonight we are going to talk about special skill 3*, 4* and 5* cards.  A special hello to our Sea Merchant Captains that listen to our broadcast!  Hello to Eastern Europe that contacted us with Star Wars Force Collection questions so we immediately scheduled a show.

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    T.R.N. precents The OGT's UnNerfed Playground

    in Entertainment

    So it's the weekednd again  time to "LEVEL UP" with the Entermainment and Gaming news you've been craving all week long so join our Duo of the KNOW Robertron 5,000 and Dr. Phil OMac as they takel....

    Hideo Kojima and Konami part ways..... Latest in a line 

    Jubilee (Lana Condor) being added to X-Men APOCALYPSE

    Nintendo what they do right and the other's

    Batman AK delayed again GOOD or BAD?(remasterd Batman A and AC)

    Xbox One woes

    Indy/Fan made movies vs Hollywood who wins

    Dr Phil OMacs Do's and Dont's of gaming

    All and this week on Dragonball ...... oops OGT' UnNerfed Playground  an T.R.N. production